Top 10 Multiplayer Games For iPhone in 2024

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When it comes to iPhone games, two heads are always better than one. For this reason, true-blue gamers are looking for multiplayer games they can play on their iOS devices. Apart from killing boredom, multiplayer games enhance the competitive spirit in players. Want to take a plunge?

Explore some of the best multiplayer games for iPhone in 2024.

10 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone 2024

1. Gods of Boom

Gods of Boom

Earlier known as Guns of Boom, this is your online multiplayer first-person shooter video game for iPhone. Challenging and gripping gameplay never gives you a dull moment. Gods of Boom is for all users, who appreciate intuitive controls. The game opens itself to you; start climbing up the ranks. Vibrant graphics are a visual treat; your eyes will be glued to your iPhone screen.

The best thing about Gods of Boom is its hardware requirements; the game supports older devices. Use maps and game modes and enjoy team-based fun. By using perks and equipment skills, you can create a superhero. To give your hero a perfect look, countless cosmetic items are at your disposal.

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2. Golf Blitz

Golf Blitz

Until now, you have nurtured the wrong notion that golf is for the elite. Well, if not on the real golf course, you can play this game on your iPhone. And believe me, you will have all that fun of golf played on the ground.

Unlike the real world, this virtual gameplay ensures excitement and speed. You can compete in four-person multiplayer races. To showcase and enhance your skills, chat with your friends, and start with friendly matches. Also, stream live games from across the world to learn from pro-players.

After building some muscles, make the most of 25,000+ combinations of golfer avatars and hats to climb up the global leaderboard. There are 16 unique balls, which can be upgraded to a new level system to open special gameplay effects.

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PGA TOUR Golf Shootout

PGA TOUR is the official organizer of professional golf tours. To begin a multiplayer game, choose real opponents around the world in Versus mode. However, there is a single-player mode as well; this helps you progress through challenging TPC courses.

You will love to sink birdies and ace the greens to win rewards and upgrade golf clubs. Enchanting 3D graphics to experience real-life TPC courses from the PGA TOUR. New to golf? PGA TOUR offers smooth and straightforward controls, which are easy to learn. After obtaining some knowledge of the game, go for more than 50 golf clubs having unique stats and abilities.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)
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4. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

In this game, you will play the role of a squire, a village head. And you have to build a clan to fight epic Clan Wars against Mustachioed Barbarians, fire-wielding Wizards, and other troops.

Along with its classic features, this game also boasts a few new features. A new Town Hall 13 and the Royal Champion to conquer enemy groups with Giga Inferno. The Champion has a mighty spear to crush Seeking Shield. Take on a new troop, the Yeti, and horde-breaking the Scattershot.

Clash of Clans has also retained its classic features. You can either join a Clan or start your own by inviting friends. Next, launch assaults against other players across the globe. This will surely test your skills in the competitive Clan War Leagues.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)
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5. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK - Survival Evolved

Enter the world of dinosaurs, primal creatures, and predators! ARK: Survival Evolved is a massive game world, which has more than 80 dinosaurs to capture and tame. During the game, you will meet other players and friends to build colonies of survivors.

The game challenges you to survive and thrive on a mysterious island. You are all alone and unarmed; your job is to build shelter and hunt by gathering resources and crafting tools. Next, you are supposed to expand your territory while catching and taming dinosaurs.

Note that ARK: Survival Evolved can be played only on iPhone 7 and later phones.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)
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PUBG needs no introduction! A rage among young iPhone users, this game offers the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action. An award-winning game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, which provides console-quality gaming on the go.

Excellent 3D sound and HD graphics will elevate excitement along with customizable mobile controls, training modes, and voice chat. Moreover, smooth control and realistic ballistics will add more energy to the game.

The most exciting part of this game is the detailed battlegrounds. In the gameplay, you face dynamic weather of urban city spaces and tundra—also weed through dense jungles and unfriendly terrains.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)
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7. Minecraft


Minecraft tests your skill as a builder. You need to explore the world and build everything – whether they are homes or castles. Unlock a creative mode and gain access to unlimited resources. While you are in survival mode, you have to manufacture weapons and armor to control dangerous mobs.

Play this game alone or with friends; you need to get maps, skins, and texture packs from creators. You have full control of the game to give items away, call mobs, and change the time of day.

For customization, you can use free Add-Ons. A tech-savvy user would love to modify data-driven behaviors to build new resource packs.

Price: $6.99 (In-app Purchases)
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8. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends

The virtual world allows you to do what you cannot do in the real world. A case in point is driving posh cars. Asphalt 9: Legends will enable you to control hypercars manufactured by renowned makers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors. Select your dream car and drive across picturesque locations of the world.

You can play this game in single and multiplayer modes. Start with single-player Career mode and finish more than 900 events to grow your fleet of supercars. To be a real Asphalt legend, there are seven rival players to compete.

The game is loaded with smart and manual controls. Innovative TouchDrive is a new control system to streamline steering. Alternatively, you can select Tap-to-Steer controls and customize the position of buttons on the screen.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)
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9. Hearthstone


It is a thrilling card combat game on your iPhone. In this award-winning card game, you have to gather mighty cards and create robust decks. Next, invoke minions and cast spells to capture control of battlegrounds. It is your test of creating a strategy to defeat players who challenge you.

A killer combination of magic, mischief, and mayhem, Hearthstone puts you in front of computer-controlled heroes to hone your skills. Take on fierce competitors in real-time PvP.

Primary missions take you in the world of intuitive gameplay for a few seconds. Next, launch yourself into the first duel to defeat tough opponents.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)
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Vainglory is a cross-platform multiplayer online batter arena (MOBA) game for iPhone. Use your mechanical skill to play Vainglory with your friends anywhere on any device. Stunning graphics, accurate controls, and competitive gameplay will hold your attention for hours.

Play Vainglory with anyone, anywhere; competitive gameplay is compatible with PC, Mac, and mobile platforms. Whether it is strategic battles of a five-minute brawl, this game offers MOBA combat with and against bots or live players. Built on a powerful engine, Vainglory provides the highest frame rates across devices.

Brave-heart heroes and vibrant communities create unforgettable experiences. Be the party of a global community in 14 different languages.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases)
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That’s all, gamers!

Needless to say that multiplayer games will require the Internet and a full iPhone battery. Before you start, make sure you have charged your device thoroughly and connect it to a secure Wi-Fi connection.

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