The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms

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Consumer expectations are changing rapidly in the age of video-on-demand. Many companies are investing resources to create and publish compelling video content that can help in lead generation. The fact is no matter what your company does, you need an effective video marketing strategy for social media platforms to win the battle against competitors.

Before you create video content for social media platforms, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will the CTA be?
  • Does the video fit into the buyer’s journey?
  • What type of feeling do I want to generate among viewers?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Am I looking for brand awareness or lead generation?
video marketing strategies for social media platforms

The next step is to make a creative, informative, and engaging social media video. Following are some ways to approach social media videos for the best results:

A Good and Appealing Script

Here scripting is all about answering the right questions. You are creating a video either to solve the problem of the consumer or making them aware of your brand. Create a step-by-step guide or a theoretical approach that you will follow.

Be Short

When it comes to social media videos, short and sweet is a safe strategy. Just keep the video under 2 minutes and feed your audience with informative things.

Nowadays, consumers have short attention spans and plenty of distractions. So keep your video crisp and interesting. So it is important for every brand to focus on video marketing.

Know Your Audience

There is very little chance that your target audience is going to be everyone. So, identify your target audience and keep their tech interests in mind while making the video.

Use the Music Wherever Needed

Music plays an important role in creating an engaging video. It stirs consumer emotions and uplifts their mood. While choosing or creating music, consider demographics and your target audience. If you are trying to reach a broader market, look for music that is mass appealing.

Now that you are ready with your video, it’s time to publish it on social media platforms. Following are the top social media channels that you can use:


Facebook users mostly look for more casual, small, and engaging content rather than long, in-depth ones. Also, avoid getting into the ‘Like and Share” race, instead, produce content that your targeted audience would want to like and share.

You can use the “Live” feature for showcasing conferences, events, sales presentations, or behind-the-scenes moments.

Why should you be using video content on Facebook?

Facebook videos give immense opportunity to increase the brand reach as it outperforms every other social media platform. Following are the reason why Facebook video content is important for marketers:

  • Users are easily engaged emotionally on Facebook.
  • Consumers who are using Facebook respond better to videos.
  • Studies have found that Facebook videos drive a large number of organic traffic.

Suggestion while posting a video on Facebook: Make sure you upload natively on Facebook to get the best reach and also avoid posting YouTube links for videos.


The video is slowly becoming the central piece of what’s happening on Twitter. The video content on Twitter plays automatically, and it is an impactful way to grab customers’ attention. Further with the options of GIFs and periscope, brands are creating more engaging and impactful videos.

Why you should be using video content on Twitter?

Increase brand awareness and improve brand sentiment: According to Twitter research, videos on Twitter are 2x more memorable than on any other platform. In another study, people who watch brand videos on Twitter feel 14% more favored for that particular brand, and also Google’s indexing will impact on business.

Suggestion while posting a video on Twitter: Use proper hashtags and TweetDeck to reach your target audience.


We all know that YouTube has the second largest reach after Facebook and as a search engine, it ranks after Google, which is also its parent company. YouTube offers many options for marketers to reach a wide range of users (advertising on the homepage, advertising before, during, or after the video, etc,).

Why you should use YouTube for marketing?

  • Home of the viral videos.
  • On the platform, you can start your own channel and upload videos related to the services or products that you are marketing.
  • You can easily track the progress of your videos; how many views your video is receiving each day.
  • You can also check if people like your videos through comments and recommendations.

Suggestion while posting a video on YouTube: Create a collection of videos on a specific subject or theme and then break them down into episodes.


In the marketing world, Instagram has become one of the most influential social media platforms. It is the hub of visual content, users only post pictures and videos on Instagram. This makes it even easier for businesses to grab the attention of a user of Instagram.

Why should you be using video content on Instagram?

  • The platform enabled brands to communicate easily with a visually engaged audience.
  • It is an ideal platform for all kinds of businesses to gain visibility.

Suggestion while posting a video on Instagram: Do your research on hashtags and use the right ones to get instant exposure.

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The bottom line is that if you are not incorporating social media videos into your content marketing strategy, you are missing out on chances of multiplying your consumer base. Looking at the popularity and trends of various social platforms, it becomes absolutely necessary for brands to utilize videos to their maximum potential.

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