The Solopreneur Guide to Personal Branding

We all know the importance of branding in the world of business, but most firms and startups share the responsibility of branding with their co-workers.

The same is not the case for Solo Entrepreneurs. All the dentists, accountants and real-estate agents you see, are solo entrepreneurs or solopreneurs as they are fondly called.

As a solopreneur, you bear full responsibility for creating a brand for yourself which means that all the decisions and creating a social media presence fall on you. But the advantage of this type of business is that it makes you confident about maintaining uniformity throughout all the marketing strategies.

If you are not sure about how to start personal branding, read on below to find detailed tips and trick that will be your guide throughout the process.

1. Take inspiration from others

While creating a personal brand, take a look at the brand created by people of the same industry as yours. Keep a tab on their strategies and tactics and find out what is working for them or what is not.

Moreover, you can take inspiration from other industry too. Find out the latest trend or technique that is working to attract enough consumers and build a brand.

2. Join groups

Most social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have specific groups for each industry. Join these groups or make your own so that you can hear what other entrepreneurs and consumers are saying about the industry.

This way you can avoid the mistakes that are not working for others. Also, if participate in chats and show your knowledge about your solopreneur, it builds a base and creates an impression on a client’s mind, thus making a brand.

3. Use social media

Social media presence is a must these days because this means that you can connect with consumers on a global level. Every social media has a different taste like Instagram is about portraying content creatively while LinkedIn is about professionalism. But all of them serve one purpose in the end, and that is connecting with the client and letting then see your other side.

4. Use the social media bio for USP

USP stands for unique selling proposition that is the unique features that distinguish your product from other. Usually, the brand defines this through their tagline, so make sure that all the social media account has that tagline. Whether be it Facebook or Instagram, it specific space that makes you write about yourself, which can be used for writing this. Some points to remember:

  • The message/USP should be consistent throughout all platforms.
  • Since you are the solopreneur, the description describes you as well, so be picky about your words.
  • Add something personal so that users can learn something from your experience.
  • Use great headshots as it is your personal brand at all.

5. Use your personal Instagram account

Instagram is one place where you can share photos of your personal and professional lives and make the user a part of your life.

It shows others what you believe in, who you look up to and what you do in your free time thus, making you seem real to them. This makes believing you and your business easy for them.

But also, don’t be too specific or personal like ranting about politics or religion for no reason as it will only bring in a negative spotlight on you. And thus, you are a sole entrepreneur it will definitely reflect negatively on your business too.

6. Visual identity is a must

Visual identity is a simple technique that uses different elements like Logo and colors to enhance your brand. And the most important aspect of this is a logo, so invest in creating a great, simple, unique and apt logo. You can even use the Canva tool which is free for this purpose. But make sure that it represents the business and delivers its core message.

7. Print design matters

We all love our digital world, but in the end, we still pick pamphlets, newspapers, and books. So keeping this in mind create a physical relationship with your consumers through brochures, business cards and pamphlets as they are more effective and easy to remember.

These tips and tricks will help you to establish a valuable and strong relationship with your consumers as you have the power to create and maintain your brand. Just remember to be yourself and provide some meaningful service to the community and your brand will speak itself.

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