Top 10 SEO Driven Ways to Stay on Top During COVID-19

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It’s no longer news that COVID-19 has changed the way we live our day-to-day lives. With over a million cases of the COVID-19 pandemic cases arising, the governments around the world have taken brave steps to limit how people interact with almost anything.

Any person living in 2020 knows the ways how novel coronavirus has impacted our lives personally, but as a byproduct, it also changed the way people search on Google also! This pandemic has changed how people engage with brands, services, and do business on a massive scale.

As people are being forced to stay home, how can you shift your SEO strategies to address your audience to maintain your presence? Businesses that know how to adjust their SEO games to the changing marketplace will not only strengthen their authority in the field now but set themselves up for success in the future.

As organizations bring their best to remain relevant for their target audience throughout this global pandemic, you can maintain a strong digital presence through updating your strategies, conducting keyword research, developing relevant quality content, and updating your website. Let’s share informative articles from your industry on how your business is prepared to serve customers during the COVID-19. Where to begin:

Connect With Your Clients During a Critical Moment

Whether you’re tested positive or not, we’re all dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone is at their home, taking enough precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones. We are locked in our house, and we can’t visit our friends, our kids aren’t in their school, we can’t eat out at our favorite restaurants or go to the theater. And this is the time to genuinely show empathy to your customers and help out where you can. This is the time where we have to be understanding and sensitive – and not too pushy towards our sales markets – but it is also an excellent opportunity to stand out during this difficult time.

While being stuck at home, more people are on social media scanning for new updates on the news and trying their best to stay connected in an isolated nation. Use your business to provide food and water banks or assist older people with their shopping. Reach out to your customers through email follow ups to ensure that they are handling the situation well. Plus, you better email and social media campaigns to promote your acts.

Make Sure Your Services Can Be Found Online

More people are now online right now than in their day-to-day jobs or at parties. Search traffic has insanely increased over the past weeks, and it will continue to climb as the effect of COVID-19 is finally decreasing. We’re all in a state of almost glued to our mobile phones and laptops looking for updates within our community. We’re also looking for ways to entertain ourselves to pass the time, and it’s ranging from TikTok’s to filling your online shopping cart to catch up with the trend.

Anything one found online right now will be consumed more than any trend before. It is time to be found online. You should recheck all your SEO strategies to climb to the top of Google’s SERPs so that your business and services can be easily found. Start with your keyword research to catch up with the change.

Even Customers Are Not Buying Anything, Your Services Are Still Being Considered

Organic research is part of the customer’s research process. For longer sales cycles, this is almost true as customers may go organic research phases for several times. As their operations are being interrupted by the pandemic attack, your customers may come up with compiling a list of potential solutions, as they are reading and watching videos while they are considering their options, or looking for more reviews and testimonials on the products and services, and more. So, at this time, focus on legitimate PR and find more backlink building opportunities to get your target audience utilizing and sharing your ideas.

Circumstances Like This Provide Opportunities For a Special Offer

During this uncertain period, you have the opportunity to show support and care for your audience base by offering special discounts and offers that will keep them hooked to your services. Learn more about your service – product – market fit during this time and create a special offer while being not too salesy or pushy. Not everyone has an option to work from home to keep their income steady, and many people are at their home browsing the internet, looking for discounts to save more money during this time. There are many great ways to engage with your customers and keep your doors to the business opened. It’s a great time to spend money on pay-per-click (PPC) to push out your special offers through social media advertising.

Develop New Trends

For people who are actively on the internet, and SEO knows that search trends have made a drastic change during this time – and there’s a lot to learn about this. The pandemic has changed how someone searches and what they need from Google’s search results.

They have developed more interest in certain things that they did not. As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Google have joined hand-in-hand to create a new SOS alert for all COVID-19 searches on the search engine’s platform.

Right now, even an item like toilet paper and disinfecting wipes are being searched for like never before. Learning and keeping with these new search trends allow your website to adapt to the trends and keeping your feet on the first page.

Customers Are Seeking For Guidance

Now you have the opportunity to build your brand voice in the industry right now by presenting expert advice and reliable information about COVID-19 to customers. People are looking everywhere to get proper guidance and help during this time. Focus on the information you’re providing and make sure to offer to connect with you on social media, or a link to download useful information, or some other resources on the line.

When linking to COVID-19 related resources, make sure you’re linking to the reputable sites. The content you’re developing to recommend to your clients is a reflection of your brand. Look for sources like WHO or CDC to confirm any COVID-19 related information you’re sharing is accurate.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

SEO helps your businesses to improve organic traffic and move past your competition. Your products and services must be on top of Google’s SERPs so that when a customer searches for a particular keyword, your services are the ones they end up choosing. It takes time and strategic optimization plans to be on top of the SERPs. Regularly update your website content to maintain relevance. It’s time to run a full website analysis and make relevant changes to your website speed and user-friendliness to be more convincing to users. Or you can even consider a web design service to do the work for you.

SEO Provides Local Services to Global Reach

Whether you’re a global franchise or a retail store, all you need to know is that your customers are online, and they’re using “search” like never before. And are your business and services are positioned in a place to appear to their relevant queries? As people are locked down in their homes, this could be a perfect time for local stores and stakeholders to invest in optimization for their existing content for a specific region or city. If you never had the resources or time to spend on your business’s translation services before, then this might be the time to invest in translation services for your German, French, Chinese, Spanish, or other customers.

Develop More Ways to Deliver Content Creatively

Video: Be in the know by taking advantage of SEO and content marketing tactics. When everyone is spending their time on the social media channel, you should start developing eye-catching video content to get their attention. Think outside of the box to create entertaining content to be top of your competitors. Since everyone is inside their home and bored, creating engaging visual branding content will help your business to stand out.

visual branding

Blogs: If your website is already on the blog side, consider increasing how often you’re posting new content to the site. A good blog field allows you to create more specific and relevant content. This is a great form to increase the number of clicks on your website.

Webinars: If you want to provide a more personalized approach and reach out to more prospects and clients – the webinar is the right way. Having an honest, real-time conversation with your allies this time helps you to build more personal relationships. Since everyone is practicing social distancing, hearing a voice or seeing a face can make them feel more valuable.

Prepare Your Marketing Strategies For the Bounce-Back Wave

COVID-19 is not here to stay. As time passes, the outbreak should fade after a few months. As the normalcy returns, everything will stabilize, people might go back to their typical day to day habits, or they would develop a new trend to keep up with their past few month’s lifestyles. SEO is more of a long term strategy. What changes you do today for your SEO campaign will result in your ranking and organic search traffic three months from now. When planning your SEO strategies based on COVID-19 impact, remember that COVID-19 is not here to stay, you have to plan your strategy for the pandemic free world!

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