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Top 10 Best VR Apps For iPhone in 2019

Virtual Reality (VR) apps bring you to the whole new world experience away from your regular work. While abundant of these apps are developed & available on App Store, here, we have selected the 10 best VR apps for iPhone you should try this year.

10 Best VR Apps for iPhone to use in 2019

1. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Yes, we are starting with Google Cardboard for iPhone. It helps you put virtual reality to your device. Here, it helps you set up a Cardboard viewer and offers you seamless viewing experience. You can use this app to explore exciting environments and view 3D objects just right in front of you from a museum collection. Here, you get a chance to experience some amazing events including a walk through some iconic cities around the world and enjoying the stereoscopic take on the old classic. It also offers arctic journey, where you get chance to relax under the northern lights.

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2. VeeR


VeeR being one of the best VR apps for iPhone it helps you create & share your interactive videos, photos and other VR content in a global community. Here, you find it extremely easy to create a virtual experience as it doesn’t include coding and supports Hotpots and audio. While creating the VR content it offers multiple tools for both mobile and PC. Sharing is again an easy task with VeeR as it offers one-click distribution across web, mobile, and all major VR platforms. You can even embed your video link into a blog or website.

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WITHIN offers informative, entertaining and innovative story-based VR experience to users. Here, you get a chance to dive deep into the pure imaginative world to documentaries that connect you to news & updates. It offers the world’s finest VR experience from creators around the world. Further, you can watch all the popular content from all hit shows. It supports Google Cardboard and Google Cardboard certified viewers. It also works on your phone without a viewer where it turns your device into “magic window” to experience 360 VR videos.

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This is The New York Times initiative where you get a chance to check the latest stories which you can’t find anywhere else. It offers you an opportunity to experience being at places where you normally don’t go. It offers 360-degree video experience to users through award-winning virtual reality films. Here, you can even watch these films using Google Cardboard or on your phone. You can further stream or download VR films easily from this app.

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5. Orbulus


Orbulus is offered by mojo.insights that is voted one of the top 10 VR apps. This powerful app is specifically designed for the iPhone 6 in conjunction with any latest smartphone VR viewer. It works as a hands-free tool where you can control the experience just by looking at things. Further, it offers a lot of amazing VR destinations to visit with the enhanced user experience.

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6. inVR


inVR is an amazing platform that helps you share virtual reality experience in a seamless manner. It offers the best virtual reality art from excellent creators around the world. It supports Google Cardboard and supports devices above the iPhone 5s. Here, you can use its cloud platform and 3D software to create your own VR experience.

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7. KinoVR


Use KinoVR to play your favorite PC games in 3D virtual reality. It works on advanced technologies where it turns your iPhone into virtual reality headset for PC with the highest quality. It offers low-latency full HD video streaming at 60 frames per second. Further, it offers accurate head and positioning tracking. It supports hundreds of SteamVR games and offers USB connectivity support for enhanced user experience.

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8. Mobile VR Station

Mobile VR Station

This smart app works as a media player that is designed for VR experience with head tracking. Here, you can view photos, videos, panoramas and more projected on a virtual screen floating in space. It displays the standard 2D/3D side by side and over under content. It comes with a flexible configuration that works with every headset. You can use this app to watch movies in a virtual theater with 3D 180-degree content. Further, you can access external video content with UPNP.

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9. Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR employs 360-degree stereoscopic imagery with directional audio to offers unparalleled VR experience to users. Here, you will find some amazing VR content including Doug Liman series, college football matches, VR documentaries, home turf series and more. You can download this amazing app to experience impressive VR content right into your mobile device.

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10. InCell VR

InCell VR

InCell VR is a powerful action & racing game where you need to make a strategy in the carefully recreated human cell. It is a great project to start with Cardboard VR or get new VR impressions. This powerful game is compatible with all major Cardboard like headsets. You can also play this game without VR mode on your device.

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Here, we have discussed the best VR apps for your iPhone device. You can try these amazing apps to entertain yourself right onto your mobile device. You can comment below if we had missed your favorite app in the list.

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