How to Send a Fax from Mac (Step by Step Guide)

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Communication through fax is still in fashion; a countless number of peoples makes use of fax apps in their daily life. From small businesses to larger companies, everyone takes advantage of fax apps for sending and collecting their files.

No matter how many pages you need to transfer, faxing through Mac will make your work effortless. Any business demands quickly sending invoices, signing and returning contracts, the safety of their documents, and protection of the signatures, and sending fax through Mac with the help of fax software and apps is the only package where anyone can get all the above elements.

Mac has plenty of fax apps to help you with this, but eFax takes the top priority. So, let’s discuss why the eFax app is a great choice and how to send a fax through Mac using the eFax software and app.

Why eFax

If you do not have a built-in phone line on your Mac, this software is perfect for you. Apart from this, the Key advantages of eFax software are as below:

Key features of eFax

  • Quick document uploading facility
  • Manageable steps that anyone can follow
  • Document’s safety
  • The flexibility of time and place
  • Offer toll-free and local fax number

eFax is a useful fax app for Mac. No matter which place you are or which type of Mac you have, below are straightforward and understanding steps that everyone can follow to send their documents through eFax software. So, continue your reading to learn the steps.

How to send a fax from Mac using eFax App?

Sending a fax from eFax is the best option because we don’t require fax machines here. The simple thing we have to do is log in to the eFax account, and then we can send or receive any document.

  • Step 1: Search eFax on the Mac browser; after that, complete your login activities by providing the eFax number and password. If you are new at eFax, then click on Sign Up and fill in the personal details to create an account on eFax.
  • Step 2: After completing the login, we have to choose the option of “Send Faxes.”
  • Step 3: A screen will pop up to select the recipient from the contacts. The other thing we can do here is filling the column of the recipient’s name and company.
  • Step 4: On the same screen, there is an option of selecting Fax-to Country. Here we have to choose the location of the recipient.
  • Step 5: On the same screen, moving further, we can also enter the recipient’s fax number (if not in your contact list).
  • Step 6: You will see the choice of including the cover page, choose that option, and write a subject and body.
  • Step 7: For your document’s attachment, click on choose file, select the paper, and select OK.
  • Step 8: The last step is: Choose the quality list and select the resolution, and that’s perfect; it’s done.

All the steps are the same for MacBook and any Mac. The only requirement is that you need an internet connection and that’s sufficient. Apart from this online fax service software, we can transfer your documents by taking advantage of some Built-In Hardware apps for Mac. And the method is the same as above, but, firstly, we have to plug the phone line into your Mac.


This is the whole process and information that one must know before starting the use of the fax software on a Mac. Transferring documents from Mac will save your time and give you an easier way to get your fax-related work done smoothly.

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