How to Install a Video Doorbell

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Did you ever think you would be able to answer your door while kicking it back on vacation in Miami? Well, we didn’t either. The invention of smart devices has made so many mundane, everyday tasks possible from the palm of your hands; things like locking your door, switching off the lights or sending a text.

When we talk about answering your door while vacationing in Miami, we were talking about a particular device: the video doorbell. Video doorbells are the 21st-century version of a doorbell – smart, with brilliant technology that would not have had occurred to you in your wildest dreams, because it’s just a doorbell right? But it’s here now, and it’s available in stores everywhere around you. Read on below if you’re wondering what these smart video doorbells are really like.

Video Doorbells: The Smart Home Gadget worth Buying

Video doorbells are a game-changer, not just with the convenience that they bring with them but also because they serve as a means of a security system alternative for your home. Here’s a brief insight into what these devices are all about.

Video doorbells usually feature a smaller, sleek design and come in two variants: wired devices and battery-operated ones. Both these variants are pretty easy to install by yourselves but with wired ones it could get tricky given that electrical wires are involved – nothing that a professional can’t handle or you yourself if you read the instruction manual thoroughly.

These devices feature built-in microphones and speakers to facilitate two-way communication, and cameras that display live video footage in HD, straight to your mobile phones, tablets, and even some laptops; they come with their own mobile applications as well as websites for some. Given that video doorbells can be accessible from our wireless devices, that feature is what allows us to access them remotely from practically anywhere!

Not only do video doorbells let you answer your door from anywhere, without letting on the fact that you are away from home if you are, their live video footage is accessible to view 24/7 – so you can keep tabs on whatever goes on outside at any point of the day.

Video doorbells connect to your home Wi-Fi network in order to send you real-time alerts when the bell has been rung. But that’s not all! The Nest Doorbell by Google, as do some other video doorbells, has the ability to send you alerts if any motion has been detected even if the bell hasn’t been rung. With the Nest Doorbells, these are known as Activity Zones – specific areas where if any movement occurs, you are instantly notified.

Some video doorbells also provide you with a history to preview in case you missed out on anything. The Google Nest Doorbell keeps a 3-hour history backup of the past day, and with a subscription to Nest Aware users can enjoy up to 60 days of history storage.

How to Install a Video Doorbell

Battery-operated Video doorbells are comparatively easier to install than wired ones. You only have to fix its mount into the wall and then place the device in it – that’s all!

For wired video doorbells on the other hand, there is a little bit of a process involved. Here is a step-by-step, basic breakdown of what you can expect when it comes to installing a wired video doorbell.

  1. Since electrical wiring is involved, you must first turn off the power supply to the particular outlet you’re planning on installing your video doorbell into.
  2. Some video doorbells require a mounting plate to hold the device in, while some only have to be screwed into the wall directly. Find an outlet near your door/gate and place the mounting plate on top to mark the points where it would be fixed into the wall.
  3. After fixing in the mounting plate, take out the wiring from the opening on the plate to be able to connect it to your device.
  4. Connect the wires to your video doorbell. Refer to the instruction manual if you have to.
  5. Once the wires are connected to the device, place it into its mounting plate to fix it in place.
  6. You can now switch the power supply to the outlet back on.

Keep in mind that following the instruction manual of the video doorbell you purchase is crucial in order to install it right. The above-mentioned steps are the mere basics you can expect to follow.

With smart video doorbells, you would have to configure the device after installation. Configuring a device can be done through the respective mobile applications, after which your doorbell is ready to work.

How cool are video doorbells? You probably never expected to see one anytime soon, or maybe you did give how advanced technology has gotten. But did you ever think they would fall within an affordable price range? They actually are! Head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website,, and check out some affordable video doorbells you can get for your homes today!

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