Top 5 Best Fax Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

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Will you agree with my statement that sending something confidential or private through emails is a little bit unpredictable? Although there are many free email apps with excellent services but emails have to pass a specific path to reach their destination, and this makes emails unsafe.

So, the perfect way to resolve this problem is to start using fax to send personal documents. Now, think you do not have a fax machine, and you have to convey fax instantly. To solve this issue, the developers developed fax apps for iPhones and iPad.

That’s how the fax apps came into the picture. Unlike emails, fax is more secure as it uses Public Switched Telephone Network. One can share their documents through fax within minutes in an effortless manner. The usefulness of using fax apps is that you can operate this anywhere, saving costs and security.

Also, the privilege of choosing fax apps is that you are the saving nature (as fax apps don’t use plastics like old-time fax machines). There are plenty of apps in the iOS system which can support you with sending fax. So choose the app accordingly.

Let’s discuss the top 5 fax apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024 that will make your work more straightforward and faster.

5 Best Fax Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

iFax App, Fax Burner, MyFax App, eFax app, and Metrofax are the top 5 fax apps for iPhone used by lawyers, people in business, college students, and persons related to other professions.

1. iFax: Fax from iPhone ad free


iFax, the counted primary fax app is developed in 2008 and is currently used by companies like the US government, Lyft, Citibank, and 3M. And the primary purpose behind choosing iFax App for iPhone is you don’t have to build an account.

In short, you can send fax anytime, anywhere without having or creating an account. And that’s the reason iFax is known as the best online fax service app. You have to scan the document using the in-build scanner in iFax and you can send it to your clients within minutes and in a secure way.

iFax app for iPhone has a 7-day free trial. The opinion of the clients regarding iFax for iPhone is that it is so fast and straightforward to use the app. The chief characteristics of iFax involve military-grade, HIPAA-compliant, and 256-bit end-to-end encryption.

Key Features of iFax App:

  • Free trial and can send fax from anywhere
  • In-build scanner
  • Scan and send the file

2. eFax App – Send Fax from iPhone


A powerful app that allows us to send personalized reports in more than 200 countries. eFax App for iPhone takes care of your personal and business contact lists.

The best outline, in my opinion, of the eFax for iPhone is you can look over the document and correct it before sending it to your client. eFax app allows the property of storing documents on the cloud with unlimited storage and the eFax app prints faxes with the help of Air Print.

This app is faster for users, and we don’t have to follow too many steps to reach the destination. It also allows us to transfer documents in a different format. You can transfer 300 fax pages so the eFax app for iPhone will be a convenient choice for sending faxes.

Key Features of eFax App:

  • Used in 200 countries
  • Easy to handle
  • Do edit, before sending

3. Fax Burner: Send & Receive Fax

Fax Burner

The productive element of Fax Burner is that it will benefit you in your urgency. Fax Burner for iPhone is enough eligible for exchanging documents anytime. The reviews of Fax Burner for iPhone are excellent and have a rating of 4.9 in App Store.

We all know a person expects belief from a business-related app, and Fax Burner for iPhone will never dissatisfy you. So, anyone can expect satisfaction as well as loyalty from this app.

One can click the picture from the iPhone camera and scan it using Fax Burner. In this way, you can send personal information-related documents, and Fax Burner for iPhone saves your documents in a PDF format for further use in the future.

It’s a self-reliant app that can be downloaded from an iOS system. Anyone can deliver five pages of fax and receive 25 pages per month. Also, the Fax Burner shows notifications.

We can also add a sentence that there are many services or functions in Fax Burner for iPhone, not even provided by a fax machine.

Key Features of Fax Burner App:

  • Save your documents in PDF for future use
  • Take pictures from the camera and scan
  • Send 5 fax for free

4. MyFax App–Send and Receive Fax

MyFax App

A free fax app with affordable subscription prices is a perfectly working app for iPhone and iPad. The MyFax app for iPhone allows us to deliver fax in a PDF. We can upload personal documents from Google Drive or Dropbox or scan them with the help of an iPhone camera. Also, one can transfer approx—300 pages by using the MyFax app.

The measurable objective of MyFax is that its cover pages accept a local or toll-free number. It will provide you with all the experience we want from a fax app.

Key Features of MyFax App:

  • Send 300 pages in a month
  • Send a fax directly from iPhone
  • Sign, scan and send a fax

5. MetroFax–Send fax from iPhone


Metrofax is a free app that provides all the elements of a fax app must-have. One can get print faxes, manage contacts, upload files and transfer files, add cover pages, and many more things in a single free fax app. We can also keep track of their fax page balance for the month. So, exchange documents or view them constructively using Metrofax.

The developers of Metrofax are constantly working to make their customers happier. And remember safety matters for them. They are taking care that your documents are safe. You are scanning a single page or a bunch of pages, it doesn’t matter. Metrofax will work for you and will be an effortless pick.

Key Features of Metrofax:

  • Free and safe software
  • Send any number of pages
  • Upload and transfer files within seconds


Now I can consider that you are done with selecting the perfect fax apps for your iPhone according to your requirements, and you will enjoy the benefits of that apps. No matter which app you choose for fax-related work, given fax apps will do your assignment within minutes.

Also, all the above apps are trusted and capable enough of replacing the big fax machine. Adding to this given fax apps offer 24/7 support and will effectively solve your queries. Just trust us, these fax apps for iPhone and iPad will make your working experience worth it.

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