How To Promote Your Live Music Event On Instagram

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Hosting a live event could be a tedious task. Between hospitality, planning, ticket sales, logistics, and speakers, letting your content documentation go by the wayside is quite easy.

If events play a vital role in your business and if documenting much of your life experience to your audience is your goal, then it’s suggested to refer to this content and get updated about the latest strategies to apply to promote your live event.

The features of Instagram stories have made the job easier by turning them into evergreen marketing campaigns that capture the attention of users easily.

Many marketers prefer using postermywall, one of the useful graphic tools to ease their work such as creating attractive social media posts, flyers, ads, etc. Moreover, this tool helps you stand apart from your competitors and establish the clear position of your brand.

What are effective strategies to promote your live event on Instagram?

Promoting your event on Instagram isn’t as simple and easy as it seems. It’s not just limited to posting attractive images and videos. You have to ensure to follow the right strategy, creativity, and skill for effective results.

Below is the list of some ideas which is helpful to get the most out of your paid ads, profile, and posts: –

1. Create a fun and trendy hashtag

Hashtags are an integral part of stunning Instagram posts and it’s not an easy task to find a catchy and unique hashtag for your event which would also reflect your brand. Make sure your hashtag is relevant to your brand, event and the volunteers find it specific.

instagram hasgtag

Here are two additional tips to remember: –

  • The more unique, the better:

Make sure that your hashtag isn’t similar to your competitor’s brand. Using an overpopulated hashtag would minimize the uniqueness of your brand. Your brand might get associated with irrelevant posts from any other sources.

  • Short, crisp, and easy to remember:

The catchy and simple hashtags are more prone to be remembered by the users. Make your hashtag relevant to your event so that your audience could easily recall and use your hashtag in their posts.

2. Put up an RSVP link on your profile

instagram profile bio

Ensure to include the ticket purchasing link or RSVP link of your event in your profile or post descriptions. These links play a vital role and your audiences don’t have to search for your contact information for buying the tickets. You can see above an example of a musician, Noah.

Moreover, it also allows you to market your future events through any other social media platforms, direct messages, or email. This information would give you insights into how close you are to accomplishing your goals.

3. Share attractive imagery

Instagram is known for its appealing visual content which invests in higher quality photography and content more significant to promote your event.

Your imagery must be portraying the event’s brand. Tools like postermywall serve great help in this regard. Marketers use it for creating a wide range of marketing collateral to promote their event at a very reasonable cost.


You can easily create a template like the above one from here.

4. Building suspense for your event

Building anticipation and excitement for your event is as important as enticing your audience to buy your tickets. You can build a thrill during promoting your event on Instagram by posting attractive teasers, ticket deals, event line-ups and contests about your event.

Keep in mind your primary goal is to create a buzz in various online communities so that the audience doesn’t miss their chance to be a part of your event.

Below are two essential teaser post ideas to start with:

  • Include your speaker lineup and make sure it’s interactive:

While booking a headliner act, make sure to use that opportunity to give a little sneak peek of your lineup to the audience.

  • Lineup countdown:

Build enthusiasm amongst your audience by creating a series of different posts counting down until the announcement of the final talent lineup of your event is done.

5. Host giveaways, quiz competitions, and content to boost engagement

It’s recommended to leverage followers on Instagram to make sure that the algorithms are working in your favor. One of the best ways to do this is by hosting Instagram giveaways and contests.

Plan a series of enticing contests, quiz competitions (make sure to include questions about your brand), and contests to maximize your engagement which would enhance marketing your event and selling more and more tickets.

Creating rules linked to every contest and giveaway is very important while planning your contests. This would eliminate the chance of any mishap at the last moment.

Here are some worthy actions your followers can take to boost engagement of your posts: –

  • Like, share, comment on your post.
  • Tagging their friends on your post.
  • Mention your account in their story.
  • Posting content with the hashtag of your event
  • Follow your Instagram account.

These simple tips and tricks would increase the reach and visibility of your account on Instagram.

6. Reaction Footage

The audience believes more in endorsements as well as online recommendations of the brand from their peers by a wide margin. Work in a few testimonials from your audiences during the time they are at the event.

This would require pre-planning but if your audience is having an enriching experience, they would be more than happy to give a shout-out to you on camera and you could use that footage in your stories.

This sharing of thoughts about your event by your past attendees could play a great role in capturing the attention of the mass. Moreover, you can ask them questions like: –

  • What surprised you at the event?
  • Why do you choose to be a part of our event?
  • What were you specifically looking for in an event?
  • What has been your favorite part of the event?

Capture these endorsements and merge or trim with your event video and upload the video on your Instagram to catch more attention.


Whether you decide to execute all the above-mentioned strategies or just a few, don’t let the efforts and hard work you put to conduct your live event go unnoticed.

The highlights of Instagram Story can fetch you a long way to generate awareness, build credibility, and foundational content for your present and future live events by your business.

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