Why Fewer In-Person Interactions Can Lead to More Sales

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Many decades ago, you couldn’t make very many sales at all unless you were willing to go door-to-door. The prevalence of telephone lines in homes and businesses made soft sales a bit easier, as B2B and B2C leads are a bit more receptive over the phone. Finally, email marketing made it so that sales techniques could be implemented even when leads were sound asleep. Slowly but surely, the business world has increased revenues with fewer in-person interactions. This is why this method is gaining ground and picking up speed.

High-Pressure Sales Aren’t Effective

Wherever you find in-person sales, you will also see high-pressure sales tactics. With a lead right there in front of you, it is almost impossible to let them walk away and take no for an answer. In-person sales are unnecessarily stressful for all involved. People don’t particularly like to feel like they have to make a decision, or else risk losing the chance of getting a discount or a great deal. In short, consumers have smartened up, learned to do more research, and know that purchasing in a high-stakes environment is not to their benefit.

Allowing Leads to Make Their Own Decisions

All sales related industries know the difference between warm and cold leads. Warm leads have tested and seem receptive to talking about a product or service. Cold leads may have once been warm, but either too much time has passed, or they have recently put up some resistance. Even as retailers see massive growth via online purchases over the Black Friday holiday, there are still companies that are trying to pressure consumers to shop in-person. When people buy remotely, they are more relaxed. They’re in their element, are free to make their own decisions, and feel more confident in the products they buy.

Incorporating Remote Sales Techniques

From sending emails to SMS marketing strategies, incorporating remote sales techniques is showing promise. The impact of remote selling on Enterprise Sales can be found in this paper. Remote sales are more effective because sales professionals can reach more leads when compared to going from door-to-door. The only expenses related to remote sales are energy and the internet, so there isn’t a cap on the number of leads that can be reached in short order. Incorporate more remote sales techniques to sell more software, partner up with other companies, and expand your customer database. Having a team that can reach your customer group remotely will net your additional business sales.

In stores, you don’t even have to pull out your wallet to make a purchase anymore. You can wave your smartphone, receive your receipt digitally, and even have your product delivered at home. In-person interactions are just not required to make a sale. Therefore, leading technology businesses that rely more on remote selling strategies are doing the very best. Setting up secure payment portals via the web and taking the time to publish more detailed information that consumers find informative is a better way of getting more sales.

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