5 Best Invoice Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

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Are you tired of developing and controlling invoices? If someone asks me this same question, my answer will be certainly yes. Completing tasks like creating invoices requires time and patience. But, imagine someone is doing this unavoidable task for you. That sounds good, so no worries, it’s the modern world(we have the technology), and everything is possible.

Invoice apps can help you create invoices for you in less time. The essential great news is that one can also download invoice apps from the iOS system. Invoice apps are just magnificent as they will give you update about every payment.

So, are you satisfied after listening to this great news? If yes, don’t stop here; proceed with your reading and know more about the top 5 best invoice apps for iPhone and iPad. Below we will discuss paid and free billing apps one can download from iOS.

5 Best Invoice Apps for iPhone and iPad 2024

1. Invoicera


Invoicera (also known as the iPhone invoice app) is a multidimensional and feature-rich billing app. This app for iPhone enables us to transfer invoices rapidly to customers. Also, the Invoicera app for iPhone and Android phones are easy to handle, trusted, and is considered a high-rating app.

One can download Invoicera from the app store, as well as from the android platform. Lawyers, web programmers, guides, and small enterprises pick Invoicera as their first preference for invoicing apps for iPhones. Not only this, but Invoicera also has the property of easy documentation and communication management. If anyone wants to get paid faster then, this app also allows us to automate late fees.


  • Easy and quick mobile invoice app
  • Unlimited clients
  • Generate and view PDF invoices
  • Calculate the total taxes
  • Project Management
  • Set task priorities
  • Categorize expenses
  • Manage subscription business
  • Online Payments

2. Invoice Ninja v5

Invoice Ninja v5

Invoice Ninja v5 is one of the sufficient, unrestricted, and self-hosted invoicing apps trusted by more than 180,000 businesses. The top work Invoice Ninja’s latest version apps do for us is creating invoicing and tracking the payments, vendors, and expenses. Also, the latest version of Invoice Ninja (Invoice Ninja v5) supports unlimited custom invoice design and enables inclusive taxes at the client level.

The benefits of Invoice Ninja v5 involve that customers can directly pay from their invoice. Credits, payments, project management, time management, and invoicing are the key factors in making Invoice Ninja v5 a leading invoice app. Also, it shows notifications to keep you on time(when customers pay the bills and automate payment reminders). One can get all the benefits within a free app and, that’s a great thing.


  • Invoicing, Quotes, Credits, Payments
  • Product Library
  • Client Management
  • Project & Task Management
  • Time-Tracking
  • Full Persistence, 2FA, Google Login
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Email invoices via your Gmail account

3. FreshBooks Accounting

FreshBooks Accounting

If someone wants an app to deliver computing services, this favorite app is for you. Small people in business are the ones who can take the maximum profit from this app. Currently, this invoice app is a billing app but can also be used for other financially related services. If you want some innovative ideas for the business, then FreshBooks can help you(as it cares about creative ideas) and will also track your working time.

In short words, FreshBooks for iOS platform will offer billing work by involving the company’s logo, sending reminders, and also requesting deposits from customers. So, picking FreshBooks as an invoicing app will be a considerable pick.


  • Send invoices, track expenses, and take payments
  • Easily categorize business trips with a swipe
  • View your potential tax deduction
  • Automated payment reminder
  • Time Tracking
  • Fast and Easy Online Payments
  • Accounting Tools For Business Health Insights

4. Xero


Gradually, Xero is becoming popular and is considered one of the leading apps nowadays. If you don’t have any technical guidance, then also you can also run the Xero app efficiently. Xero is available in the iOS system, as well as in the Android platform. Xero app is helpful in every aspect and approx.

More than 4lakh businesses are taking benefit of this app. It will provide the initial overview of your business. The main benefits of choosing this app are that it can be controlled through a single dashboard and has faster transactions.


  • Create and send invoices
  • Automate your CIS Calculations (the UK only)
  • Reconcile Bank accounts in a flash
  • Create professional-looking invoices with ease
  • Convert quotes into invoices
  • Manage contacts
  • Monitor spending
  • Reporting on the go
  • Profit and loss
  • Cashflow

5. Invoice Maker by NorthOne

Invoice Maker by NorthOne

Unlike other invoicing apps, the Invoice app by NorthOne is free to use. This app will create invoices within minutes. You can track delayed expenses and send payment reminders with one tap on this app. Invoice Maker by NorthOne will provide professional PDF format and directly send them to your clients. The working time of Invoice Maker by NorthOne is less than 2 minutes. So you are getting everything within a simple app.

Also, if you want to get paid faster then, Invoice Maker by NorthOne is for you. What else we can expect from the no hidden-cost apps?


  • Create and send an invoice, quote, or estimate
  • Generate a professional PDF invoice
  • Send friendly reminder emails
  • Overdue payment tracking
  • Create sales receipts, quoting estimates, credit memos, and credit notes


I can ensure that this invoice-related information will be sufficient to choose the most suitable invoicing apps according to your needs. Also, all invoice apps for iOS are convenient, reputed, professional, and faster, and will help you grow your business to the next level.

Also, these invoice apps will automatically build confidence within you that you can run and manage your business perfectly and smoothly. So, best luck with choosing the right invoicing app.

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