Top 5 Best News Apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac in 2024

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If you like to stay updated with the latest news then here are the best news apps for iPhone and iPad to use in 2024.

There are many news apps available in app stores. Not all apps are updated regularly with the current news. Thus we have made a list of the top best news apps for iPhone and iPad for you.

Find here the best iPhone apps for the latest news.

Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad 2024

1. Flipboard


Flipboard is one of the best news apps for the iPhone. To get news on Flipboard, you need to follow the topics on which you want to read the news. After selecting the topics Flipboard will show the latest news on your selected topics in an amazing way.

In Flipboard, you can also connect Facebook and Twitter. After connecting to Facebook and Twitter, you can share the current news from Flipboard to social media.

From the explore tab, you will find the unseen topics that you will like to read and follow them.

2. Google News & Weather

Google News Weather

Google News & Weather is the best news app for those people who like to read all small and big news straightforward. The app is updated regularly every day with the latest news.

To read the news in a specific category, you will find all sections on top of the apps. This section includes business, technology, the world, sports, and many more. You can also get news on your selected topics in For You section.

3. Pocket: Save Stories for Later


Pocket app allows you to read all your selected news at any time anywhere. Whenever you like news on the web, you have to share it on pocket to read it later.

After sharing all news to the pocket app, you can browse that news anytime using the pocket app. Pocket app has one recommended tab that will show and allow you to follow topics related to your following topics.

4. BBC News

BBC News

BBC News is the best international news provider app. It is the most popular news provider. It provides the latest news on business, world, country-specific news, and many more.

One important thing about this app is, it provides news that is reported only by BBC. You will not get all the news from other sources as it is a BBC news app. Still, it is the most used news app for iPad and iPhone.

5. Feedly


Feedly is the best app for news for the persons who have previously liked to read news from Google Reader. It has the best user interface that any user can easily read, and save news to read them later.

Select publications and follow them to read the news on those topics and bookmark it to read it later easily.

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    I see Flipboard as a great news app, cause as an individual creator, I can publish my own news articles to the site. but other than Flipboard all apps are just showcasing other blog articles to us. And I love Inshorts too because the headlines are great to read and it is short and sweet. I myself recommend these two apps for a great news reading experience. What are your fav news apps? kindly mention them with a reply.

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