7 Trust Signals Your Website Should Have in 2024

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Every other day we hear about Internet scams. Many people have been duped for sharing their information in exchange for the promised values. But, today people are very cautious while sharing their personal details. They need to have trust in the website before they hand over any information. Having a website alone won’t work for your potential users, they need to trust you.

So, how will you build visitors’ trust in the website? Well, trust signals are one of the best ways to build trust in customers. Wondering, what are trust signals? How do they help to attract traffic? Relax! We will guide you with the full details. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What are trust signals?

Trust signals are used to build the credibility of the website. These are the cues from the qualities of your website which have the power to engage the users for making transactions. In short, the trust signals helps to build trust in consumers.

Usually, the trust signals take the form of things like – the seals and security badges, customer testimonials, and reviews. These signals can also be structural like – how easily we can navigate your site, does the site have pop-ups or not, and how the content is presented,

Now, below we will discuss the best test signals for the website.

Professional design and easy navigation

Ask yourself, what is the first thing you notice when you visit the website? The design, right? Yes, the design of the website instantly draws visitors’ attention. Having a poorly designed website is a big red flag.

If you have a professional and clear website design, this will create a good impression on your potential clients. They might not believe sharing their information first, but the good thing is they will not consider it with suspicion.

Another thing you need to make sure of is easy and clear navigation. Having easy navigation on the website enhances the user’s experience and leaves a good impression. On the other hand, if your website has unclear or misprinting critical pages, then this may turn out to be negative for your business.

Accurate contact information and easy to find

Having proper contact information is a must. Having missing contact information is a red flag. The visitors might wonder, why you are hiding the information. Contact information that is highly visible, easy to find, and accurate not only adds to the legitimacy of the business.

Certificates and Security Badges

The Internet scams are increasing day by day. Therefore, it is important to assure the users that your website is secure. This is true, especially for e-commerce websites. And, why not? You are sharing your personal information, you need to provide security of transactions to the customers.

Having a recognized payment gateway is one of the best ways to build trust. Moreover, the certificates and security badges further act as trust symbols websites and boost security.


Well, it is important to upgrade to HTTPS from HTTP. This is one of the most effective ways to increase the security of the website. Yes, it is not the only method to do so, but definitely an effective one.

If you don’t have it, most of the users will notice that your website is not secure which further shows distrust in your business. Not just that, but HTTPS is also required for new browser features. Also, it is essential to keep upgrading the technology and keep everything on the website correctly.


Having customers reviews and testimonials is probably one of the best ways to build trust among the users. This shows that their opinion matters. This level of trust is further increased by adding the reviewer’s identity.

The customer’s reviews and testimonials allow the customers to view your real business and also know the quality of services being provided. This is a common belief among the users that the previous clients have good reviews, then they are surely going to get the right services.

Google may also use these reviews to pull through the rich snippets on SERPs (Search engine results pages). The Google+ reviews are also a valuable tool as they impact both the click-through rate and SERP’s. When the users sign in to the Google+ account, more pull will pull in who are the part of their circle. Now, this is a good sign to illustrate trust.

Active social media profiles

Having active social media profiles further adds to the credibility of your website. These profiles allow the customers to know more about your business.

For that, you need to see what social media networks your customers use. Then complete the pages or profiles there, cross-link the website and start posting consistently. Inactivity on social media can raise questions about your business health and further add speculations.

You can do all the above-mentioned things by hiring good digital marketing consultants. So, what are you wondering? Consider these trust signals for the website and make your business reach larger audiences.

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