7 Money-Saving Content-Marketing Tricks Every Marketer Should Try

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With the right strategy, a marketer can easily enjoy the amazing benefits of content marketing. Some of these benefits are more traffic, a better reputation, and continuous growth in both traffic and reputation in the long run with only a little increase in the budget. With entrepreneurship, costing and keeping the marketing budget within the limit is really important.

Though content marketing is very popular due to its cost efficiency, it is not free nor cheap. Investing heavily in an internal employee or respectable external firm is necessary to produce excellent work and execute a high-quality strategy. And always keep in mind that in marketing, effective brand design is necessary too to keep your audience hooked.

Fortunately, a marketer can still cut costs without having to sacrifice the campaign quality with the help of some money-saving tricks. Below are the strategies found to be incredibly useful by many marketers.

1. Reusing old content.

For some, this is not a good idea. But honestly, it will only be bad if the old content is reused in the wrong way. If for example, a marketer has a successful ‘evergreen topic’ blog post that he posted two years ago. Since the content of this blog stays fresh and can attract lots of traffic, it wouldn’t hurt if he will revisit and re-posts such an article.

Evidently, reposting the same article say every month will not give him new results. His possible option is waiting for a year or two before reposting, he could even get away with a full republication.

If in case he decides to repost a blog of his with evergreen content but without waiting for it to turn one year old, he can do so by changing the headline, reorganizing the internal sections, or editing the body content to give the article a new “look.” He just needs to ensure that the URL where it was initially published is the same or else, he might lose the SEO equity that the article has already built up.

2. Re-envisioning content in new mediums

A marketer can convert his successful article to different mediums such as infographics or video highlights. He can also use certain snippets of his article and share it on social media as a tweet or a Facebook post. Reimagining new ways to republish an old but effective blog will definitely help in cutting content-marketing costs.

3. Don’t stop at content publication, move forward with content promotion.

Content marketing starts with idea brainstorming and content creation, editing, and publication. But successful marketers do not stop and think that their job is done after publishing their articles, they go beyond that and promote their content.

Eric Siu, an Entrepreneur contributor, and Single Grain CEO mentioned that a marketer should spend 20% of his time creating content and 80% on promoting content. One can start by showcasing his work across his social media channels and move along by sending paid ads to it, conducting influencer marketing, submitting it to StumbleUpon or Reddit, and building internal links to it.

4. Creating a monthly series

Coming up with fresh ideas is one of the most time-consuming essentials of a content marketing campaign. It entails brainstorming different topics, researching them, and finding a way to showcase them positively to the audience.

But saving time and of course, money can be done by making a monthly series. It can be a monthly highlight of various influences in a given industry or a series of “101s” that explores fundamental topics for beginners. For easier and faster creation of future work, a template will be very effective for monthly series.

5. Conducting interviews

Another powerful type of content creation is conducting interviews. A marketer can certainly get additional exposure and a morale boost when interviewing an experienced marketer or an influencer. It wouldn’t even need too much time or resources in order to start using interviews in content marketing.

There are affordable video and audio equipment designed for entry levels. After purchasing and knowing how to use it, all the marketer needs to do before the actual interview is to prepare the questions to be asked. After the interview, he can then convert the dialogue into various mediums like audio feeds, videos, or written transcripts.

6. Inviting guest contributors.

Many popular blog sites have a “Write for Us” section on their pages. This is because they acknowledge the fact that there are numerous freelance and aspiring writers who want to increase exposure and credibility through guest posting. And some of their works are really good and worth sharing.

Encouraging guest contributors will not only benefit the guest writer. The blog owner can also gain several benefits such as having original content without having to pay a single dollar. But of course, editing the content may need some time and effort.

7. Crowdsourcing the content.

An alternative to guest authors is crowdsourcing a blog’s content internally. Members of the team can write up or create occasional blog articles about any topic that they believe will attract customers.

Crowdsourcing can be very useful in finding a varied range of topics and exceptional perspectives without the need to spend extra time and money.

A marketer should just keep in mind that all cost-saving measures introduced in a marketing campaign can be potentially abused. If recklessly used, it will not only cheapen the costs but also the work quality. In the end, it can even compromise the brand’s reputation.

On the other hand, if he keeps quality and user satisfaction as his top priorities, the negative consequences can be avoided when the above cost-saving tactics are used.

Better to employ such cautiously at first in order to adapt and have room for growth. After adept, keep looking for new and innovative ways to responsibly cut costs. It is one of the most effective tactics in improving the overall returns of a content marketing campaign.

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