10 Best Actionable SEO Tips (That will work like a Charm in 2024)

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Are you thinking of how to boost your SEO and wondering where you can get your hands on some actionable tips you can start applying immediately?

In this article, I am going to be talking about the best actionable SEO tips that will work like a charm in 2024.

These are the same tips that have boosted the SEO of so many website owners and bloggers around the world. They are very simple to understand and apply.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or seasoned, you will love the powerful SEO tips in this guide. All these are proven strategies that will work great in 2024.

10 Best Actionable SEO Tips for 2024

Use Keywords the Right Way

Keywords is one of the important things you need to use and understand when it comes to improving your SEO in other to rank high on search engines and increase website traffic.

In as much as there are so many techniques to increase your website traffic, keywords are the basics and so you need to make sure each page is properly keyword optimized.


Below are ways you can optimize keywords:

  • Meta Description: this is essentially important for Click-Through-Rate. It helps a searcher to decide whether or not to click on your page, but it doesn’t impact your search ranking.
  • Title Tag: it shows search engines the topic of your website page. You can use an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO which is for WordPress. Use it to optimize your SEO title to increase click-through-rates and ranking.
  • Headings: you should always have a keyword in at least one of your headings. This will automatically affect your search rankings.
  • URL: your URL should always be readable and short. It should also contain your target keyword.
  • Content: optimize your content with SEO, this will increase the chances of visitors staying on a page if it includes their search terms.
  • Image Title and ALT Text: this will enable search engines to understand what your image is all about.

You can always use Google’s Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool to know which keywords you can use.

Create breathtaking Infographics

Infographics are an easier way for people to process the information you are trying to convey. Infographics if done well, can help you get a lot of social shares and backlinks which is great for SEO.

Make sure that you also add text before the infographics so as to increase your chances of getting ranked because Google can’t read infographics alone.

Create breathtaking Infographics

You can always use applications like Canva to design your infographics. However, people want something exciting so you can outsource a freelancer on Fiverr.com. People always want to see something very exciting they have never seen before.

Reach out For Backlinks

You can always reach out to people you know by email, that can help you with your SEO campaigns. This is a skill that if you learn, will help you boost your SEO.

You can email bloggers, top sites, and people you know:

  • Ask other bloggers to link your content so that you can get link building opportunities.
  • Ask or pay famous influencers to share your post on their social media (e.g. Instagram).
  • Co-create content with other bloggers by building relationships. You can co-create contents like infographics and case studies.
  • Apply for a guest post on popular websites.

Build Links to your Content

It is very important to build links within your website. Search engines normally crawl the web to find content, then they use different factors to rank the best pages on some specific topics.

You need to link each post with another post on your blog for bots to properly crawl your website. This will automatically make the process faster.

So it’s always good to link old blog posts to the new post, and vice versa.

Make your Site Mobile Friendly

Make your Site Mobile Friendly

Recently this year, the percentage of users that access the internet through mobile devices increased consistently while the percentage of desktop users is headed in the opposite direction.

Google gets more searches from mobile than any other device. Make some changes to your site if it’s not mobile friendly and you will see a significant increase in ranking.

Google has recently updated its search engine algorithm to prioritize websites that are mobile-friendly on mobile searches.

Local SEO

If your business operates in a specific geographical location, you need to focus on your local search visibility. You can do that by:

  • Using local citation finder to help you discover your industry’s most important citation sources
  • Endeavor to get more reviews because reviews are critical for SEO
  • Online directories
  • Using local structured data markup

Improve Page Speed

Improve Page Speed

Google always takes into consideration page speeds when determining the rankings of any website. If your website page is loading too slowly, you may actually hurt your SEO rankings.

You can use the Page Speed Insight tool to help you figure out how fast is your site. It will also tell you the things you can do to speed up your site.

Update Your Content Regularly

In other, for you to increase the effectiveness of your SEO and rank high on search engines, you should update your old content and give it an improved freshness score.

When you are able to tell Google that your content is new, you will be able to get a spike in traffic which requires a tiny amount of work. When you update your content, you enjoy benefits such as an improved click-through rate.

Optimize For Voice Search

Optimize For Voice Search

In a survey by SEO trends, voice search stood at the top spot in the year 2019. This shows that voice search will gain more momentum in 2024.

It’s important you optimize for voice search, if not in the future you are going to get screwed.

Make sure you always incorporate queries that are relevant to voice search when you are conducting your keyword research.

Optimize for Rank Brain

The rank brain is a machine learning AI in Google that will help sort through its search results. Google recently said Rank Brain is its third most important ranking factor.

Below are some important factors Rank Brain put into consideration when sorting results:

  • Click-Through-Rates
  • Bounce Rate
  • Domain Authority


So here we are, I have provided you with 10 of the Best Actionable SEO Tips that will certainly work like charm in the year 2024. They have been tested and proven by so many bloggers and website owners around the world.

Don’t hesitate to pick the ones that you feel will work for the type of your blog or website, and you will start to see some amazing results from your SEO.


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