5 Things To Look In Best Dedicated Server Hosting

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In this age, websites and blogs have become a medium for people to know about your business and what you do. There are many potential customers whom you can tap and convert to regular consumers of your product or service, by increasing traffic to your website.

In the pursuit of building an attractive website, business owners often miss out on making a site that is capable of handling all the traffic that it attracts.

More often than not, owners work tremendously on their content and do not focus enough on the hosting of their site. This is the most common mistake that comes in the way of the business goals.

The hosting you opt for has a more significant impact on your website than you think and know. You need to be very careful about all the hosting options provided by the business hosting provider.

One of the most reliable options that the provider is going to pitch to you is dedicated server hosting. The services provided by the dedicated server provider will help run your business smoother than before and add value to your business but also back you up against many threats.

But it is not very wise of you to rely only on the dedicated hosting provider’s opinion. You should be equally involved and have enough information about what you need to look into when you go for a specialized service provider.

So, here we go with the checklist on everything you need to think about and know about the dedicated server:

1. Security Management:

Dedicated hosting means that only you are entitled to the server, and all the resources belong to you exclusively. When this happens, you need to ask the provider what are the security layers that are being provided to your website on the server.

Some dedicated hosting providers give you additional levels of threat intelligence and vulnerability management beyond what your business can do on its own.

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2. Complete technical support:

The best hosting providers are actively involved with your server. They take responsibility for your server and make sure that the website is running smoothly. The team is always at your help for small error rectification or for updating a particular software install.

When you have dedicated hosting, you need to look out for a provider who gives full-time support and helps you right from installation to updating.

Innovation never stops, and for your server to be compatible with the newest update or to be able to download and run the latest software, your hosting should be future-ready and easily configurable.

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3. Tackling downtime

A dedicated server provider will always claim a 100% network and power uptime guarantee. But in case there is any failure on the website, you need to know how long will it take for you to resolve the issue. It becomes a critical aspect as the time your site is not up, is directly linked to your brand image, and business.

Downtime should typically be dealt with strictly and quickly usually within 30 minutes. You can always sit back and relax about data loss prevention as the best cloud hosting providers will still have your data backed up and you don’t have to worry in case of data loss.

4. Know your requirements well:

Choosing the right plan is very crucial. You cannot go to a plan which offers high space while your utility is limited. And at the same time, you cannot choose the method that restrains your resources.

You need to have a buffer from your current requirements to tackle increased traffic. While migrating to a dedicated server, you should also make sure that all your software and hardware configurations are compatible.

5. Malware attacks:

Every website runs a risk of being attacked by some malware. There can be a DDoS attack, phishing attack or any other attack. Tackling all these attacks needs good firewall protection and a mitigation system.

Majorly, in shared hosting, when one site is attacked, the different websites also run a risk of being vulnerable. But this is an advantage when it comes to dedicated hosting.

When you are looking out for dedicated hosting, you need to pay particular heed to the recovery system. The recovery concerning both, software and hardware.

Since yours is the only website on the server, restoring the software should not be a problem. But these are crucial things that may lead to a grave problem in the future and it is better to understand all the aspects of security provided by the provider.

If your business relies importantly on your online presence and the data on your server, it is imperative that you pay particular importance to the server that your website will be launched on.

These tips will help you make you aware of which dedicated server should you go for.

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