Top Mobile App Development Tools To Be Used By Professional Developers

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Most of the businesses in this tech-savvy world have realized the importance of convenience and accessibility to retain their customers. People do not prefer to step out of their house for minor tasks and seek the help of on-demand opportunities. This is the reason why those app development companies are growing at a greater pace than ever before. Every business ought to have a website and customized app to be literally present online for their customer base. But, for an app to stand out proper app development tools are required to put at work. This designed software is created to provide much-needed assistance to the mobile app developers and to accomplish all the developmental goals.

With the right choice of a development tool for mobile apps, you can reap a lot of benefits afterward. The presence of a plethora of tools online makes it hard for the developers to choose the right ones for a particular business. The better the quality of the technology used in the development, it will lead to better the capabilities of the developed app. Usually, the startups tend to focus on the on-moment solutions that miss the important scalability factor. This missing factor will make the technology expensive and time consuming due to upgrading and changing technology. All the necessary aspects should be kept in mind before selecting the mobile app development tools, such as features and business requirements.

Types of Mobile Development Tools

Cross-platform mobile development tools- to create a generic app that works on multiple platforms, you need the assistance of cross-platform mobile development tools. However, the app developed in such an environment tends to have more problems than the second type of tool.

Native mobile development tools- The second type we referred to above is native mobile development tools. Unlike the first type of tools, these tools are meant for the specialized app development that works with ease. These tools are applied to the app which has a designated platform for its functioning. For instance- Android, iOS or Windows.

This is the first step to clear out in your mind before even checking out the whole list of development tools in the online market. If you have decided on a platform, then go ahead with the native mobile development tools or otherwise you have a generic choice. So, let’s move further with the top-notch tools available to facilitate your development.

List of Some Popular Mobile App Development Tools

1. Xamarin

A Microsoft-owned software company known as Xamarin comes with the best features for sharing code in cross platforms. Its cloud service allows the users to test your app on various devices. Offline mode, local data, and image recognition are well-served by the Xamarin. Also, it is widely used in all three popular platforms- Android, Windows, and iOS. It has a C# codebase and runs on the .NET common language infrastructure. It is used by various mobile app development companies to develop scalable and robust applications.

2. Xcode

Get the experience to work on an innovative programming language- Cocoa and Cocoa Touch with Xcode. This will be combined with the Xcode tools for an amazing mobile development. Undoubtedly, this is a whole new and intriguing way to design and develop. Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, any device you name and you can create apps with Xcode for it (for the given ones). Everything with this amazing tool is so unified that it leads to a hassle-free workflow for the developer. It is a highly recommended development tool for those tech-savvy requirements.

3. Headspin

This is one of the best mobile tools to check and improve the overall performance of an app. You will get all the real-world updates and insights about the user experience issues so that you can overcome them. This tool is ideal for the developers and businesses that seek complete visibility of the overall performance of the mobile platform. You will face absolutely no jail-breaking, rooting, and no virtual machines as there are thousands of real devices around 150 locations around the globe. Other than that, there is a load time testing available that lets the business meet the speed standards of their competitors as per the customer demand. All in all, this is a helpful tool for mobile app development.

4. PhoneGap

This is a mobile app development framework that comes with an open-source. This cross-platform app development framework possesses a huge community of developers for assembling modules and new codes. JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, it works efficiently in all these languages. It is used to develop an app that works on different devices with ease as it comes with less time and effort agenda. It is a great tool for the ones who do not have a special skill set for building apps. Also, the PhoneGap’s best feature is its integration with distinct libraries for the improvement in the functionality of the apps built.

5. Appcelerator

To ensure great performances, Appcelerator uses JavaScript as a language for the creation of Native codes. It has gained a lot of popularity because of its flexible concepts that include writing once and running code on different platforms. Thus, there is a lesser hassle for the coding for the developers who make use of the Appcelerator. This facilitating tool caters the Android, Windows, HTML5, Blackberry, and iOS with 5000 APIs. This is, in fact, a great community of mobile developers for selling, buying and sharing templates as well as modules. However, this is not easy to use a tool, you need to learn it properly before getting its plethora of features and benefits for performance.

6. Adobe Build

Another name on this list is a cloud-based tool that works with PhoneGap or Cordova and is called Adobe Build. This tool helps the developers with the accomplishment of the predetermined goals for the quality of mobile app development. With the Adobe Build, you can work on cross-platform app development and do not get into the unnecessary acquaintance of software development kits, like- iOS SDK, Windows Phone SDK, etc. However, proficiency in languages, such as HTML5, Java, and CSS3 is required to make use of this effective tool. This is considered an ideal choice for businesses with a strict time-to-market and competitive era.

7. RhoMobile Suite

This is an open-source framework that is powered by Rhodes. It is helpful in the development of a data-centric, and cross-platform enterprise app that too with native user experience. If you compare its anatomy to PhoneGap, then there will be a lot of similarities between these two. Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 are its languages and developer ought to be well-versed with them to use RhoMobile Suite. The best part about this Suite is the offline data accessibility as well as synchronization into the apps. Also, automatic data encryption facilitates businesses to be relieved from the worries about the BYOD and helps in providing security of enterprise data without it. It is compatible with Windows Mobile, Windows, Desktop, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile, etc.

This is the list of all the top-notch tools used by mobile app development companies. Every tool comes with its own features, pros, and cons, and caters to the requirements of the developer. The best you can do is check out the names enlisted above and read about them before picking up the most suitable tool to facilitate your development.

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