How To Make Money on Instagram in 2024 Without 10K Followers

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Making money on Instagram can be considered a subtle challenge when the user does not possess a minimum of 10,000 followers already. But, on the other hand, Instagram has more than one billion monthly users who are seeking out innovative minds and counting on them that what they have to offer.

The next phase of the article describes in a detailed fashion the procedures by which one user can be able to make money online without 10K or 10000 followers.

Make Money on Instagram without 10K followers

With the followership of below 10,000 followers, the user generally has lesser tools available for helping them to monetize and make money but still there remain several things to get started. Exploring them would be a mind-blowing idea. Let us see how we can use the best of them.

Making money from sponsored posts on Instagram

This is a very common and genuine Make money online channel for individual influencers and inspirers. Usually, here, a brand provides a payment to the user for creating an advertising piece of content for them in the formation of posts or stories.

The basic requirement for this is a strong presence, motivation amongst the followers along with trust, and engagement. That is why becoming specific to the genre and making an association as well as a partnership with the brands that you prefer working with is the primary key point.

Suppose as an example, you are advertising antivirus software but the account you are using is all about making creative content, the posts won’t receive much engagement and inspiration. Naturally, the sponsored brand will not receive any type of returns from their investment and they will lose trust and reputation gradually with the market.

Generally, the connective content can help in making better engagement.

Now, if the user has created a strong online presence along with a better partnership as well as a relationship with his or her followers, then it becomes easy for the brands to sponsor them. Generally, the brands or the small organizations who are keen on opening influencer marketing will reach out to personal accounts with smaller follower numbers.

Cinnamon And Coriander have over 600 posts of recipes that she created by herself only. She doesn’t have 10K followers but her long captions about her cooking made it quite an engagement around the walls of Instagram.

There are many comments on her wall and the quality, engagement, and enthusiasm portrayed on her wall appeal to many sponsors for promoting them in their space.

Making money from sponsored posts on Instagram

Making money on Instagram by the promotion of user’s very own e-commerce products

Having possession of an e-commerce store then opening an Instagram account can be considered as the best way to create more awareness and hump about the product that the user is about to sell and promote.

People can exhibit their products with many attractive pictures on Instagram page. With the absence of a proper model the user can still showcase the product, in other cases, a nice background can keep the product standing out.

The prior thing is the utilization of a good camera where the user won’t have to worry twice about the quality of the photos, images, and stories by its’ well-nourished quality.

The user can also show sales as well as flash sales in the bio of the photograph along with advertising new items.

Story generation is also a great way of creating engagement. Many different stickers can be added on. The small made gestures like ‘link in bio’ or ‘tap here’ will bring users smoothly to your content and alongshore the users will visit the user’s profile and henceforth click on their website link.

The excess duties which fall on the user are to market the business well and build a strong partnership and relationship with the brand.

As an example, it can be shown that Hamaka Hyperlight is an e-commerce store that promotes its hammocks on Instagram and it can be found in the shop section of the application.

ecommerce products

Making Money on Instagram by Dropshipping Products

This process is similar to eCommerce where the user can make money by promoting the products that they dropship. Here you do not need to hold an inventory.

While the customer places an order, the supplier generally ships the product directly to the customer’s door. Storing, packing, and delivering along with the intermediary processes are taken care of instantly.

Due to this flexibility maximum drop, shippers prefer to advertise on Instagram for two reasons, firstly the reach is broader and there remains a lesser risk in experimentation. As it provides the user with a free opportunity, that is why the user is never wasting the start-up capital.

With a cap of 10,000 followers, it is very much possible to make money from Instagram through dropshipping and build your online savings account as an influencer.

As an example, it can be portrayed that Treasure Fan is an online dropshipping store that usually sells all types of jewelry. They utilize Instagram as one sort of marketing channel for making out the promotion of their product. The instance can be henceforth exhibited by the following image.

Dropshipping Products

Making money on Instagram by the mode of selling the user’s own product

Many creators promote their products extensively on Instagram through a small website to display the products and accordingly receive payment. Those products can be of many forms like fitness guides, travel books, bracelets, etc.

Selling products is also applicable by tagging the products through an image. This type of product gives the user access to the details and they are provided with a link where they can purchase the product.

If you are an iPhone user, you can simply Download Instagram photos and videos to iPhone, and then you can set up a business account from that same iPhone and respectively connect that with a Facebook page and comply with the merchant agreement. In this way, you are free to sell physical products.

As an example, it can be said that Snafu Designs create pieces of jewelry and utilize Instagram as a shopping channel and they obtain all the shipping details.

own product


Except for the above mentioned, any user can also make money on Instagram through the mode of becoming an affiliate and selling their services, without having 10K followers.

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