Brands With Outstanding Instagram Marketing Strategy

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Social media is a diverse platform where people from all around the world can come together and follow the same trends and practices. From using the same hashtags to following the same pages, the whole world seems to be on the same page with social media interaction. Similarly, brands of all sorts, ranging from B2C to B2B businesses are using Instagram for their marketing tactics.

Brands with outstanding Instagram marketing strategy

Tiffany & Co

Instagram is not and should be restricted to only new emerging brands. A heritage brand like Tiffany & Co has done a remarkable job at its Instagram marketing strategy. It has adapted to its evolving customers and has built an excellent social media presence. By sticking to its signature blue color, the brand has created an outstanding grid-like structure on its feed that instantly recalls you of its brand’s color. It has put up luxurious images with incredible art elements, including props and backgrounds.

National geographic

After Instagram’s own account, National Geographic is the second most followed account. It has the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing feed ever. The best part about it is that it uploads top quality content with high consistency. The strategy here is that the brand uses pictures from its many photographers, and gives them the creative freedom to capture absolutely anything that is relevant to the brand. In addition, it lets respective photographers come up with a caption of their own so that they can explain the picture in the best manner possible. This creative freedom allows some amazing artwork to emerge.


Dove has always established itself as a progressive, non-stereotypical beauty brand. It is known for its body positivity campaigns that it has held since many years now. Surely, the brand is ahead of its time as it was touching upon the topic of “natural beauty” since a very long time.

Starting from its Real Beauty campaign in 2004, Dove has been consistently launching many such campaigns on social media. The most recent one is from 2020, where the brand focused on sharing user-generated content on Instagram to value and promote acceptance of scars and any kinds of body abnormalities. The “Courage Is Beautiful” campaign can be seen thriving on its Instagram page as well as its own website, where it shares pictures of its followers who share their stories regarding body issues.

Not only Instagram, but Dove is also creating a stock photo library where you will find real women’s pictures to break beauty stereotypes and standards. This campaign is called “Show us”.


Glossier has been able to keep its audience and followers the center of the world throughout. Its strategy is to include its followers in every step of the way. It has frequently asked question and post stories regarding what issues its audience faces or what products would they want to be highlighted next. This allows the brand to have a one-on-one engagement with its followers, ensuring brand loyalty and lots of social media engagement.

Other than that, the brand has also promoted itself and built an image of “simplicity” and “minimalism”. It first established this reputation with its simple packaging, and then with its human-like, natural and very simple Instagram feed.

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is a brand owned by an already renowned celebrity, Rihanna. Her Instagram following was automatically filling up the number of followers on the make-up brand’s page. However, this brand has some interesting content that adds value to its followers. Ranging from aesthetic photos to detailed makeup tutorials, Fenty Beauty sure has a strong Instagram game.

Another reason why the brand has gained so much hype and followers in much less time is its inclusivity. It has makeup products that suit people of color and embraces all types of bodies. This body positivity and inclusive approach have made the brand a star on social media.

The Takeaways

Looking at these examples of such brands, one cannot deny the benefits of Instagram marketing. With fast-speed internet and smart devices becoming an integral part of our daily lives, don’t miss out on the chance and utilize such privileges for your brand’s own benefit.

Consistent content

In terms of consistency, Fenty Beauty and National Geographic seem to be the best at it. Both post stories and quality pictures frequently.

Keeping up with trends

Hashtags, social issues, stories, IGTV and now Reels are some of the most trending things on Instagram right now. Keeping up with the social issues discussed on such platforms and amending your strategy accordingly helps you relate with your audience more and be in their good books. Meanwhile, using trends like hashtags and featuring user’s photos also makes them more included in your brand’s strategy, increasing brand loyalty.

Keeping up your brand image

No matter what you have to do to become successful at Instagram marketing, do not let go off your brand’s original image or reputation. Like Tiffany & Co, stick to your original branding such your logo, brand color, and your mission and vision.

Let’s wrap up

You must avail a variety of internet packages to remain up to date with Instagram marketing trends. If you have a small business, whether digital or physical, a good Mediacom internet package could be your gateway to consistent updates of the platform. Make sure you take inspiration from Instagram-successful brands.

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