5 Branding Mistakes You Are Making In Your Photography Business

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A photography business is a brand that has a unique name, image, logo, and design representing the kind of services it will provide to its clients.

Branding is the need of the hour as it is the only way to make sure that, you stay in the market and give stiff competition to your peers.

Also, it’s important to realize that branding is not just a logo and design; it’s about connecting with the client. There are so many photographers to choose from, and if you think they will choose you just for your photos, then you are wrong.

Style and quality are important but so is a brand, people love to associate with something that they can trust and has some kind of hold on the market. Branding and pricing are the last deciding factor when it comes to two photographers both having a great style of work and quality.

But unfortunately, branding is not done right by many businesses; there are many factors that go into having a well-established brand. Let’s see what they are.

Here are five branding mistakes you are making in your photography business

1. Having no consistency in the marketing scheme

When marketing the business and setting up the brand, it’s important to choose a design that will resonate with your clients.

  • The brand materials of the photographers are all over the place, which is a huge mistake.
  • Having different colors or themes or fonts for business cards and other stuff is not a great move.
  • Be consistent in your font scheme or templates and color. If you have one color for a business card, keep the same for social media and advertising too.

Remember rebranding is tricky and time-consuming, so pick everything in a professional manner. Even the font and their color should complement each other.

2. Not promoting their post properly

Every photographer needs to have a social media presence; they need to post their work on social media.

This will give them much-needed exposure. Also, don’t just stop at posting; make sure that the post is the best of your work.

Always tag all the people and locations involved in that work of art, promote them properly and let the people involved post them too on their respective accounts.

People involved will promote them wholeheartedly if you invest a little time in your website and make them a blog post talking about the location and showing the most beautiful pictures taken of them.

3. Having an amateur logo

Don’t just go with the first design that pops into your head for the logo, it should look appealing, not amateur. There are many companies dedicated to making a logo that perfectly defines your brand, and uses them. Or if you are just starting out and not much in favor of spending big chunks, you can try Canva’s photography logo maker tool. The tool lets you design a decent logo for free within minutes.

It’s the face of the brand and should be simple, and elegant not fancy. Make it catchy and use fewer words to describe more. It should be readable whether used in color or black and white. Have a logo that justifies your brand and photography style.

4. Not giving heed to the competition

Photography is a tough business, and there is a lot of competition. So it’s important to learn about your local market, and get to know the clients and other local businesses.

Find out what is working for them and what is not. All this information will help you, and you will not make the same mistake as them.

Also, it will help you in finding what type of work you want to do and what clients’ demands you need to cater to.

5. Not matching the brand with your style of work

Always have a brand image that matches your style of work.

If you prefer doing bold photo shoots in adventurous locations, but your website and logo have soft colors and soothing font, it will never do justice to your bold style of work.

A bold style needs bold and dark colors, and all the branding needs to be done keeping your art in mind.

Branding is not just about a logo, it’s also about your personality, and a client notices everything so take your time. Figure out your style of taking photos and match it with your brand. Take time, and research well before diving into the branding world and there would be no mistakes.

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