Top 9 WordPress Security Plugins in 2024

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WordPress is one of the most famous platforms for blogging and is known for displaying the contents of innumerable websites and blogs.

The hackers are interested to hack into WordPress-based websites due to the immense traffic of the content creators and how it’s being used by top-notch businesses.

So in order to prevent hackers from identifying loopholes and benefitting through it, these plugins are installed to avoid the vulnerabilities of the website and also to provide the users with a safe route.

Below are the top 10 WordPress security plugins that you can install to ensure protection from security breaches.

1) WordFence Security

This is one of the most used security plugins for WordPress websites and has been installed by more than 2 million users.

Its’ firewall is one of a kind and provides protection from all kinds of hackers, it scans and gives all the required information to the users so that they can be alarmed if any irregular activity takes place.

You can avail security over multiple sites and it also has real-time details regarding the traffic sources. However, few functions are limited and can be gained through the premium version.

2) iThemes Security

This plugin has a variety of 30 ways that can be used for protection, with malware scanning after every fixed interval it also prevents unauthorized sources through two-factor authentication.

Moreover, in case you don’t know how to properly use it, you can always go through the video tutorials and avail yourself it in different languages. But in order to avail of all the features, you need to install the premium version.

3) Sucuri Security

Sucuri is another well-known and widely used plugin because it consists of all the demanded features such as auditing in order to evaluate the changes within the website, monitoring the file integrity which includes a comparison of the security with the ideal security setting, and scanning of the malware to highlight the problems linked to the security of the website.

It covers all the important aspects of website security and provides a whole coverage. But it might be complex to use and the users may have to have the proper knowledge to appropriately make use of this plugin.

4) Bulletproof Security

The above-mentioned plugin provides protection from innumerable attacks and has video tutorials that have made it user-friendly.

It’s not difficult to install and has regular file backups that limit the loss of important files.

Furthermore, it has a file monitor function in real-time and is backed up with all the necessary tools to provide the users with a safe experience.

5) Google Authenticator

It provides multiple layers of security through two-factor authorization and can be used on several types of devices like smartphones, landlines, etc.

It can be shaped according to custom use and prevents interference from hackers as well.

There’s also an option for device identification which helps the device to be remembered for later use and along with that, QR code scans are also provided alongside this plugin. However, like iThemes security, users are required to download the premium version to avail of all features.

6) WP Website Antivirus & Virus Scanner

It secures the database from malware and also provides daily results of scans in detail for the users to have a proper insight into the functioning of their website.

The process for scanning is very simple and another perk is that the features available in the premium version, are available in the free version as well. Nonetheless, the features are limited overall and don’t cover a wide range of functionalities.

7) VaultPress

Like any other security plugin, it provides data backup and scans the information for any potential malware. It ensures that the data is backed up and for that, it backs up data in real-time. But the users must be aware that this plugin is available for one website alone and the free version encompasses limited features.

8) Hide My WP

This is a premium plugin and it keeps track of all kinds of vulnerabilities of the websites whether they’re current or old and makes sure that the hackers are kept at bay.

It can be used for several sites at once and after you’ve paid the premium costs, you will have the support throughout your website journey.

The automatic update keeps the plugin active and running every day and the high rating seems like a promising factor towards a secure website.

9) Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

It’s a very user-friendly plugin that is robust and speedy at the same time. It keeps tabs on the incoming traffic towards your website and filters out the spam requests that are potentially unsafe.

In order to make it work, no configuration is required and it has a plug-n-play feature as well.

If your WordPress website is secured not only will it be beneficial for you, but for the visitors on your site as well since they won’t be hesitant to visit your website and will be willing to share their information.

If you compromise on your website security and think that having your website secured isn’t important then let me tell you that it’s a very foolish move. Not only will it cost you, but you’re on the verge of losing your hard work due to a single mistake.

Be sure of installing security plugins to avoid any unwanted interference, and for that, choose the plugin that fulfills the requirements of the website.

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