What Is the Right Link Building Strategy In 2019?

We know link building has a crucial role to play in the SEO of any website or blog. Without quality links, the search engine performance of a website will get hugely affected.

And if a search engine does not respond well to your site, will not then all the purpose of being online lost? Plus, a business must have a right link building strategy in place so that it can achieve its intended goals even without inviting the wrath of search engines.

However, trying the same old methods won’t always fetch good results and this also applies to link building.

Here are some link building strategies worth trying in 2019

1. Know your competitors first

A good link building strategy is all about being aware of the competition at hand. Which means, you should be known whom you are competing with so that you can take the challenge and strategize accordingly.

You can use Backlink Analytics tools and check those with a similar backlink profile as yours. You can also check the number of referring domains linking back to your competitors and get to know all the domains linking back to you and your competitor’s site.

2. Analyse the competition

Unless you analyse the competition, you can’t do much with link building. You must know the traffic level your competitors get every month, know the sources of the traffic and know the extent of referral traffic. You can analyse hyperlinks of the sites sending traffic to your rivals in the domain.

A good strategy is also to analyse rivals’ link building tactics, see their link partnership, their follow and nofollow links and so on. All the information can help you focus better with your link building strategy and achieve desired results.

3. Know the backlink gap in your profile

The next thing you should do is to compare backlink profiles of rivals with yours. The Backlink Gap tool can help a lot in this regard as it helps you compare your link portfolio to those of rivals.

This is how you can find new backlink prospects for your site. You can check all those referring domains that send backlinks to your five nearest rivals. You can then easily find a list of domains sending backlinks to rivals but not you.

You can also check quality backlink sources that link back to competitors and then keep them building.

4. Maintain your backlink profile

It’s good to spot new link building opportunities but all along you must also look to avoid the site from sanctions and penalties search engines levy for being unethical and using restricted ways for link building.

You can utilize the backlink audit tool and identify bad backlinks and check the toxic score. You can also know all your dangerous links and their potential of harm to the site. You must remove those backlinks whose chances of harming your website are great.

5. Select user intent keyword

If you plan to build quality backlinks, it’s better to first develop a keyword. The focus should be on developing keywords with the potential to garner the attention of the audience.

You can use those keywords forever in circulation by taking help from Google. You must also give focus to specific long tails keywords as they perform better across search engines. With these keywords, you can easily know the search’s intent and cater the audience well.

6. Quality Content

Content can be used to create quality links. Businesses use this effective method all the domain to generate quality links. The only thing is there to be done is to promote and market the content as it will help build the backlinks.

If the content is engaging, informational and value-driven, it will definitely help generate great traffic. Plus, you can rank the content higher in search engines to enhance the visibility of your products and services easily.

7. Guest posting

Guest posting should always be a key part of your link building strategy. You can leverage its potential this year as well and get quality links for the site. You can consult a top digital marketing agency and get it written guest posts for submission in a niche segment. This will help drive traffic to your site easily.

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