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SiteGround Hosting Review 2019

SiteGround Hosting is the web hosting services providing company founded in 2004. This is one of the independent fast growing web hosting companies.

We have tested the SiteGround web hosting services for a few months. We performed our research and testing as a normal user of SiteGround web hosting services.

Finally, we have provided our review in the form of pros and cons for your easy understanding.

SiteGround Hosting Review
SiteGround Hosting Review

Pros Of SiteGround

The features and services of SiteGround are quite impressive but we are providing testing results to make a decision.

Uptime Performance

You have to take a decision of the web hosting services depending on their uptime performance services. This SiteGround is giving an uptime for almost 99.992 % time in a month as they promised. In some of the months, it is providing service with 99.999 % uptime. This means your website will be available for a long time without any down times.

We have absorbed the monthly average uptime as 99.992 – 99.999 %

The overall year average uptime is 99.994%

You need not to worry about the downtime of your website as SiteGround is providing uptime performance of 99.99%.

Loading Time

The SiteGround has the powerful NGINX servers, one click CDN Cloudflare, SSDs, PHP 7.3, and HTTP/2 servers.

This also contains the supercacher and SG optimizer plugin that will definitely improve load times. However, we have tested the speed and this is performing ultimately with a load time of 1.3 seconds. This is very quick and efficient than other web hosting service providers.

Speed: Server Response Time

The server response time or the speed is the measure that how long server takes time to deliver elements of the website to user’s browser. In our test, we found the SiteGround has an average response time of 190 milliseconds in a time period of 6 months.

Regardless of the storage of data, both static and dynamic data can be delivered will send to user browser instantly.

More Data Centers

The multiple data centers of the SiteGround web hosting services also made it as the faster loading times. It is also giving the option to choose the location to save the data according to your preferred location. The data centers of SiteGround are Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Milan, and Singapore.


The backups will save your data and it will make to use the backup data to get back the previous data. If your website is hacked due to some of the reasons then the backup will help you to get back the data. However, the hacking is the rare case that occurs with SiteGround services. In case your general backup is not working, the daily backups of SiteGround are helping to save the data.


It’s important to know how transparent company is providing their services. They will provide you with uptime monthly percentage and yearly uptime percentage for your reference. These statistics will help you to know how transparent there are providing services. They are providing Ip addresses of all their data centers. So that you can check the data center that is having the best loading speed and best for your location.

They are also transparent in providing each plan in detail. So, it helps you to choose the one that best suits your requirement.

Customer Service

If you are a web developer or using the website for the first time, you definitely need customer support. The customer services are excellent as they available for 24 x 7 and the efficient enough staff is clearing the doubts. Most of the times, you don’t need to wait as the wait time is less than a minute to clear your doubts. The customer service speakers are helpful, friendly, patient enough to make you understand what actually causing the issue.

CDN Cloudflare

You can activate Cloudflare in your cPanel with just a click of a button. As CDN Cloudflare is included with all plans for free. CDN (Content Delivery Network) caches your website content and will be distributed among multiple data centers.

Free Site Migration

When you have to migrate from other web hosting providers to the new web hosting providers is a costly process. But on getting SiteGround, you can migrate from other hosting providers to SiteGround for free. This provides free transfer services regardless of the size of the website, emails, addon domains, FTP accounts, and many more.

The free migration service is applicable for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and for static HTML websites too.

Go to SiteGround Hosting

Cons Of SiteGround

Along with the pros, every service will have cons and the SiteGround has the same. As per our testing of the services, we have found the following cons.

Data Storage Limits

The data storage limits are more, the limit is for good to avoid long load times. If you need more storage, you have to go to the higher plan. The given storage may not be enough for video clips website but will be sufficient for text-based websites.

Before going to buy the SiteGround hosting services, check whether the storage limit is suitable for your website or not.

Resource Over Usage

The website will make your site unavailable if the website has more visitors than the plan. You have to make an approximate estimation of your monthly visitors then have to take the plan.

Otherwise, your website will be unavailable until the completion of the month. You have to check for the monthly resources and have to take a decision for the next month which is perfect for you.

SiteGround Discount

SiteGround provides up to 70% discount on web hosting plans. You can use our SiteGround discount code to get this benefit.

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Closing Words

We hope, our review about SiteGround hosting helped you to take a decision. Still, are you having any queries? Let’s connect in the comment section.

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