Best Meme Maker Apps for iPhone & Android in 2024

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Ever wondered about making money by being funny or exploiting your humor at the full potential to get paid?

If no, then creating ‘memes’ could be the answer to that.

Today, the internet is flooded with memes generally on popular social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Whether these are images, GIFs, or short funny videos, memes have taken the internet by the storm. It has even become a way of communication between friends. Also, nowadays, it is among the most popular ways to respond to users on any social media post as it successfully represents their opinion about the subject matter of the post itself.

Let’s Understand. What Actually a Meme is?

A meme is pretty much hijacking or converting an idea or a situation that is meant to be funny or generally used to create humor in any other situation. The word ‘meme’ is generated from a Greek word called ‘mimema,’ which literally translates into ‘imitation.’

Hence, anything can become a meme – a situation, a person’s attire, a small part from a speech, any object, whatever your preferences or beliefs maybe- you name it, and a meme can be created for the same. Even you can become a meme, which brings you the opportunity of becoming a celebrity just like this kid in the below meme.

And as millennials say, it’s the era of dank memes worldwide, which became a lingo over social media platforms for the users having instant sharing at their disposal.

Initially, memes were just two-line text – Upper text & bottom text with a funny picture in between, but as the memes’ fire raged this concept, and now they are made in different forms such as GIFs, short videos.

Best Meme Creating Apps for Both iPhone and Android 2024

Now, coming over to how can you create some cool memes and strike it rich?

First off, memes are very easy to create as they only require just overlay texts and funny photo editor apps. And of course, a creative mind and a good sense of humor.

Here are some of the best meme generating apps for both iPhone and Android:

1. Meme Generator Free (Android)

Rated: 4.7
Developed by: ZomboDroid

One of the Editor’s Choices for creating the funniest memes on the internet. It provides 1000+ different meme templates to customize, along with 60 fonts and other funny effects to choose from a large variety. These memes can be shared on any platform with no watermarks.

Top Review for the app: “I am not a pro in creating memes, but this app made me one. This meme-making app is incredibly easy to use and completely customizable. You may use pictures from your device or choose from any templates. It has all the meme templates you need, and if you can’t find the right template, you can easily make your own. You can add stickers, or select from dozens available. Without pro, there are still an infinite amount of things to do. 6/5 star!” – Noah Fitz

Download Link: Meme Generator Free

2. Sarcasm Memes (Android)

Rated: 4.5
Developed by: Techno App Geeks

Another popular meme generating application is Editor’s choice. Sarcasm memes include the free addition of trending memes daily to provide the daily dose of fun. Appreciated it for its simple user interface that makes creating memes even easier.

Top Review: “I love this app. I was addicted to some social media apps, but I love memes. So this app helps me to enjoy memes without other social media apps, and all the time I’m using this app, you can see my big smile on my face.” – Aung Khant Min

Download Link: Sarcasm Memes

3. 9GAG: Funny gifs, pics, fresh memes & viral videos (Android)

Rated: 4.6
Developed by: 9GAG

It has millions of active users every day. Known for its effortless scrolling & quick loading, 9GAG lets you connect with other million users to vote, share & comment on memes. You can even gain world recognition if your meme gets picked over for 9GAG social media posts.

Top Review: “App’s nearly perfect, except for the fact that at times I’m left far behind from where I left off, and it takes quite a while to get there.” – Ashish Thomas

Download Link: 9GAG

4. Mematic – The Meme Maker (iPhone)

Rating: 4.7
Developed by: Trilliarden

As the developers call it -“more than just a meme maker.” Memantic app has over 10 million+ downloads. You can add a caption to an image, video & even GIFs along with many vibrant quality images and GIFs library to choose from its basket. Create inspirational quotes or cool collages with a layout tool that can be shared directly from Mematic.

Top Review: “This is THE meme app. There are a million meme-making apps out there to make memes, but I found this app to be the most consistent with quality and performance. Easy to use and plenty of options to take advantage of, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better alternative. “- Dawson5621

Download Link: Mematic

5. Meme Creator/Viewer (iPhone)

Rated: 4.7
Developed by: ShabzCo, LLC

It provides 1000+ backgrounds to create funny memes. It not only helps you develop memes, but you can also view already created memes on the app and vote for the funniest ones as well. This app allows you to share your favorite meme on different social media websites.

Top Review: “Good app – I’ve had a great experience, and I recommend getting many allies and not insulting anyone as you may provoke a war. There are plenty of events where the community comes together for a cause, like taking down annoying nine-year-olds who want to start Fortnite groups. Some good members make great content and are respectful to other users. All in all a good app.” – Jack Quiller

Download Link: Meme Creator/Viewer

6. Memes Generator + Meme Creator (iPhone)

Rated: 4.7
Developed by: Meme Plus LLC

Create original memes with a massive library of advanced quality images, video, and GIF libraries.

The app contains an in-build messenger to share memes instantly as your original memes create funny memes with powerful photo & video manipulation. With a personalized meme feed, you can enjoy and save memes.

Top Review: “Good app – If you’re looking for good quality memes, or you want to make some, this is the app for you. Also, it isn’t the type of app where you can barely do anything unless you pay for a membership. You aren’t limited to only a few features without a membership, which is good. With most apps, either you get a ton of ads if you don’t pay for the membership, or you can barely enjoy the app. This app isn’t like that, so I give it five stars.”-YaboyKeith12

Download Link: Memes Generator

7. MEME Maker Pro, MEME Creator (iPhone)

Rated: 4.5
Developed by: Digital Palette LLC

One of the most popular memes generating apps on the App Store, it provides thousands of fun stickers and fonts along with great support for Tenor GIFs for customizable memes with different layouts.

Top Review: “Wow! – More than I could have imagined. So many features, and so very, very easy to use. I’ve already created several memes to send to friends and family. Even with my lack of experience, this app makes me look good! Lots and lots of features to explore. What’s more, there are very, very few ads, and they only show up at natural “stopping points” in the editing process – they don’t intrude on your work. I can hardly believe all of this functionality for this low, low price (free).” – Hilda Brown

Download Link: MEME Maker Pro

The Last Note

Now that you know the top meme-making apps, it’s your time now to be the next blockbuster in the meme world. Just be the funniest amongst all and use as many features as you can. Let us know which meme app is your favorite.

Author Bio: Jainish Vora is Author at Phoneier. Having experience with 5 years of writing about phones and other gadgets. He loves to explore and write about different gadgets from android phones to wearable gadgets.

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