Landing Page Optimization: 8 Tricks to Boost Website Conversions

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There are several aspects of online marketing, especially in this era of digitalization it has become a digital competition. And we can say, it is quite a tough task to rank over the internet.

Marketing campaigns like SEO, Google Adwords, social media, and email are just a few primaries that drive visitors to websites. Every market campaign has its own value. But still, these are not enough to stand in the market and drive multiple customers to a website to earn revenue. Many of us fail to do it professionally for own website. For hosting and assistance of expert SEO and other marketing campaigns, you can visit SEO services.

Are we missing out something in this discussion?

Yes! We are. It is about landing pages.

Now the question is, why landing pages? It is because landing pages are the common milestone of successful customer conversion. The objective of an effective and dynamic landing page is to grab the attention of the visitors and allure them towards conversion. The whole process is known as Landing Page Optimization or LPO. Still, confused?

Let us get into the depth of Landing page optimization and learn some tips to increase conversions of visitors.

Understanding Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

What exactly is Landing Page Optimization? Landing page optimization is all about putting the right elements on your website to get a higher conversion rate. It is observed that landing pages have an average conversion rate of 5-15% to convert visitors into leads. LPO is one of the best techniques to increase the performance of your website through PPC campaigns and ROI.

Also, LPO involves the methods of A/B testing which improves the rating of the landing page.

A landing page is also referred to as ‘Lead-Capture Page’.


The main purpose of a lead-capture page or landing page is to generate sales. These pages are often the destinations of the customers when they click on the links using a web form Call – to – Action or Pay per click.

Landing pages are mainly highly traffic driven pages, especially for B2B marketing. Improvising and regular integration of such a page will definitely lead to a great business. Also optimizing the landing pages will definitely ensure you keep converting the one-time visitors into a lead which will bring huge profit to your business.

Barriers impacting conversion…

There are many difficulties when we start our business online. When we researched some of the online businesses and their tactics we found that they face a lot of difficulties. The 3 most common barriers and queries which we have come up with the landing page optimization are listed below:

  1. Getting clicked, but lagging behind conversion. Why so?
  2. Do you know the best way to enhance the performance of the landing page?
  3. What is going to make my visitors convert by landing page optimization?

Don’t worry! Here in the upcoming section of this blog, we are going to list out some interesting tips which will solve all your problems. We promise you, after reading the next content you will be able to produce more visitors and it will help you with the conversion too.

8 tips to get your visitors converted via LPO

The solution to every issue related to the conversion of visitors can be solved by properly managing Landing Page Optimization. The major 8 tips which can be followed to improve the Landing Page Optimization are listed below.

Conversion Rate

Tidy Template Designing

Suppose you have a small online business of outfits. You kept an attractive title on the top of the website. Now for the new visitors, it is very important to reach out to you. Mention your address, contact number, and timings at the footer of your landing page always. But make sure all the information is visible to the audience.

The design of the landing page should not look clumsy. The UI should be bright and dynamic but not over contrast that it hides the important information.

Redirect Your Target Audience to Landing Page

If you have new products and services, you can market it in such a way that the created press releases will be redirected to your landing page.

Gain Trust and Consistency

It is very important to win the trust of the visitors so that they become our regular customers. This includes creating an appropriate logo and adding it to the page. Also if required you can quote some slogan or tagline to represent the potential of your company. Try to create social media pages, as it will let you know the demographics of the website easily, and gain more faith of customers over your brand.

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Improve the Content of your Landing Page

Content plays a very important part of any website. With various web pages, we create different content. Thus a landing page should always have a catchy context. Always remember, the content of the landing page must have an appropriate heading and with the updated body of content.

Create a user-friendly Landing Page

The webpage of any website should not be very complex. Make sure that menus and tabs should be simple. The landing page must have an easy UI and UX.

For example, if you are selling IT products and services on your website the user interface should include proper HTML pages and CSS designs. Design the website layout in such a way that it synchronizes with the company logo. This way people will be able to relate to your brand logo. In order to do this use CSS designs, and get contrasting backgrounds, colors, and fonts on your website.

If you have an eCommerce business while designing the checkout process, include minimum steps and menus. Always ensure that the entire checkout process looks decluttered. This way you can provide optimal UX to your customers. Ultimately, this will result in more leads and profitable business.

Enhance the Performance of the Page

When you create a website it should have a good performance in loading the web pages. The faster the loading of the pages, the better the user experience will be there. Ultimately the bouncing rates will also get decreased.

If your landing page doesn’t redirect faster, the customers will go to your competitor’s website.

Now you might be thinking about how to improve the performance of your website. While creating your website the first thing you should do is choose the best programming language. Also, the server scripting language is one of the primary requirements which will allow your code to synchronize without any issue, so select it wisely. Avoid using complex tools, because it will reduce the speed of your webpage.

Restrict the Number of actions

Every website has a Call-to-action section on the landing page. Avoid using too many links, buttons, etc on the same page. Also, the CTA button should be relevant to the landing page.

For example, do not include multiple sign-up buttons on the landing page of your website of IT services.

Bang – in some Offers

The audience always looks for some profit before getting into any website. If you have some new products and you want your visitors to buy them, try to put that product in offers for some days.

Suppose, you are a manufacturer of ABC products and you want to resell your product online. Introduce some online sales and offer them to buy that product when they reach your landing page of the website. In this way, your product will also get sold out and you will get your visitors converted into permanent customers too.

Revise the solutions….

Landing page optimization is a subset of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). In short, we can say that if we look after the A/B testing of our website, we can easily convert our visitors to regular customers.

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