Managed VPS or unmanaged VPS, which is suitable for Indian start-ups

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Before going into the details, first, let’s try to know what a VPS can do.

When you are all set up to start a new project, and you don’t know your requirements. This is the time when you need a VPS. An entry-level VPS server is powerful enough that can match the needs of your start-up and is perfect for development.

Later on, you can upgrade to different plans available depending on the need. VPS is the right choice if you are starting a new business, but you have to finessed out what is the best one for your business, i.e. either unmanaged or managed server.

Several reasons can make VPS a better option to use. It gives flexibility, scalability, and ease to use. Also, it costs a decent amount compared to dedicated servers. It is essential to have a clear idea of your business requirements before deciding on the plan or else you will end up with something that is not a perfect fit.

After figuring out your resource demands, now you must determine how much control is needed for your VPS hosting so that you can decide between unmanaged or managed VPS plans.

What is Unmanaged VPS?

Unmanaged VPS
Unmanaged VPS

With an unmanaged VPS server, you will be responsible for everything, i.e. the host will only keep the network connection and the VPS up and running, and you have to take care of the entire technical part of the server. If you have a decent IT department available, then an unmanaged VPS plan can be the best option for you as you know how to manage all the software things for the server.

However, with unmanaged VPS, you will be left to be in charge of your server be it from software installation, system updates, upgrading the operating system, cybersecurity updates, and any potential issues.

What is Managed VPS?

Managed VPS
Managed VPS

A Managed VPS server will give you most of a hands-off approach. Here, the host will take care of all the technical things of the server such as software installation, server configuration, security, patches and updates, and general troubleshooting making it an ideal choice if you are not technically strong. Although, these services vary from host to host.

The hosting company is the sole responsible for upgrading the system whenever needed and solving the problems that make come in way. The only difference between these two VPS servers is that you have to fix the issues yourself if your website is hosted on an unmanaged VPS. The host will take the responsibility of solving all the problems if you have the other type, i.e. managed VPS

Let us see some of the benefits you can get from managed and unmanaged individually

Unmanaged VPS

You will get very minimal support with the unmanaged VPS. You have to deal with, maintain the server, take up the system administration, software installation, configuration, etc. The server may come with pre-installed OS and users can manage it with the help of remote desktop connection. The primary advantage of unmanaged over managed VPS is that it costs you less and you can troubleshoot the server problems if you are a Pro. You must be a techie with sound knowledge of the server management system to control managed VPS.

Managed VPS

In a managed VPS, the hosting company will be responsible for the VPS server maintenance, configuration, updates, security, etc. the point is you can sit back and relax or not waste your time in these rather this can help you develop your business, and focusing more on its growth.

The difference between unmanaged and managed is the cost, i.e. managed VPS costs you more, but you will be getting full technical assistance from the hosting provider giving you a boost and confidence to lead your project running successfully till the end. From website security to software upgrades everything will be done by the vendor as the IT infrastructure management is outsourced in managed VPS. You need to place a request for server customization or else it becomes tough to resolve issues.

Managed VPS VS Unmanaged VPS

Managed VPS VS Unmanaged VPS

Managed VPS or unmanaged? Which one is better to choose?

Frankly speaking, when you compare plans of both the VPS having the same allocated resources, the price of unmanaged VPS hosting is less than managed VPS hosting. The reason why unmanaged VPS charge less is that you will get less assistance on the unmanaged server. If you have good knowledge of VPS hosting and there is enough time to manage the server, you can choose an unmanaged VPS. Otherwise, you should get a managed VPS.

Some of the tech issues you may need to know if you choose unmanaged VPS include VPS security, LAMP server configuration (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), software update and patching, DNS configuration, SSL certificates creation, control panel setup, server backup, website setup, etc.

How to Choose Between Managed & Unmanaged

You have to look at several factors when deciding between a managed and unmanaged VPS. One thing is clear if you go for managed hosting you need to pay more than what you have to remit for unmanaged hosting. But nowadays there is a drastic change in the price gap between these two plans. You also have to factor in the time scenario, i.e. if you are spending a lot of time working on your server, will your company lose money? Will it be worth it to go with a managed VPS plan simply? These are questions you have to ask yourself before investing in the server.

Managed servers have better security than unmanaged servers because the hosting service provider is responsible for making sure that your site is secure and up and running 24/7. But then, an unmanaged VPS has the advantage of a higher level of control than managed servers, but most of them do not notice the difference. Even though the managed hosting will let you shell out more money, you don’t need to worry much as the server saves your time. The vendor will take care of the server maintenance and offers the best security to protect the important data


When it’s a new project that you are building or working on, which is your start-up, it is your go-to to choose whether a managed or unmanaged VPS. Both plans equally have their benefits based on the cost that is being assigned by the service provider.

If you are a good techie and can handle any server problems on your own, then unmanaged VPS is the best option. And if you are not so good with the technical part of the server then managed VPS is the go-to option since you don’t have to waste time fixing the problems raised instead you can use it fruitfully for the development of the project.

The most important aspect is that you need to be very careful before investing in a VPS server, i.e. choosing the best service provider depends upon the budget that you are willing to spend and how much effort you need to put to manage the server.

Check on the reviews and ratings of all the top hosting providers available in the market. Compare with the price that is offered and invest in the best. Almost all hosting companies in India offer both of these plans at a pretty decent price. If you want to save money and time, managed VPS hosting is the best option.

Unmanaged hosting works well only for small businesses those who are running on a tight budget and want to run a website without the need for technical support. By now you know the difference between managed and unmanaged VPS is, it is up to you to choose the best server that benefits your business.

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