How to Use Coupons as a Marketing Tool for Your Online Store

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For many years, brick-and-mortar stores have used coupons as a common form of marketing; however, e-commerce companies can also benefit from their use. In fact, online buyers are even more likely than those who shop in physical locations to look for and use coupons. By providing coupons to your clients, you can boost sales, attract new customers, and build customer loyalty. This article will go through using coupons as a marketing strategy for your eCommerce store.

Make creative coupon codes

Generating exclusive discount codes for each promotion or campaign you run is the first step in using coupons as a marketing tool. This will let you monitor each coupon’s performance and make any necessary adjustments. You can use a combination of letters and numbers, such as “SAVE10” or “FREESHIP,” to make the codes easy to remember.

Promote the Coupons

It’s crucial to promote your discount codes to your target market after you’ve created them. One of the best methods to do this is through social media and email marketing. Send out your promo codes to your email list and post them on your social media accounts. To reach a wider audience, you can also use sponsored advertising on social networking sites.

You can also collaborate with coupon sites to promote your store’s offer. You can easily find the best coupon site and contact them to add your discount offer. In return, they can ask you for a commission on every sale or charge you a fee. Similarly, you can have your coupon displayed in a blog as it can also generate good leads.

Place the coupon code in a visible spot

By prominently displaying your coupon codes on your website, you can make it simple for visitors to find and apply them. This could apply to your home page, the shopping cart, or the payment page. Think about including a banner or pop-up on your website to promote your current discounts. This will help increase the visibility of your coupons and drive more sales.

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Limit the Number of Coupons Available

Limiting the number of coupons available or the amount of time they can be used is one strategy to improve the usefulness of your coupons. Customers will feel more pressure and conversions may go up as a result. You might, for instance, issue a coupon code that is only good for the first 100 users, or you may restrict the time frame to a particular day or week.

Monitor Performance

It’s important to keep track of each coupon’s effectiveness by keeping track of the number of redemptions and the leading sales. Utilize this information to improve upcoming coupon campaigns. For instance, you might want to make changes if you notice that a certain coupon code is not being used as frequently as you had expected. So you should try to adjust the discount or change the promotion.

Provide a Range of Discounts

It’s crucial to provide a variety of discounts in order to attract the attention of a broad range of customers. These may offer a percentage discount, a one-time discount, free shipping, and more. Additionally, you can provide various discounts for various goods and services. This will enable you to enhance sales by focusing on particular consumer base categories.

Loyalty Discounts

Consider rewarding loyal customers with discounts. This is a fantastic way to thank your most devoted shoppers and motivate them to keep shopping at your online store. Repeat customers can receive a special coupon or discount code, or you can enroll them in a loyalty program where they can earn points or rewards for each purchase they make.

Make it Easy to Redeem Coupons

Allowing customers to enter the code either in-store or at online checkout will make it simple for them to use coupons. Customers will experience less difficulty as a result of the process being simplified. To make it simple for people to find and utilize your coupons, you should also think about including a “apply coupon” button or link on your website.

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Following up with customers

Following up with customers who have used coupons is valuable. This can include sending them a thank you note or offering them a reward program access. This will increase customer loyalty and build a positive image of your brand. And they might end up referring your brand to their friends and family.


Using coupons for businesses have many great benefits. And if you think giving away discounts on your products will lose you money then you’re absolutely wrong or you might be using it the wrong way. If applied correctly, coupon campaigns can bring a lot of traffic to your e-commerce store. And once you have attracted a customer to your store they will shop with you next time even with no discount offers. Because you will gain their trust with all those shiny offers and customer service.

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