RecordCast: Edit Videos And Record Your Screen Online

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For some time now, communication via the Internet has been increasing more and more. Therefore, an infinity of applications has appeared on the market. Among them, one stands out, RecordCast is a software that allows us to record the screen of our team live and simple edit videos.

It is an application that nowadays is essential to communicate through the Internet. In a personal and business way, you can create your videos to explain the operation of a specific article or make a video for your fans on a specific web page.

RecordCast is an application developed by PearlMountain, which has focused on researching and developing graphics and multimedia software since 2006. It has led them to aim to create available applications for everyone.

If you want to discover the benefits of this excellent application, continue reading.

Overview of RecordCast


It is a set of tools that greatly facilitate the capture and recording from the screen of your device, and, at the same time, you can do it from the webcam.

In addition, it allows you to edit the recording without leaving the site. For this reason, you don’t need any other program to do the editing.

If you need an easy-to-use application to record your videos or share information for a job, RecordCast is ideal.

Features of RecordCast

Knowing the characteristics, you will realize that it is a superior application to the others. The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices. There is no need to download any other app or plugin.

It also allows you to save storage space because you do not have to download the application on your computer.

Another of the benefits of the application is that it allows you to record the entire screen, only the application windows or the browser window. Regarding the audio, it can be recorded during the work session or added later to obtain a better high-quality result, having a range of options.

The application has an editor to improve the recordings by adding titles, legends, and more to give that original touch to work done.

Finally, RecordCast is easy-to-use software with which you can create your videos in MP4 format with a high resolution of 1080p without any learning curve.

Quick steps to use RecordCast

The application can be used without registration, but if you want to save the videos, edit them and download them later, the user must register on the RecordCast website. Once registered, upon entering, you will arrive at the editor / my projects section in which the different videos you are making will be displayed.

In the following lines, you will read the quick steps to create a video, and then you will have a more detailed explanation of these. The first part will focus on connoisseurs, and the second part, for those new to this world.

  1. You need to press the Create Recording button on the main page to get started.
  2. Next, you must adjust the Sound Settings in ( Recording Settings ) by selecting the audio source of the video you want to record.
  3. Afterward, the recording starts. After finishing the work, the Download and Edit button is pressed to stop the video. Also, it can be re-recorded again or downloaded and edited.

Note that you can have up to 12 projects on the page per user. But they can be eliminated while others are created. As you know, it is pretty easy to use this fantastic application to create your videos.

Detailed steps to get the best out of RecordCast

With the following four steps, you will know all the parameters and how to use the tool to get the best of your videos.

1. Settings for recording

Settings for recording

We start with the configuration. After pressing the Record Free Now button, a window appears to select 1 of the three options to record the video.

  • The first option is screen and camera recording.
  • The second option is just screen recording.
  • And the last option is the use of the webcam only.

After selecting one of the three, the Next Step button is pressed to choose between the audio options. You can choose only the microphone, the audio system, or no audio.

Then, you must press the Start Recording button to start making the audiovisual production, although you must first select between three options to make the video.

  • The first allows you to record the entire computer screen.
  • The second option allows you to select a specific application so that only the marked section is displayed in the recording.
  • And the third option lets us access a specific tab in the browser.

Finally, it only remains to press the Share button ( Share ) to start recording the project.

2. During recording

A small control bar is displayed when recording, which can be hidden by clicking on it. The bar will appear in a new browser tab.

To finish recording, press the End Recording button on the control bar. You should notice that the free version allows you to make recordings of up to 5 minutes.

3. Edit the recorded videos

Edit the recorded videos

Once the recording is finished, there are two options for editing the videos. One allows you to download your video for editing with another program, and the other provides downloading to send your video to RecordCast ‘s editing interface for free editing.

When we take this second option, a toolbar appears on the left side that has several functions. Such as adding photos, videos, music, making overlays, applying effects, or changing the image of the video, just to mention a few. In this way, the recording can be modified as desired.

4. Download the video

After having made all the modifications and having the video finished, it can be saved on the computer with the Export Video button ( Export Video ). So you must give a name and select the quality of the recording.

The resolution of the RecordCast video has three grades. A small one at 480p, a medium one at 720p, and HD at 1080p. You have to select the one that best suits your requirement.


As you can see, RecordCast is a very easy-to-use application that offers you many functions to make and improve a video in excellent resolution, even in its free version. If you are going to record all your activities on your screen, this is the ideal application.

In this Internet world, you will find many programs of this type, but RecordCast does not have annoying ads for those who want to create a video. We have been using this application for a while, and it has been perfect for us. Tell us, did you know this application? Do you dare to use it?

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