6 Best PokeHuntr Alternatives for Pokemon Go in 2024

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PokeHuntr is one of the perfect apps on PokémonGo and can provide all the information about this game. One of the biggest strengths of The PokeHuntr is that it doesn’t require a place to see the surrounding Pokémon. But open this app and enter your current location.

Pokehuntr Alternative

But “PokeHuntr” is also very fast to get a place on Google Maps. It shows that the database on the server is as simple as PokémonGO. You can also see the upcoming launch behind the line and follow the current situation.

6 Best PokeHuntr Alternatives Instead of PokémonGo 2024

1. PokeVision

PokeVision offers the same entertainment and gameplay as other gaming platforms on a new site similar to “PokeHuntr“. It is the best guided Pokemon games website and provides you with the real-time location of Pokemon and the time it takes to find them. Overall, this is the best alternative site.

Search for all nearby Pokémon (or the selected destination location) in real-time for “Pokemon Go” and nearby Pokémon will be displayed on the map with the Advent stopwatch. To show on the map in real-time; that means you can go out and capture if it gets displayed on the map! Note: Rare Pokémon may appear and disappear for a short time.

2. PokeWhere

PokeWhere is one of the most similar websites that looks like PokeHuntr and is free. The main task of the application is to show the real-time location of the Pokémon near this area. One of the simplest apps to find Pokemon. With this app, you can find Pokemon anytime and anywhere.

3. Pokecrew

One of the best apps similar to PokeHuntr is an antivirus app for Pokemon lovers. Help you find Pokemon and display its distance in real-time. Pokecrew is a new feature, a simple user interface, a completely free application accessible worldwide. Nearby Pokemon displays an icon on the map with a distance counter.

Pokecrew-Map forPokémonGO is a free “System Maintenance” software application and belongs to the “System Utilities” category. This application is currently available in English, and the last update is 07/21/2016. This program can also get installed on iOS.

The file size for the Pokecrew-PokémonGO card (version 1.1.5) is 9.02 MB and can get downloaded from our website.

4. PokiiMap

In addition to PokeHuntr, there are many new options for setting the time and place. Find and guide PokiiMap Pokemon if there is an enemy nearby. This website had designed for Pokemon enthusiasts who find Pokemon around the world.

PokiiMap is PokeVision on Android. It is an application that allows you to place PokeiMap on the map because it is essential to capture them all. PokiiMap is a third-party PokemonGO client that has nothing to do with age humor.

The average rating of our site is 0.0 out of 5, But according to the evaluation platform, the score of the use is 4.2 out of 5 If you need a free application in the “Tools” category of your device. Still, you need Android 4.1 or higher to install this application. You can put PokiiMap reviews on our website, allowing users to get a good idea of the app. Seventy-seven thousand five hundred eight users made this assessment and their average of 4.2 points. Seven thousand twenty-four users have 1 star, 49,369 users have five stars. The minimum download from the Web is 5,000,000 and sometimes reaches 10,000,000.

5. PokeMesh

PokeMesh is another Pokemon Go viewing application similar to “PokeHuntr” for finding Pokemon around the world. This application had used to determine the location of Pokemon that you are looking for in your area. I need it, but it’s efficient. There is also a warning if a Pokemon had found nearby. In addition to finding Pokémon in the area, you can enter the desired Pokémon search term.

6. PokeFinder

Pokemon Go was an ordering app to find Pokemon very easily using the PokeFinder app. PokeHuntr is one of the best alternatives and offers many new features and tools to double the user experience. With the fewest local users, thanks to the transmission and appearance, we can support even if the region tracks the exact location in real-time.


Here we offer six best choices for PokeHuntr to provide the same gaming experience as any other app. All “PokeHuntr” options are available in this site is not working correctly or if you have any technical problems above. If you have suggestions for this article, let us know in the comments section below.

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