Top 5 Must-Have Link Building Tools for SEO in 2019

High-quality inbound links form an essential component of search engine optimization and website marketing programs that increase online sales and traffic.

A website that has a higher number of authoritative and relevant links has a more significant potential for qualified traffic and more top search engine ranking.

One of the best SEO strategies is to track links to your website pages and those of your competitors. The good thing is that the market has a long list of both free and paid tools that will give you a comprehensive look at the current position of your website.

Here are some of the link building tools for SEO that you should not fail to have in the modern-day.

Top 5 Link Building Tools for SEO in 2019

1. Raven SEO Tools

Raven SEO Tools

Raven is a suite of SEO tools that comprises of a Link Manager that enables you to manage your contacts, link status, and tasks that are related to each link with a lot of ease.

This tool will alert you automatically if any changes have occurred on an active link. For instance, if there was an addition of the no-follow attribute, change in the anchor text, change in the PageRank, or if the link has been removed.

It also has the functionality for team link building management and the ability to export, import in the CSV format and also generate online reports.

2. Majestic-SEO

Majestic SEO Tools

Majestic SEO allows users to track the link info for all domains. You can do it for your website and that of your competitors. The user can access many redirects, No-Follow links, images, referring domains, links, pages, and subdomains.

The users can get more detailed reports including unique links together with the anchor texts once they verify the ownership or a particular domain. The service for your website will be free upon registration. You can buy credits and get similar info for competitors’ site.

3. SoloSEO Link Building Tools

SoloSEO Link Building Tools

SoloSEOtool is a collection of SEO campaign implementation and management tools that include ‘Link Build it’ and ‘Links Manager’ modules for tracking and building of inbound links to the website.

The Link Manager Module will assist you in discovering links, assessing the quality and strength, and tracking progress. It also entails automatic notification if there is a deletion of a link and ongoing link detection. On the other hand, Link Build it refers to a bookmarklet which shows PageRank, Alexa rank, and Backlink Count for your site.

4. SEOmoz Linkscape

SEOmoz Linkscape

SEOmoz tool offers both advanced and basic versions to users. The basic search will help you in determining the number of inbound links for a page and how many domains are linking to that page.

It will also give you the page ranking depending on the quality and number of inbound links and the overall ranking of the domain. The full version will allow you to judge the quantity and quality of links to your web pages and that of competing sites.

You can compare several domains and links against that of your competitors. You can also view the keywords that the competing sites are targeting and tell their most powerful links.

5. BuzStream Link Building

BuzStream Link Building

The primary focus of Buzz Stream is to provide tools that assist in automating redundant tasks in building relationships. It is a link building CRM that comes with online PR and SEO applications.

These include finding contact information, tracking Twitter and Email, management of Link prospects, monitoring backlinks for banned words, outbound links, no-follows, and anchor text, tracking conversation rate and activities, and delegating split prospecting, contacts from outreach. It is one of the most robust link management, relationship management, and link detection tool.

These are the top link building tools for SEO that you cannot afford to miss in your campaigns. Get them, and you can be sure that it will never be the same again.

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