8 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Website in 2019

Search engines are the major source of traffic for most of the websites and that’s why many business owners nowadays are always looking for some innovative SEO tricks and tips.

In this article, we have covered some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress website which will help you to make your website SEO-friendly.

So, let’s get straight into the action and analyze each plugin one-by-one in detail.

1. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO by WordPress is the most popular SEO plugins for the WordPress website. In fact, when you ask anyone about the SEO plugins, Yoast is the first name that comes to the mind. It allows you to add SEO title, meta description & meta keywords to each post and page. You can also write the custom title for your main site, archives, category, and tag pages.

Latest Version: 7.8
Active Installation: 5+ Million
Required WordPress Version: 4.9.7
Average Rating: 5/5

Top Features:-

  • Title & meta description templating
  • Most advanced XML Sitemaps facility
  • Full control over site breadcrumbs
  • Ability to set canonical URLs
  • Internal linking suggestions
  • Redirection manager
  • Focused keywords reports
  • Content & page analysis tool


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2. The SEO Framework

SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is a free SEO plugin which provides an automated, accessible, unbranded and extremely fast SEO solution for WordPress websites. It is an ideal plugin for both newbies and professionals who are looking for a reliable SEO solution. One of the great thing about this plugin is that it does not have an advertisement which annoys most of the users.

Latest Version: 3.0.6
Active Installation: 60,000+
Required WordPress Version: 4.9.7
Average Rating: 5/5

Top Features:-

  • Supports custom posts
  • Provides beginner-friendly SEO solutions
  • Ability to create canonical URL
  • Ability to create open graph images
  • Prevents 404 pages and empty classifications from being indexed
  • You can set different standards for each page, post, term
  • It lets you adjust SEO using global options


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3. Premium SEO Pack

premium seo plugin

Premium SEO Pack is a WordPress SEO plugin which helps you to increase the SEO values of all your pages and allow to decide how your every page should look in the search engines. When it comes to the website, the user always wants full control on his/her side. That’s where this plugin is so good, as gives you total control over the proceedings. It is available at a free of cost.

Latest Version: 1.2.007
Active Installation: 10,000+
Required WordPress Version: 4.9.7
Average Rating: 5/5

Top Features:-

  • SEO patterns for each post types
  • Set title, description, keywords & canonical tag
  • Noindex and Nofollow option for each post
  • Works well with e-commerce websites
  • Works with WordPress multisite
  • You can customize each post directly from post preview


4. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Rel Nofollow

When you link to an external site, you’re giving away your authority to that site. If you don’t want that to happen, then you need to use nofollow attribute to that link. Rel Nofollow Checkbox is a plugin which adds a checkbox in the insert link popup of WordPress post editor. So, from now on whenever you want to nofollow any link, you just have to simply check the box.

Latest Version: 1.1.5
Active Installation: 10,000
Required WordPress Version: 4.7.11
Average Rating: 5/5

Top Features:-

  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to prevent passing on “link juice” to questionable websites
  • No need to configure
  • SEO friendly
  • Hassle-free set up


5. All In One SEO Pack

all in one plugin

With more than 45 million downloads, All In One SEO Pack is one of the most popular SEO plugins among the SEO beginners. The featured rich plugin allows you to optimize your WordPress site for SEO with utmost ease. It gives you as much control as your skills require and once you get used to it, you can also utilize its power user features as well.

Latest Version: 2.6.1
Active Installation: 3+ Million
Required WordPress Version: 4.9.7
Average Rating: 4.5/5

Top Features:-

  • XML Sitemap support
  • Google AMP support
  • Google Analytics support
  • Redirection manager
  • Built-in API
  • Support for SEO on custom post types
  • Automatic meta tags
  • Automatic blog title optimization
  • SEO integration for e-commerce sites



Squirrly SEO

SEO SQUIRRLY is a free WordPress SEO plugin which helps you to create high-quality content which is both SEO as well as human-friendly. The plugin helps you to improve the ranking of your website in Google and also provide your users with engaging content. It also allows you to track your content marketing strategy & sends reports of that to your content writer or SEO team.

Latest Version: 8.3.21
Active Installation: 30,000+
Required WordPress Version: 4.9.7
Average Rating: 4.5/5

Top Features:-

  • Provides you with copyright-free images
  • Allows you to concentrate on your e-commerce strategy
  • Helps you to create SEO-friendly content
  • Creates sitemaps for Google & Bing
  • Compatible with most plugins and themes
  • Allows you to track your SEO statistics and improve them
  • Provides email alerts when anything related to SEO requires quick attention


7. Redirection

Redirection is the most popular WordPress plugin for managing 301 redirects on the website. It also allows you to track 404 errors and organize any unattached ends found on your site. When you’re planning to migrate your pages from old website to a new one. It also makes your work easier when you’re altering your WordPress installation directory. It supports WP CLI as well.

Latest Version: 3.3.1
Active Installation: 1+ million
Required WordPress Version: 4.9.7
Average Rating: 4/5

Top Features:-

  • Helps you to monitor 404 errors
  • Import and export apache .htaccess
  • Copy redirects between sites using JSON
  • Full log for all redirected URLs
  • You can manually add 301, 302, and 307 redirects for a WordPress post
  • Supports routine ‘pass-through’ redirection


8. Broken Link Checker

broken link checker

As the name suggests, Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress SEO plugin which allows you to identify, fix, and disavow any bad or broken links from your website without even touching your content. Nowadays, when there is a lot of content on your website in terms of blogs, broken backlinks can be difficult to manage. That’s where this SEO plugin can be of great help to you.

Latest Version: 1.11.5
Active Installation: 600,000+
Required WordPress Version: 4.8.7
Average Rating: 4/5

Top Features:-

  • Monitors links in your posts, pages, comment, and blogroll
  • Detects the links that aren’t working well
  • Makes broken links display differently in posts
  • Prevents search engine from following a broken link
  • Notifies the user of any broken link in the dashboard or via mail
  • Links can be edited directly from plugin’s page


Wrapping Up Thing

Here, we have analyzed some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress website which will help you in optimizing your business website.

Which are the WordPress SEO plugins that you use on your website? Don’t hesitate to mention them in our comment section

If you think we have missed any essential or helpful SEO WordPress plugins, then do let us know. Thank you!

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