Top 5 Best Fax Apps for Mac in 2024

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For years, faxing has been vital, whether by using fax machines or through phones or Wi-Fi (with the creation of fax apps). Adding to this: Sending a fax through iPhone is trending; also, we all know fax apps are in request because it takes care of the safety of the document but do you know we can also send fax from a Mac computer?

With the support of Mac and fax software, sending and collecting fax has become inexpensive and manageable compared to sending a fax from iPhone. Transferring documents from Mac using fax apps doesn’t require any sheets, modems, or phone lines.

Now, if you feel comfortable and excited about transferring your files through fax software from a Mac computer, here are the reviews (which one should know) of the top 5 Fax Apps for Mac in 2024. Also, don’t worry; all apps are trusted and protected as we have done many types of research, and then we have found the best fax apps for Mac.

Examining further the top 5 fax apps for Mac that will make your working experience in 2024 a memorable one are the RingCentral App, eFax App, FaxPlus App, WiseFax App, and Nextiva vFax App. We are moving further to discuss the advantages and key features of these given best fax apps for mac.

5 Best Fax Apps for Mac in 2024

1. RingCentral App

The central reason for making the RingCentral app the best fax app for Mac in 2024 is its component of having its own brilliant mac0s desktop app. And having this amazing element means you don’t need any browser to handle the RingCentral App on your Mac. Along with this function, one can get more services at a valid price. RingCentral app pays attention to transferring 1500 fax pages for free in a month.

RingCentral app for Mac takes care of the protection as it uses HIPAA compliant. Medical centers, business-related professions, and signing agreements-related professions use RingCentral App as they all need a safe app for sending confidential customers’ data. The price of the RingCentral App starts from $27.99 per month and has a free trial for 30 days. But don’t forget we have to pay a fee for occasional faxing.

Key features of RingCentral App for Mac

  • Satisfactory prices and easy to handle
  • Takes care of security by using HIPAA compliance.
  • Allows faxing through email

2. eFax App

If you have to send an official file that needs the signature, eFax is the best option because the eFax fax app for Mac supports swipe-signing of faxes. One can also make use of a normal email account for the sending of faxes through eFax. eFax app is a whole package in which we can experience the services like e-signing pictures and documents and having a limit of 3GB for the document’s attachment.

The objective of trying 30 day free trial of eFax and then canceling it anytime(if you are not satisfied) is the perfect thing that forces us to experience this app. And after completing a 30days free trial, the prices of the eFax app for Mac are between $16.95-$19.95 per month. In the free trial, the eFax app for Mac allows you to send or receive 300 fax. It is a perfect and safe app at a reasonable cost.

Key features of the eFax App for Mac

  • 30 days free trial
  • Swipe-signing of faxes
  • Can use your normal email id
  • Having brilliant tools

3. FaxPlus App

This FaxPlus app allows us to send faxes to more than 150 countries, is a simple fax service app with flexible pricing plans.

FaxPlus provides the best security with Swiss security laws on privacy. This awesome fax app gives the freedom to transmit your fax number, and one can purchase the fax number from 46 countries.

At the price of $4.99 per month, we can transfer 100pages. The only drawback of the FaxPlus app is that it is not a Mac desktop app, but we can use this software in any browser on the Mac.

Key Features of the FaxPlus App for Mac

  • Takes care of safety with Swiss security laws on privacy
  • Reasonable pricing plans
  • Reliable and simple fax app

4. WiseFax App

WiseFax app is a fax app that allows us to send faxes for free from a Mac computer. No receiving factor is allowed in WiseFax App’s free subscription; also, one can transfer the files in Apple Pages, Microsoft Office, JPEG, PNG, and BMP formats.

It is an expensive app that costs $0.99 per fax, but we can send faxes to more than 240 countries. The WiseFax app also supports clicking a picture of your file and uploading it in WiseFax.

Key Features of WiseFax App for Mac

  • Can upload documents in various formats
  • Easy to use the app
  • Free for sending faxes

5. Nextiva vFax App

We can get all the solutions (mainly office communication solutions) related to faxing in an amazing app named Nextiva vFax app, but it does not have a Mac desktop; we have to use the web interface. However, the web interface of the Nextiva vFax app provides an outstanding facility. The facilities include uploading personal documents in various formats (mainly PDF, DOC, PNG, JPG, and many more). Most of the time, we need the confirmation of the sent fax, so Nextiva vFax provides the feature of choosing the option of copying the fax to the email id.

Also, the Nextiva vFax app is among the very few apps which permit us to connect that big fax machine to the Mac computer. No international faxing is allowed in the Nextiva vFax app, but the prices are reasonable compared to others; for small businesses to medium-sized businesses, the prices vary from $12.95(1000 faxes) to $29.95(300 faxes).

Key Features of Nextiva vFax App for Mac

  • Allows to transfer files in various formats
  • Reasonable price and simple in use


So, in the end, we will like to add that you try the above fax app according to your necessities and see how this online fax service app will benefit you. Benefiting you mean these fax apps for Mac will expand productivity and increase efficiency.

Also, see the real power of technology; you can transfer anything without worry. We are getting safety and improvement in your work by using the fax app for Mac computers.

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