Top Benefits of Augmented Reality for Marketing

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For brands and businesses, connecting to consumers is one of the top priorities. With AR becoming more popular every passing day, marketing is becoming easier as well. There’s now even a term for it too, Augmented Reality Marketing. With studies showing that there might be around 1.7 billion AR users by 2024, this is the right time to include AR in your marketing strategies.

With AR, not only you’ll reach new customers but will also be able to retain more using new and effective ways. AR marketing is going to be more internet dependent, to run Augmented reality efficiently, make sure to invest in the right internet connection. Xtream Internet is the best choice for businesses as it’s fast, stable, and reliable with effective 24/7 customer service.

So, every step can benefit from Augmented Reality related technologies, from manufacturing to supplying products to the customer. While AR is not something new, it is still not as mainstream as it should be. This is an opportunity for businesses, to include it and see the world of new opportunities.

Here is a list of some main benefits of using AR in marketing strategies.

1. Become More Accessible

By the end of 2022, there were more than 6.6 billion smartphones accounted for in the world; around 83% of the global population. All of these people may not be your niche but reaching yours is so much easier than before with increased connectivity. This also means that with more smartphones in use, more users can get a chance to get access to your brand via AR marketing.

The best one of these techniques is immersive experiences by still staying where they are. This creates a wonderful opportunity for brands to truly go global as they can reach anyone in the world and connect to them. So, your products can be brought to life with just one click on the links or QR codes.

2. Low Return Rates of Products

One of the biggest problem e-commerce businesses face is the products returning after being bought. In online shopping, there can be a difference between what the customer saw on the website and what the final product received. This increases the return rates of things. With AR, consumers can virtually try on the products no matter what it is.

When the product is being tried on, the customer buys after being sure thus, lowering the return rate. Even an unprofitable business can flourish again if products are not being returned frequently. This is because a lot of companies offer free return and shipping, which if happen more can really affect sales. So, controlling the return rate means an increase in revenue.

3. Increase in Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI)

What do employees suffer from most in a highly competitive market? The answer is cognitive overload. This happens especially when new people are being taken on board. In some industries, there are so many rules and regulations to be remembered, it can get very hectic for workers.

Exhausted workers can never work efficiently for companies. To make their lives easier, it is important for the companies that AR be used especially during training. This saves employees from memorizing and even just studying long hefty documents. Visual content is easy to be memorized and is more comprehendible. AR in training can also help lessen the time required for decision-making.

4. Right Source Attribution

One of the biggest advantages of Artificial Intelligence Marketing is that it is for a specific audience. Brands no longer have to waste time, effort, and finances on a marketing campaign that is for a specific audience but has to be broadcasted to the general one. While AR marketing is for a targeted group, this doesn’t mean that it is restrained to them.

Increased accessibility means that anyone can reach but the brand won’t have to make more than the necessary effort. This also increases the traffic as a result of the targeted campaign. And in most cases, it also increases the chance of sales conversion. As a result, not only do you save money, but you also generate more revenue.

5. Stay above Competitors

As every market becomes more saturated, it is more important than ever to stand out. AR can provide a unique product experience to the customers, which can be called the backbone of AR marketing. All you need is the right analysis of consumer demand and you can mold your strategy with it.

In your role, you are responsible for closing the gaps between the product and the market, and it is up to AR to handle the rest. For your product to catch consumer attention, it must be unique, but more than that, it must be marketed uniquely as well. When you include AR in your product marketing, you’ll never look back.


AR is going to take over the marketing world very soon. So, stop thinking about it and get things done. The future is AR and you can make this future yours too with just simple AR marketing techniques.

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