How to Start a WordPress Blog on SiteGround (A Complete Guide)

Hey Bloggers!! I have found an amazing site to start a WordPress blog. It is nothing but Site Ground. On this site, you can easily host WordPress by using the various plans.

Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing the blog that is amazing for your readers.

For most of the people blogging is a passion. I know that you will think setting up a blog or a website is very complicated as you are not very techie. So are you thinking to hire a developer and pay him $2000?? No, Please!! Go through the below modules where you can find the complete process to start a WordPress blog on siteground.

Feeders! You are about to save a lot of money by DIYing it and I am here to help you in all the ways!!

Why Choose SiteGround WordPress Hosting?

Siteground has engineered hosting specially for the WordPress. SiteGround’s SuperCacher makes your site to load fast, they auto updates keep your sites backed up and also to keep your plugins up-to-date. They are active in the WordPress community and WordCamps in general. Some of the major benefits to choose SiteGround are:

  • High-Level Customer Support.
  • Supports lots of WordPress features.
  • It provides budget hosting for beginners.
  • It is recommended by WordPress.

Steps to Start a WordPress Blog On SiteGround

1. Find a blogging niche

First of all, to start Blogging you must need a Niche which specifies your Blog Category and helps the audience to comprehend the Aim of your Blog. Some of the examples of Blog Niche are as follows.

  • Fitness or Beauty Tips Blog.
  • Travel or Food Blog.
  • Blogging for yourself.
  • Fashion or Lifestyle Blog.
  • Finance orMake Money Blog.

2. Choose a Hosting Plan

SiteGround hosting plans

Before you build your awesome house, you must buy a plot of land for it. In the same way, to start a website, you must choose the best hosting plan.

Check the site and select for the best hosting plan where you can find all the features of each plan. If you are an initiator, then you can choose the most basic and the cost-effective plan which is “Startup”.

If you select “Startup” you can only host one blog on SiteGround Account, if you need to host more than one blog, then go for “GrowBig” where you can host unlimited blogs. Remember you can always update your plan as you grow.

Before buying a hosting plan, check for the WordPress Hosting Offers and save your money. I have found the best site “Curated Deals” where you can get the coupons to host the WordPress on Site Ground.

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3. Choose a Domain Name

Choose SiteGround Domain Name

Once, you complete picking up a plan, it is the time to register a domain name. How do you get a domain name? You can get it from for $15.95/year. To start a blog with SiteGround, you must definitely choose the domain name which will be the digital address of your blog and also you can make the title of your blog.

4. Configure your SiteGround Account Info

You need to enter some Personal Information in this step and create a SiteGround Account Login Credentials. Include the information like Email, Password, Name, Address, Mobile Number, Country etc. For the payment SiteGround Hosting accepts cards like – Visa, American Express, Master Card

5. Choose your Initial Plan and Extras

SiteGround Extra Services

Initially, you need to pre-pay for SiteGround’s hosting services and can lock in the same rate up to 3 years. Honestly, this is the amazing option which most of the hosting services do not offer. In addition of choosing the length of the initial contract and also can choose any extras, such as Domain Privacy for $12 or SG Site Scanner for $19.80 per year.

Domain Privacy will ensure that your personal information like phone number and address do not show up when the people look at domain information.

6. Boom! Account is now Created

Once the final bill payment is done, your account will be created. Now the account creation is completed, you have to proceed to set up with WordPress.

7. Begin the SiteGround Account Setup Wizard

It takes a few minutes using SiteGround Account Setup Wizard because SiteGround actually prompts to install and set up a new WordPress blog immediately. To get started, choose the “start a new website” option and click on the Proceed button.

8. Website Preferences

In the website preferences, you need to indicate the blog type you are setting up as well as the platform you would like to use.

9. WordPress Log In Details

Create the WordPress logins, so that you can use it easily and also you can prevent it from the hackers. As you chose WordPress on the last screen, SiteGround Setup Wizard will go and install that on the server, before that itself you need to create the log-in information.

10. Choose a Web Design Template

SiteGround provides you the option of selecting the free web design template which installs at the time of WordPress server installation.

It is very easy to change the templates because there are thousands of free templates available. But you can get only one of the standard theme when you set up a new site.

11. Access your new website and start Blogging

SiteGrounds easy to use interface makes it very easy where you don’t need the help of a techie. Doing it yourself is very easy and basically fool-proof. As you have completed the process of starting a word press blog, now you can access your website, write the articles and enjoy blogging!


With the experience of working with a few hosting companies, I honestly believe that SiteGround is one of the best WordPress hosting company which I have encountered. I recommend all the new bloggers if they want to start a WordPress blog for the low cost.

It is also reliable with good customer service. I think SiteGround is the best WordPress host for all the new bloggers.


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