10 Common Link Building Blunders SEOs Make and How to Fix Them

If you are thinking what could be the best SEO strategy, then you are perhaps reading the most appropriate blog. Backlinks are the most effective ranking factor for SEO. If you are involved in link building activities, then you are on the right place. But people often tend to make mistakes in an attempt to get better results.

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Here are some mistakes that you might be committing. Let’s find out those mistakes and ways of fixing them.

Remove Toxin Links:

Toxin links can be harmful to your SEO ranking factor. In fact, they harm your overall ranking.

So, what is toxin links?

The links that are irrelevant and unnatural are called toxin links. The Penguin update of Google concentrates on this factor. You must find out the quality of the links by using tools like to identify the issues.

After identifying the links that could be possibly harmful to your SEO, you must take necessary actions to get rid of those links.

Now, how are you going to remove it? It is way too simple all you need to do is to use Google disavow tool to remove those backlinks. Here is a snapshot of the disavow tool.

disavow links

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Link Building from the Non-Index Page:

If you are trying to build links from non-indexed pages, then you are certainly running into trouble. Google algorithm will find you, pick you and penalize you for building links from such domains.

So, how are you going to fix it? You have to use tools like SEMrush to verify the quality of links. After verifying the links if you find something weird, then you should refrain from doing so.

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Optimized anchor text:

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people do while building links. If you are using anchor texts loaded with keywords, then you are going to see bad days because too much keyword stuffed anchor text can be marked as spam.

Especially, when you use the same kind of anchor text for different blog sites, then you are definitely going to get penalized by Google. So, ensure that you avoid overusing anchor texts. Keep it simple and natural for search engine bot.

Unnatural and irrelevant link building:

The first thing that you must remember is Google does not love irrelevancy. If you are a fashion brand and trying to get the backlink from a restaurant just because they witness heavy traffic, then you should avoid it because it can hamper your ranking.

This is one of the costliest mistakes that you could ever make. All you need to do is to search for the best blogs from your niche and try building the link from those sites. Undoubtedly, you can try to get links from other sites but then you have to write posts meticulously so that you can make sense out of your proposition. In brief that should be relevant to that specific niche.

Do not go too fast, you won’t last:

If you are trying to build links too quickly, then you will run into troubles too quickly too. You should never try to make link building activity a quick affair. Stop flooding with thousands of links in the same week.

The study suggests that it is better to get 2 high-quality links than getting 8 low-quality links. The 80-20 philosophy holds true here too. So, verify the authority level of the domain and choose the best sites.

Avoid weak social shares:

Social media is capable of driving heavy traffic. For instance, a post with 5000 Facebook likes, 700 Tweets, and 800 Instagram comments will bring better results. Undoubtedly, you have to look at the social sharing of the site before you try building links.

All you have to do is to find the best sites with better social sharing capability to get rid of this problem.

social shares

Linking with sites that have hundreds of outgoing links:

It is likely that you might encounter a site that has a huge amount of comments. And it is human to get carried away by the idea but you need to keep calm because when a lot of people comment with their links on the posts, you are likely to get lost in the process. Believe it, you will get lost in the hoard before you could get lost in translation if you happen to have a site that is not in English.

All you have to do is to find out the sites that have the minimum number of comments. The prospects will be higher in that case.

Not diversifying link building activity:

You have two options to build links. The first one is link building through guest posts and the second one is through comments. You have to maintain a balance between two. If you are only building links through guest blogging, then you might end up in hurting your SEO efforts.,

So, ensure that you deploy both the strategies to get rid of any likely issues arising from lack of diversification.

Not having good content:

You cannot expect people to link to your site just out of the blue. In fact, they should have a reason. That means if you have bad content, then people are not going to like it and you will never get links.

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All you have to do s to find out what kind of content people like and craft accordingly. Content is the prime factor that can bring more links. So, invest resources in creating better content that can produce the buzz.

The paring note:

It is time to get rid of old habits and avoid these mistakes. In fact, link building should be taken seriously because a slight mistake can prove to be fatal for your business concerned.

Hence, make certain that you look at the above-stated points and understand them thoroughly. The next time you set out on your link building activities, you must take a vow not to repeat the same mistakes.

The mistake can be avoided if you look at them objectively and deploy best tools to get rid of them. So, get a little inclusive and curious to understand and avoid those mistakes.

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