6 Best Browsers for Mac

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Considering the various browsers available, selecting the right one for your Mac can be challenging. While you can stick to the default browser that comes with your Mac when you initially set it up, there are third-party options you may want to explore. When looking for a browser for your Mac, consider speed, security, privacy, and compatibility. You can weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each browser and compare their features to narrow your search. This article outlines the six best browsers for Mac.

1. Google Chrome

Chrome is the most used web browser for Mac, with almost 3.4 billion users. Using Google Chrome for Mac can be rewarding because it’s easy to use. This browser has a highly streamlined user interface and can be used on many devices. It has several security features and in-built systems that keep you from visiting dangerous or malicious sites. Chrome has many extensions you can use to refine your Mac browser.

Google Chrome is an excellent browser for Mac because it updates more consistently than any other browser to fix bugs, and its shortcuts are easy to save. It has themes you can use to alter your browser’s background and appearance, letting you personalize new tabs’ appearance on your Mac.

2. Safari

Safari is the default browser on Mac. Since it’s optimized for the manufacturer’s (Apple) ecosystem, it seamlessly integrates with Apple services like Apple Pay and iCloud. This browser has robust privacy features, including Intelligent Tracking Prevention for blocking third-party tracker cookies. Safari is energy efficient, improving Mac’s battery life. The handoff feature in Safari also makes it a suitable browser for Mac. Its reader mode is excellent as it cuts through ad splash pages, poor formatting, and strange fonts to give you streamlined text.

While Chrome and Safari are the most popular browsers and are both excellent for Mac, you may ask yourself: Is Chrome faster than Safari? Exploring the two or learning more about them can give you a clear response to this question, helping you make an informed choice.

3. Firefox

Firefox is an attractive browser option you can use on your Mac. It has a private browsing mode that erases your cookies, history, and passwords whenever you close it. This feature also blocks trackers. Signing up for a Firefox account gives you access to services you can integrate into your browser, including Pocket. This browser is excellent for audio and video and has a screenshots feature built into it to quickly take a screenshot on Mac.

Firefox has a broad reach as it’s available on most devices. Its reader view button makes a webpage neat and removes unwanted videos and ads, loading the browser faster. Firefox offers its users great customization options and an easy-to-navigate user interface. It has many add-ons and extensions that give Mac users unforgettable browsing experiences.

4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge acts and looks more like Chrome. However, it has more appearance customization options. Its in-built Microsoft Defender SmartScreen program blocks access to malicious websites and online tracking. This browser has a Collections feature to help keep your Mac screen organized. You can share the collections you create with other Edge users, making it great for event and group work planning.

Edge has other hidden features, including the capacity to pin tabs in your browser window. This prevents you from accidentally closing important resources and keeps specific pages open when the browser opens. Edge extensions are just Chrome extensions, meaning you have many options. The browser has an in-built task manager for quitting individual processes and pages to increase your Mac’s speed and performance.

5. Opera

While Opera is an old browser, it follows the latest browsing standards. It’s available on many platforms, including Macs. Opera has a design similar to Chrome as its Chromium-based. It has different productivity features, workspaces being the most notable. With these features, managing your tabs becomes easy and keeps your workspace well organized.

The Opera browser supports synching, making synching passwords, bookmarks, and open tabs easy. It integrates with Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music, which lets you browse as you stream music. Opera has a tracker blocker, free VPN, and ad blocker to minimize online tracking and protect browsing.

6. Brave

Brave is another browser option for your Mac. With just one click, it lets you import extensions, saved passwords, and bookmarks from an old browser. Brave blocks trackers and ads by default. It can also block phishing and fingerprinting attempts, bounce tracking, and cross-site cookies, making the browser more performant.


Considering the many web browsers available today, picking one can be tricky. Familiarize yourself with the best browsers to choose the right one for your Mac.

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