7 Great Differences between Strong and Shaky Content Marketers

In the world of content marketing, there are really just two types of marketers: the aggressive and the scared ones. Their differences are so extreme that they can actually become the difference between a successful or a failed content marketing strategy.

In this article, we will discuss the main differences between these two types of marketers. If you are a content marketer, then evaluating yourself according to the points that we will mention here is critical. You will get to place yourself in the scale and then think of ways on how you can improve yourself and your craft.

#1 – Commitment

Differences between Strong and Shaky Content Marketers

First of all, the success of a content marketing strategy is not solely based on the marketer’s personality itself. A big part of it is actually the commitment that the marketer and the entire organization allocate to content marketing.

Obviously, the more committed and passionate an organization is with content marketing, the higher the chances it would have in succeeding. The bottom line is that a successful marketer will do whatever it takes to get the strategy running. A shaky marketer, on the other hand, will exert little to no effort in trying to innovate their methods.

#2 – Documentation

Believe it or not, it actually pays to document your content marketing strategies. Studies show that those who detail their strategy on paper experience more positive results than those who just rely on their memories or their side notes.

This is actually correlated to the first point which is commitment. If a company is passionate about content marketing, they will create a very detailed document about the strategies they want to implement, the tools they will need, a schedule, and a lot more.
On the other hand, there really is no logic behind marketers not documenting their strategy. This is essentially walking on eggshells and traditional marketing would have actually been better than a half-baked content marketing strategy.

#3 – Budget


While a big part of content marketing can be done by using free tools, it is still undoubtedly a better idea to invest in premium tools that can help you yield results. A strong marketer will have all the budgeting at bay. This is where the documented strategy comes into play.

When the organization has an idea or an overview of the strategies and methods involved in the whole plan, they can properly discuss and allocate the right amount of budget to invest in it.

On the other side of the coin, a weak marketer would often think that there really is no connection between spending money and succeeding in content marketing. This is actually a false belief and people should be educated otherwise.

#4 – Expectations

Considering all the factors we have presented so far, this one is actually a result of the combination of those above. Expectations about the results a marketer can get from their content marketing strategy can only be realistic if they understand every single detail of the plan. They will know how to limit their expectations based on the gravity of the tasks involved in the plan.

A shaky marketer will not have expectations at all! They are just contented with the increase in likes or comments by increments. They think that these are the only metrics that matter. This is because they did not understand the whole strategy.

#5 – Time

Content marketing is not an easy job. It really is a trial-and-error process. And, if you want to succeed in content marketing, you should be able to spend time working on it. There is a lot of research that needs to be done and a string of tasks and methods that need to be accomplished one after the other. So, a successful marketer will set aside time for content marketing. Whereas a weak one will just say they will do it if they have free time.

#6 – Project Management

Project Management

Content marketing is much more than just writing content. There are a lot of assets that are involved in it and it becomes easy to just put everything in a clutter. If you want to be a successful marketer, you should be ready to manage the whole project or at least hire someone who has the best organization skills to do it for you.

#7 – Quality

Lastly, the biggest difference between a successful and a shaky content marketer is their focus. Weak content marketers tend to focus more on the quantity. They think that the more they post, the better they are performing. Or, the more likes they get, the more successful they are.

A successful marketer, on the other hand, does not really focus on the figures. Instead, they make sure that the content they publish actually helps their target audience. The engagements will just follow. What is more important is to cater to the audience and try to solve their problems.

Anyone can do content marketing. But, not everyone will be patient enough to do it for a long time. If you want to be a successful content marketer, consider improving yourself with the fundamental points we listed above.

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Ritu Sharma is an SEO specialist & Online Marketing Strategist with over 9 years of professional experience. She is currently working with PageTraffic, one of Asia’s most awarded & recognized Digital Search Marketing agencies. She has spearheaded many successful SEO campaigns for PageTraffic.

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