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Whenever you start writing a blog, it’s more than just writing whatever comes to your mind. You need to attract audiences to keep your blog from going dormant.

There’s actually a lot of hassle when you step into the blogging industry as a career. You actually have to care about what others might be interested in reading, rather than what you are interested in writing.

So how do you go about this?

Whether you’re already a blogger or you’re aspiring to be, this post will help you get more likes, more shares, and give a boost to both your website and your own public reputation.


The first and foremost thing to do before writing a blog is to come up with an idea. What do you want to write about? How do you want to portray it to the world? What sort of reactions do you want to get? Do you wish for heated debate or for consensus? Is it okay to talk about it? Would it hurt anyone in particular?

There are a zillion things to consider while you are generating ideas. Go over all of them, and then decide what kind of website you want yours to be.

Each blog you write says something about your website and affects its reputation positively or negatively.


Make a headline that will attract people enough to click on the link. That does not mean that you should lie about the content. It will only irritate your audience, and make your website look like all the other manipulative websites.

You have to be more than that. You need to be classy and appealing so that people follow you for their own personal interests, not just yours.


Start off your blog post brilliantly. It’s highly essential, as the first impression is the last impression. Many people will read the beginning of a post and scroll through the rest to get an idea if it’s even worth reading or not.

If your beginning isn’t good enough to give them a feeling that they need to read the rest, you have wasted your energy, idea, and money. So make sure the beginning of your post is captivating.

Bullets & Headings

Even when the content is of high quality, sometimes people are too tired to read all of it. As such, give them an idea of what’s in your blog post by using bullet points to state the important informative bits, and be sure to use subheaders.

It doesn’t just enhance the readability of your blog, but it also makes it easier for audiences to skim through the content and get to the specific part they were looking for.


Knowing what you’re writing about is highly important, so stop pretending like you’re the jack-of-all-trades, when in reality no one can be that.

If you want to explore a particular topic in your blog, make sure you study it. Open as many tabs as you can in your browser, and get proper knowledge of the subject.

Write what’s true – don’t write just because you can write whatever. People notice, and many do actually read critically, so be sure of what you’re writing.

Word Limit

Your blog should not be too long, nor should it be too short. The reader should understand whatever your main point is without having to cringe at the length.

Leave them thirsty for more of your cognitive process, but also help them develop an active imagination, and walk through it with interest.

An optimal word limit for a blog post is 900 – 2500. You can either make a guide for your audience, or you can voice the unvoiced. It all depends on how you want things to be on your website.

You can be like the Huffington Post and cater to all sorts of genres, or you can be like Social Barrel and focus on one particular topic.


Your choice of words is highly important. It can either attract or repel the audience. Yes, fancy words are cool, but very few like to have a dictionary handy every time they sit to read a blog.

Use simple, short sentences while writing. The longer a sentence is, the more likely it is to have grammatical errors. Such things can be quite a turn-off for a well-read person, and even for some of those who aren’t.


The structure of your content is highly important as well. The tidier it looks, the more likely it is to be read. For example, always use Ctrl + J to justify your paragraphs and maintain a proper equilibrium in your statements. Write in paragraphs, and be sure to keep everything balanced.

A well-structured post attracts almost 40% more readers as compared to messy posts. Good content isn’t the only thing that matters – good structure matters too. As such, you should create a defined pattern for your website.

Room for Discussion

When you write, write so that the audience has something to ponder over when they’re finished. A very common trick is to end the post with a question.

Leave room for discussion so that they may feel the need to leave a comment. The more people commenting on your site, the more traffic it gets.

Discussions shouldn’t just reside in your comment section: they should travel from one living room or office desk to another.

Words have a lot of power, and if you have the talent to manipulate them to your advantage, do so constructively. Each writer is born with social responsibility.

Thumbnail & Main Image

Choose your thumbnail and main image after thinking it through. You need something that represents your content. It should not be too loud, nor too faint. Create your own if you can’t find one that resonates with your content.

If you use one you found, make sure to give proper credit to the photographer, or else they can sue for intellectual theft.

An easy way to avoid this is to choose an image that is not copyrighted, one that is free to be used by anyone. has such images, for example. Indeed, there are many such websites – all you need to do is look for them.

Peak Time

Upload your blog during peak traffic hours, when the internet has the most traffic. It will increase your reach. You can also boost your blog post by sharing it on various platforms, or through bidding.

However, you should only go through the bidding process if you know what you’re doing. If you’re just an amateur marketer, the bidding could be a waste of your time and money.

With all this said, we wish you the best of luck in your next blog post. May you write the most perfect blog post of all!

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