Top 3 Instagram Analytics Tools in 2024

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More businesses are realizing the awesome potential of Instagram analytics tools in 2024. With so many companies interested in how their Instagram accounts are performing, there’s a greater need for Instagram analytics that give you a better measure of your return on investment. Running an Instagram account takes time and money, so you want to be sure it’s paying off. This post will look at the top three Instagram analytics tools in 2024, as well as reasons to use them.

The Benefits of Using Instagram Analytics

The benefits of using Instagram analytics apply whether you use a free tool or a paid tool. Here are the main advantages of using these tools;

1. Get the Best Performance

Instagram analytics covers a lot of helpful metrics, including the best times to post, which posts got the most interactions, and more. Knowing and understanding this information allows you to become a successful leader in the industry.

For example, let’s say you used the data to determine when your followers are their most active. You can take that information and schedule content to post automatically at that time. If you find that the best times to post are Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons, you can post your content when it is most likely to find an audience.

Analytics also gives you an idea of which kind of content resonates best with your audience as well. When you know what content your audience likes and when they are likely to be online, you can create a campaign to post the right content at the right time for maximum reach.

2. Better Understand the Target Audience

The key to successful marketing is understanding the audience. Instagram analytics tools break down your audience into metrics and demographics. This gives you details about your audience, including their age, spoken language, location, gender, and other information. The more detailed this information is, the better understanding you have of your audience.

It’s easy to understand how this works. If you bought something for a friend, for example, then knowing their interests will help you buy the perfect present. The same applies to your audience. The more you know them, the better the content you provide.

Instagram analytics tells you all about your audience’s interests and online purchasing habits, depending on which tool you use. This information goes even further in helping you reach the demographic you target.

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3. Save Time and Resources

You can lose a lot of time troubleshooting problems when working with something you don’t understand. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll get the outcome you want. The good news is that Instagram analytics and insights let you avoid this problem.

The information from analytics tells you which content your audience is most interested in and which content you should rework to make it more engaging. Rather than wasting your time and energy personally analyzing every aspect of your campaign, you can use analytics to find the areas that demand your time and attention. Knowing where to focus your efforts lets you more effectively distribute your resources.

4. Better Plan Your Campaign

Better Plan Your Campaign

It takes a degree of understanding patterns, trends, and growth periods to put together an effective campaign.

Instagram analytics tools allow you to compare growth over time, letting you dive deeper and understand what you were doing when your campaign was most successful – and least successful. This information enables you to tweak the strategy to create a more effective one.

Having the data at your disposal also means that you take fewer risks when you adjust your strategy as you’ll be using real data and metrics to get the job done.

Top 3 Instagram Analytics Tools in 2024

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits of using analytics tools, let’s dive in on three of the very best out there right now;

1. ShareMyInsights


ShareMyInsights for Instagram is one of the best analytics tools in 2024. The tool makes it easy for you to analyze and optimize Instagram marketing campaigns, offering insight into posts, audience, location, comments, hashtags, and so much more.

ShareMyInsights provides an in-depth analysis of hashtags to provide all the information you need to better optimize future posts. The tool has an optimization screen that calculates things such as the best times to post to generate the most buzz. You’ll see when you are most likely to get more comments, likes, and impressions.

Another perk of joining ShareMyInsights is that you connect to the community as a whole. The community includes other Instagram users, letting you share information and insights with them for advice and collaboration.

How Much Does ShareMyInsights Cost?

ShareMyInsights comes with both free and paid versions. The free version offers basic functionality and is enough to get you started. The paid plans, starting at $9 per month, offer more features and functionality.

2. Instagram Insights

Instagram makes things easy for those looking for Instagram analytics thanks to Instagram Insights. Insights is the proprietary analytics tool offered by Instagram for users. The tool gives you access to a wealth of data, including insights into your account and followers, all of which can be accessed straight through the app.

One of the potential downsides to Instagram Insights is that you need a business account to use it. Once you’ve made the conversion, though, it’s easy to access your data. The “Insights” button should appear at the top of the sidebar menu, ready for you to access. Tap the link to open up your analytics and get a good idea of where you stand.

How Much Does Instagram Insights Cost?

Instagram Insights is built into the Instagram app itself, meaning that it’s completely free to use.

3. Social Blade

Social Blade is another excellent option for people looking to health check their Instagram accounts and influencer partnerships. Social Blade markets itself as a statistics website. It allows you to find user data and growth trends across Instagram and other social networks like YouTube and Twitter.

Social Blade is simple to use. Start by registering your account and then accessing the Instagram analytics tool. Search for the name of the account and choose Instagram from the menu. The website does all the work for you and pulls up all the analytics and insights you could want.

One cool feature of Social Blade is the Historical Data feature. This allows you to see how many followers an account has gained – and lost – during a period of time. If you notice large spikes in new followers, the account likely used a bot or paid follower service to gain more followers. It’s also possible that the account went viral or was featured on the Explore page, so take any spikes with a grain of salt.

Please note that Social Blade can only be used with Instagram Business accounts due to limitations with the Instagram API.

Final Thoughts

Tracking Instagram analytics is vital to success on the platform and the key to running a successful marketing campaign. These tools can give you a better look at how your account performs, including when and what to post to reach your target audience.

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