5 Smart Home Devices for Optimal Performance and Lower Energy Bills

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Winter is all about heating and keeping oneself warm. In the UK where the winter season is packed with snow storms and spine-chilling winds, keeping the home warm is what everyone is worried about. To maintain temperature at an optimal level of comfort requires a proper heating system.

However, when it comes to old homes, heating efficiency is not optimal. The reason is old boilers that feature obsolete technology and are unable to perform well in extreme weather.

Running the heating system for long would result in high energy bills. While replacing the old boilers with a new one comes with a whopping cost.

But that’s not the end as the UK government has introduced a new boiler scheme for low-income households and those who are receiving benefits from the government. Make sure to check your eligibility to get a new boiler installed without paying huge money.

Apart from that, you also need to equip your home with the devices to save energy and contribute to an eco-friendly environment. Here is a list of some of the smart home devices every household in the UK must consider to save on energy and heating bills. Let’s take a look at it.

Energy Monitors and Smart Meters

Smart meters and energy monitors allow you to keep watch on energy usage and how you use it. It allows you to cut down on your bills and manage your energy consumption optimally.

In addition, smart meters are useful when it comes to accurate readings. Compared to traditional ones, it does not require any estimation.

Smart meters are also good at saving money on bills by notifying you about peak times. If you are looking forward to energy and money-saving devices, make sure to install a smart meter along with an energy monitor.

Energy Saving Bulbs

What’s more better way to save your money on bills is by replacing your old bulbs with energy-saving ones. Not too expensive, energy-saving bulbs require little investment, but pay off for the years to come. For instance, energy-saving bills can produce more light and consume less energy.

You can also purchase energy-saving bulbs that can be brightened up and down according to your requirements. Replacing old bulbs with LED lights will help you save as much as £60 annually. Moreover, it will also reduce carbon emissions by up to 50kg per year. Whether it be outdoors or indoors, try replacing your bulbs with LEDs and see the impact on your energy bills.

Smart Radiator Thermostat

You might have not heard of a smart radiator thermostat but it is a very useful device for households looking to save money on bills. It helps you control and manage radiators and portions through a smart app.

Smart radiator thermostat also gives you all the information about the temperature so that you know how warm the house is and when to turn off the heating system once it reaches the point. Compared to traditional thermostats, smart ones are best for controlling the heating system according to the weather. Some of them are also designed to learn about your behavior throughout the day and adapt according to it.

A one-time investment will help you control your energy bills and ensure optimal heating without affecting the environment.

Smart Heating Thermostat

Radiator thermostats are something you have learned about, but you also need to have a smart heating thermostat. It is somewhat different from the radiator thermostat, such that instead of heating up individual radiators, it controls the heating. Installing a smart thermostat can allow you to save as much as 60% on heating bills.

In our opinion, if you are lazy and can’t adjust the temperature manually, install a smart one to take control in your hands through a smartphone. Install the app and control the heating temperature, schedule your heating, and turn it on/off whenever you want to. The thing we love the most about smart thermostats is their adaptability to your behavior throughout the day. Once it learns, it takes control of the heating system accordingly without your interference.

Smart Ceiling Fans

When it comes to heating and cooling, you need to ensure that you have installed an efficient device. A smart ceiling fan is one of the devices to help you save much on your energy bills and ensure optimal airflow throughout the rooms. One of the reasons to get yourself a smart ceiling fan is not just to keep you cool in the summer season, but also to distribute heat in winter.

One of the benefits of installing a smart ceiling fan is that it can be controlled via your smartphone. You can turn it off/on and adjust speed without getting up from your bed or couch.

If you want to make the best use of a smart ceiling fan, you can combine it with a smart thermostat.

Summing Up

Smart home devices are needed of the time. In a time when the energy crisis is increasing, bills are putting a heavy dent in the budget, and carbon emission has increased multifold, you can’t look for anything else other than smart devices. Especially when it comes to winter season, you need to be quite careful to avoid losing a big chunk of money on paying bills. Don’t forget to apply for the government grant to get yourself the latest eating system with more energy efficiency, less carbon emission, and reduced energy bills.

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