Mobile Marketing : The Best Ways to Promote a Mobile App

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To create an application that presents your brand is not enough. You need to attract the attention of potential customers, so even before the launch, a revision of the marketing strategy is required. Today we will tell 9 non-standard ways of application promotion, which you might not know.

What benefits will mobile software bring?

Applications help make money and/or attract new customers. You can create a completely free product for your business. If you want to make a profit, release an application with advertising or a freemium product, in which certain functions will be paid. You can also develop an application or game that you can only buy.

You have several ways to make money using the application:

1. Improve customer service and increase sales

The software will help you keep in touch with customers, inform them and encourage them. Organize a bonus program for restaurants and shops, help customers spend the least time on online ordering food, things, transport, tickets. Report on promotions and product upgrades or services.

2. Promote business through the game

Agree, this is an unusual way, but effective. Everyone will be pleased to earn bonuses and discounts with excitement and effortlessly. The main thing is to rely on the needs of your audience. And then your brand will be recognized.

3. Create your own application or game

If you are only planning to start your online business, pay attention to mobile software. This is a promising niche with high competition and huge opportunities. Identify potential customer problems and select those that are not yet resolved using applications.

But you have to understand that the higher the program in the search results, the more people will know about it.

Want to get hundreds of new customers or make millions using the application? Make sure that the product is in the TOP stores. And for this you should:

1. Track Application Market Indicators

Even if you did not encounter this market before creating your own application, the analytical component of the process is not much different from the analysis of other marketing activities. However, knowing the right metrics for your app is important.

Among them is the inclusion of the rating of the app store, the average duration of the user session, the influx of new users and their loyalty, the cost of downloading. Depending on the type of product, some metrics will be more important than others. For example, for a game app, session duration and frequency are two key metrics.

2. Pre-marketing before the release

Mobile application market strategies may vary for different niches, but they should always include a reliable advertising campaign before launch. That is, your marketing efforts need to start long before the actual availability of the product. According to some data, the launch of advertising is advisable to start with the start of development – let people talk about your concept, maybe their advice will be useful.

3. Launch landing page for advertising

One way to effectively promote your mobile application is to cross-promote it through different channels in which your brand is already present. Most likely, it will be useful to create a small landing page that represents all your unique offers and motivation, why the application should be downloaded. The same landing page can be promoted with the help of SEO-methods, and get traffic, which will eventually grow into the number of downloads.

4. Cross-promotion through various advertising channels

You can also promote your app across multiple ad channels. You can encourage users to download the app by promising bonuses in your store (if you’re an e-Commerce user). Social media pages should regularly mention the new product and its benefits to customers.

5. Partnership with experts in the field of creating mobile applications

You may have complete confidence in the experience of your own team, but a fresh look never hurts, and partnership with experts in creating and promoting mobile applications is even more so.

6. Creating a positive user experience

What can attract your target audience to the application and turn visitors into users? One of the main factors is an attractive and convenient interface. In the development process, you need to especially focus on usability in order to create a positive user experience. With millions of applications on the market, it will not be easy to stand out, but perhaps it is UX-design that will become your unique offer.

7. Comparison of promotions with events in your business niche

Occurring major events in your business niche have a great influence on the target audience. If your strategy is intertwined with these events and some marketing activities can be timed to coincide with them, there is a chance to get a little more publicity.

8. SEO traffic and paid impressions

Paid ads help to increase the visibility of the application, make it visible and recognizable to all users, but you shouldn’t focus only on this item. Marketing efforts should also be directed at the SEO activity in order to attract the target audience and stay at the top.

9. Search for opinion leaders

Today, in the age of development of social networks, in almost every field one can find a leader of opinions. The recall of a person who has a certain authority with the audience can completely “make” the fate of the application, or break at the root everything that has been started.

The most sensible way is to negotiate to advertise with several authorities – it could be bloggers with an audience of about 100,000 subscribers. Such a solution can become more productive than advertising a million-plus blogger both in price and in return.

We told you about 9 ways to promote your mobile product, which will help to achieve success. Promotion is good to carry out, having at least a small budget, as these methods bring quick results. However, free methods are also effective but require more time to implement.

Author Bio: Iren is an editor of Iren writes reviews on various mobile applications, as well as everything related to gadgets and marketing.

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