Best YIFY/YTS Movie Proxy Sites List and Alternatives in 2024

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YIFY / YTS is the most trusted website for users who need to download and watch all their favorite movies, TV shows, dramas, animations, and documentaries over the years. Even if you have access to thousands of popular streaming sites on the Internet, it’s not as good as YIFY / YTS in terms of HD or Full HD content.

At YIFY / YTS, you visit their site without compromise and do it with your own eyes. If your site is geographically blocked or restricted in your area, use one of the many delayed YIFY / YTS sites on our list.

Is it illegal to use YIFY / YTS?

The short answer is no. If you don’t know it yet, most of the torrent sites used in many countries are blocked or banned. However, to access these sites, you must use the deferred YIFY / YTS website from the list. However, since government agencies can track users, it is advisable to subscribe to the VPN service even if you use these proxy sites. A personal recommendation from FastestVPN, but the choice is yours.

Why share the YIFY / YTS website?

As mentioned above, the VPN website is for you if you want to watch your favorite YIFY / YTS multimedia content online for free and without geographic restrictions. Anyone who enjoys watching movies has visited or at least heard of the YIFY / YTS website. However, since downloading torrent files is illegal, many governments block or block these sites.

How can I access a YIFY feed anonymously?

There are no illegal rules for accessing a YIFY stream. However, there are many reasons why you may not want to tell your ISP, employer, or government that you have visited the site presentation of the YIFY Torrents proxy server. However, there are other options.

Best YIFY/YTS Proxy Sites 2024

Proxy websiteURLSpeed
yts.gs Fast
yts.pm Fast
yify-movies Fast
ytss.unblocked Fast
YIFY Movie ProxyYIFY Movie ProxyNormal
YIFY Torrent ProxyYIFY Torrent ProxySlow

YTS / YIFY Best alternative

The following list shows the best YTS / YIFY. This method is suitable for maintaining YTS / YIFY or when the site is not available. Because these alternatives can be blocked, you must use a proxy location with the option of this YTS / YIFY.

Pirates only

Pirate Bay is arguably the biggest and best-known torrent download site and the perfect alternative to YTS / YIFY. I have an extensive multimedia library in HD quality. It is a lightweight web design. Their service is to gain their followers. Users can easily search for large amounts of content by entering keywords by genre or in the search box. Pirate Bay has been providing high-quality content to users for many years, but authorities have made several attempts to destroy this famous site.


If you’re looking for a clean interface and an easy-to-use torrent site, try 1337x. Thousands of best movies, TV shows, songs and documentaries, you can ask for a lot. Because the 1337x site supports mobile users, YTS / YIFY is the best choice, and many consider them. There are also several edible quality seeds. 1337x offers excellent service and is one of the largest torrent sites on the market today. However, this does not mean that the site is not subject to geographic restrictions in certain regions. However, users should always use the YIFY / YTS reporting server mentioned above.


Unlike the other two options for choosing YIFY / YTS from the list, Torrentz2 has a special place. Your site is a torrent search engine so you can find the best torrent files from a variety of sources. You can enter the name of the movie you are looking for or choose from several types of offers. The site offers a list of the best quality seeds directly from various third-party websites. Start a file. Select all the selected files.

Final Words on YIFY/YTS Movie Sites

Now that you have reached the end of your blog with the best YIFY / YTS agencies in 2024 let’s assume you already know why you need a YIFY / YTS agency.YIFY Torrents has become synonymous with high-quality movies that can get downloaded within a few days. This article lists many of these clones, as well as other seed sites where you can find YIFY movies.

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