5 Best Android Apps for Business in 2024

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There are too many business apps for android available on the play store. It’s necessary to select a perfect business app for your business. Each business app has different features and functions.

According to business requirements, for small or big businesses, we have shortlisted a few android apps here to save your time in choosing the best app for your smartphone.

Best Android Apps for Business in 2024

1. Google Drive

Google drive is the most used Android app for all businesses. It supports ppt files, pdf files, documents files, images, and many more. You can edit and share them with anyone. You can also give specific access for any file to anyone.

This app works on both mobile and computers. It is a cloud storage app that gives you free 15GBs of space to save your documents. You can increase this space by paying more.

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2. Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft office suite is a similar app to google drive. You can make and edit files like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, etc on both mobile and computers. Office Lens is a scanner app that is mainly used for business.

For business use, it has two options, business, and enterprise.

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3. PayPal

PayPal is one of the best business apps. It is used for small and medium-sized businesses. Many businesses are using PayPal to manage their invoices and transactions.

PayPal can be used to make a salary of an employee. You can set your business account on PayPal to send and receive money. It has also fingerprint support on a mobile app.

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4. Skype

Skype for Android is the best android app for business. It has one most useful feature of sharing a whole range of content. It could be photos, videos, or voice messages.

5. AirDroid

AirDroid is a very useful app for business owners as it saves a lot of time and also helps to keep concentrating on work.

By using this app, you can see your phone’s call logs, messages, and many more on your desktop easily. For this, you need to install this app on your android phone and a desktop client app on the desktop.

You can also add or remove files from your phone’s internal storage very quickly from a desktop.

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