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If you don’t love to spend much time or have no desire to learn how to run a program, and you want to design your infographics and layouts for your business, DesignCap Infographic Maker makes it easy.

The DesignCap app helps you create infographics without graphic design skills from many pre-built templates.

It is a tool that you will not be able to stop using for all the visual content of your company, and you will even be able to share your content easily.

What is DesignCap?

What is DesignCap

DesignCap is an app to make infographics online easily. It is a simple software that can be used for free, both by experienced designers and beginners in the world of infographics.

With DesignCap, it is possible to create projects with the possibility of sharing the infographic, downloading it in different formats, and with the possibility of being able to add it to your web page through a simple, shareable link.

Apart from infographics, with the DesignCap app, it is possible to create and design all kinds of visual elements, presentations, charts, content for social networks, for example, making infographics for Instagram, and much more.

Just by registering, you have access to a large number of templates designed by expert designers, fully customizable with simple tools to add your special touch to each one of them.

It’s mainly a great option for content marketers looking to create visually engaging content at a meager price.

Advantages and benefits of DesignCap

Create a free infographic to download with many predefined templates, prepared to add all the information and content simply. Like any such tool, the DesignCap features without a learning curve. Log in to the DesignCap website and select the template that best suits your needs.

An essential factor is that it allows you to insert your brand’s logo to be accessible in all graphics you publish. You can leave everything ready, from your slogan, the font, and the corporate colors.

With DesignCap online, there are all advantages. You will be able to publish and share your creations on social networks, on your website, or on your personal blog, as well as the option of being able to download your content in image format or directly in PDF.

What are the types of infographics?

types of infographics

With DesignCap, you have free infographic templates to print with different designs, so you can choose the one you want at any time. Let’s see below the most memorable and different types it currently offers.

Statistical data infographics

Statistical data infographics are perfect for inserting all kinds of information that has to do with data and statistics, basically highlighting both the numbers and the text of the details.

Find the story behind the data and unleash your design imagination. Do not forget to contextualize all the content with headlines, slides, and contrasting colors to highlight each section.

A vast amount of data can be challenging to assimilate, and it is where these types of creations come in handy.

Informative infographics

The purpose of an informative infographic is the most used, and it is mainly made up of paragraphs of text. It is an option to consider if you want to communicate clearly and with a general description, a specific concept, or announce something efficiently.

It is usually divided into small blocks, each with a descriptive subtitle identifying it. Creativity also plays an important role here, giving free rein to add visual elements accompanying the text.

Infographics to processes

From a few simple steps to complex processes with different blocks based on essential sections that you want to highlight.

Infographics to processes are perfect for simplifying and summarizing with a description and fine details of a process, for example, brief instructions to follow and easy for anyone to understand.

The important thing is that the infographic is homogeneous, taking advantage of even the blank spaces to draw attention, including informative arrows to follow the order of the presentation instructions.

Geography infographics

Location-based data is the perfect place to add maps. Here it prevails to concentrate all the attention on the data you want to show and even buy with other regions.

Since most people are visual learners, these layouts make the reading process much simpler and more enjoyable, and you can even create your stickers with a label maker model.

Comparison infographics

The fundamental part of this type of design brings out its potential when comparing products, opinions, reviews, and even services.

Given the great multitude of options, showing them, and adding the different benefits, it is easier for the customer to make decisions.

Usually, and as a recommendation, this type of design is usually divided into two well-differentiated blocks with one of the alternatives on each side of the infographic, which significantly facilitates understanding and a global vision of the comparison.

Infographics for lists

Everyone likes and is attracted to information in the form of lists. You can always go one step further than the typical list with only text and give it a touch of color and a different structure.

You can number each point in the bulleted list, add icons, number them to make a visual separation of each of them. Change the color of the background or even add a graphic if necessary.

Educational infographics

These types of infographics focus on teaching something specific. They can be used in a hierarchical way to organize the content, for example, from less important to more important.

How to make infographics with DesignCap templates?

How to make infographics with DesignCap templates

Now that you know a little about the free infographics you have at your disposal on DesignCap, choose the one that suits you best and start customizing.

Add the title of the infographic

As you may have noticed, all the free infographics are divided into different categories. It is vital to add titles for these sections to improve readability.

Apart from the header, which the infographic will identify, one idea is to add small subtitles with the necessary spacing so that there is a homogeneous design.

Always remember to start from the main title and divide the content into different sections with different headings, all from blocks of text one below the other.

It is advisable to have all the content planned, so it will be easier for you to add the headers, the subtitles, and any element to divide the different sections of the infographic.

Use data and statistics

Using graphics in infographics makes it easier to read and understand the information on the topic of the topic you want to present.

You have at your disposal a series of data-driven templates with graphs of all kinds that you can use, pie charts in the form of bubbles, and informative bars.

Clever use of icons

Icons are always a resource as a starting point for any paragraph to draw attention to the main information. The icons explain at a glance the general idea of each section.

Customize the template

After adding the texts, the necessary graphics, and the icons to structure the infographic information, you can completely customize it by adapting it to the corporate image of your brand.

If you need it, it is possible to change the colors of the images and the font entirely from the side toolbar.

You can use DesignCap’s image gallery to give your design a fresh, dynamic look. With the possibility of adjusting each image element to fit perfectly and integrate with the other elements.

How much does DesignCap charge?

As in any application of this type, the free plan has a series of restrictions regarding the use of resources.

Although you are starting to design your first infographics, the free DesignCap program is a perfect option to explore the creative possibilities and when you need more tools, jump to one of their paid plans.


As you may have noticed, infographics are an elegant and creative way to animate any content. Offer the information outlined with data and graphs that are well organized and easy to read for your followers.

The sky is the limit when creating quality content, and I hope that DesignCap will be a tool that you use every day.

From using it for printed material, downloading it in image or PDF format, to being able to share it on your social networks, DesignCap for a blog is what you need to spice up your posts.

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