Top 80+ High DA Question Answer Submission Sites List 2024

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If you are willing to know something new, you may put up your query on these websites. On the other hand, if you would like to share your ideas about your favorite niche, you may help others by answering questions even with the source link.

These sites are also helpful to boost traffic to your website. The best part is high PR Question Answer submission sites are always crowded with a high volume of natural traffic. If readers experience your answer as quite helpful and relevant, they will surely go through the link to your website. Also, they may share and like/upvote your answer.

Hence, by using these sites you achieve a huge quality converting traffic to your website or blog. For your simplicity, I have filtered and shortlisted some top high PR and high DA Question Answer submission sites that are popular in 2024.

Benefits of High PR Question Answer Submission Sites List

The above-shortlisted Question Answer Submission sites are beneficial from the following point of view.

A relevant Answer with a link to your website is the superfast medium to attract a large audience to your website.

You may get in touch with the widest communities of your niche. Hence it becomes easy to target potential customers.

These sites are fully informational and don’t allow spammy activities. Therefore, if you’re getting backlinks from these quality sources, you will be rewarded by many search engines.

These sites are quite free to express views on millions of niches worldwide. You may put up your query if want to know something. Hundreds of experts are there to resolve your query.

How to use high DA PR Question Answer Submission Sites List

If you are new to these sites, you need to create an account first by signing up. Usually, most of the sites ask for your username, email, and password. Or they may allow you to sign up with social media platforms like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc.

After signing up, you need to verify your account by clicking on a link sent to your email.

Once your account is verified, you can complete your profile like your first name, last name, and website URL. Also, you may join communities that belong to the same niche as yours.

Now you are ready to put questions there as well as give answers to the questions.

What are Do’s and Don’ts while using Question Answer Submission sites?

Make sure of the terms and conditions of all Question Answer sites. Ignoring their norms, they may remove your answers and even permanently disable your account. Here are the most common points you need to remember for all High PR Question Answer Submission Sites in the list.

  • Always write the relevant Answer.
  • Don’t include spammy links like an affiliate links, Blogspot links…etc
  • Always write unique answers.
  • Use relevant images and links within the answer content.
  • Avoid grammar errors and misspelled words within the Questions and Answer.

High DA Question Answer Submission Sites 2024

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FAQs on Question Answer Submission Sites

Q: What are question answer submission sites?

A: Question answer submission sites are online platforms where users can ask and answer questions on various topics.

Q: How do question answer submission sites work?

A: Users can submit questions on these sites, and other users can answer them. Some sites allow users to vote on the best answers, which can help to promote the most helpful responses.

Q: What are some popular question answer submission sites?

A: Some popular question answer submission sites include Quora, Yahoo! Answers, Reddit, and Stack Exchange.

Q: Can anyone ask or answer questions on these sites?

A: Yes, most question answer submission sites allow anyone to ask or answer questions, although some may require users to create an account before they can participate.

Q: Are there any guidelines or rules for asking or answering questions on these sites?

A: Yes, most sites have guidelines or rules that users must follow when asking or answering questions. These rules are usually designed to promote respectful and informative interactions between users.

Q: Are question answer submission sites reliable sources of information?

A: It depends on the site and the quality of the answers provided. While some answers may be accurate and well-researched, others may be based on personal opinions or misinformation. It’s always a good idea to verify information from multiple sources before relying on it.

Q: Can businesses or marketers use question answer submission sites for promotion?

A: Some sites may allow businesses or marketers to participate in discussions and answer questions related to their products or services, but it’s important to do so in a transparent and informative way, rather than using the platform solely for promotion.

Q: Can I earn money by answering questions on these sites?

A: Some sites may offer rewards or incentives for providing helpful answers, but it’s unlikely that users will be able to earn a substantial income solely through question answer submission sites.

Final Verdict

High PR QnA Submission Sites listed in this article would surely help you to a great extent for the purpose of getting huge quality referral traffic to your website. However, you may also go through our many other posts to boost traffic.

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