The Business Benefits of Local Intranet

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Many businesses invest in the setting up of a local network. Intranet – so-called because it is an internal network unconnected to the world wide web – has long been considered a secure option for businesses looking to connect employees to resources and each other. Intranet is still useful to businesses in the age of remote and hybrid working models, but it is worth going over some of the benefits to remind people that may have been tempted to dump it altogether.


Data security is immensely important in modern business. Malicious hackers frequently target data being sent over the internet using ‘man in the middle tactics’. These attacks intercept data when it is at its weakest: in transit. Internal networks are not connected to the internet as a whole, making man-in-the-middle attacks far less easy to pull off. Data breaches cost companies billions of dollars each year. Hackers hold data to ransom, sell it to other criminals, or simply release it to the public. The chances of this happening to a company that communicates with staff on an internal – as opposed to external – network are extremely slim.

Improving Internal Communication

Intranet can be used to create secure internal communication solutions. Many companies are now using intranet to provide employees with an instant messenger platform. Instant messaging makes internal communications far quicker than with more clunky online methods and ensures that bosses and project managers can talk to their cohorts with little obstruction. Intranet is also used for the sending of event invites, meeting timetables, and other important information to employees in a secure network environment.

Improving Employee Experience

To improve the overall workplace experience of employees, businesses must provide them with the means to instigate disputes and the resources they need to complete their work. Internal networks are commonly used to provide these services, with companies like Simpplr specializing in using intranet to improve the employee experience. Click here to find out more about this exciting new use of intranet systems. More companies than ever before are starting to take an employee-centric approach to workforce organization – in part to counter the impact of the wave of resignations sweeping through the country.

Onboarding Simplification

Every new employee must go through an onboarding process before they can efficiently carry out the tasks assigned to them and integrate properly into a company. Intranet is often used to provide efficient onboarding training. Educational resources, training videos, company structures, and a great deal more can be communicated over an internal network.

Directory Provision

Company directories are extremely important. They are databases that contain the names, contact details, and roles within a company hierarchy. Employees and leaders can use these directories to effectively establish lines of control and communication – leading to an efficient workplace. Unfortunately, company directories can be misused if they get into the wrong hands. Hosting directories on an intranet as opposed to an internet is a smart move that enables important information to stay within a business, and not fall into the hands of others.

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