6 Best Call Recording Apps For iPhone & iPad In 2024

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We all have been in a situation where we desperately wanted to record our voice calls, as getting on with our notepads to take notes was not always an option.

The purpose of recording calls varies from individual to individual. One might need to record calls for an interview, get instructions from the boss or client, talk about work with a colleague, to refer them later.

It can even come in handy if you’re done tolerating your boss’s inappropriate behavior or getting harassment calls.

A recorded conversation can be a real-life saver in such scenarios. However, call recording is unlawful in many nations across the globe. It is the main cause why iPhones & iPad do not have it.

Video calls are the new thing for sure, but nothing can ever replace the joy of old-school calling. A recorded call helps a person go over all the necessary details of our conversations and not miss out on anything.

As this functionality is not a dedicated feature on iPhones & iPads, you can still have it- by installing third-party call recording applications.

In this article, you will find the list of the 6 best call recording apps in 2024 for iPhone & iPad.

6 Best Call Recording Apps For iPhone & iPad 2024

Android users have separate applications for voice & call recording. However, when it comes to iPhone & iPad, you will find that most of the apps hold both these features making you get the most from a single installation.

Here, we have the six reliable call recording apps of 2024 for you to download on your device.

So without any further delays, let us get started.

1. TapeACall: Call Recorder

The top choice on our list of best call recording applications for iPhone & iPad is TapeACall. This is a free app that offers unlimited storage without any fee. However, it does offer various in-app purchases.

This application is compatible with iOS 11.2 and all the later versions. With excellent audio quality, you can record your all calls.

You can save & even share your recording to Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other social media platforms.

Key Features:

  • Free application
  • Record all incoming & outgoing calls
  • Unlimited & secure recording storage
  • Comprised with Google Drive, Dropbox, & more
  • Easy sharing over emails & other platforms
  • Even record “Zoom” conference calls

2. Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder is an excellent, free call recording application that comes with no hidden charges or anything. You can record both incoming & outgoing calls with no limitation on how long you can record.

You will only be charged if you choose to use an in-app transcription service that converts any recording to text.

The unlimited storage space makes it all even better. Share recordings & transcripts via email, GoogleDrive, & other mediums.

Key Features:

  • Record incoming & outgoing calls
  • No limit on how long you can record
  • High-quality recording & playback
  • In-app transcription service
  • You can share your recording & transcripts via email, Dropbox, SMS, etc.

3. Call Recorder iCall

Another free application you can download to record calls on your iPhone & iPad is Call Recorder iCall.

This app offers unlimited call recordings on both incoming & outgoing voice calls and even allows you to share them with anyone over different social media platforms.

The recording quality of this app is excellent. There will be no connection noise to hear. Also, this app is available in different languages like English, Korean, Japanese, French, etc.

You can change the setup to whichever language you prefer.

Key Features:

  • Free app
  • Unlimited Call Recordings
  • High-Quality
  • Share Recordings via Facebook, Telegram, Email, etc.
  • Multi-Language Application

4. Call Recorder App: RecMyCalls

RecMyCalls is another good choice you can go for to get a high-quality recording. You can record any type of call and save it in various audio formats like MP3, MP4, M4A, & WAVE.

The best thing about this application is that it allows choosing the quality (Low, Medium, High) for your recording. You can go for low or medium if you want to save space.

Another thing to notice is that the free version of the app does not support unlimited recording. You need to do an in-app purchase to get it.

Key Features:

  • Free but offers some in-app purchase
  • Easy to use the call record feature
  • Easily share the recordings
  • Can rename recordings as per need
  • The unlimited recording is not free

5. Call Recorder App

Call Recorder App is one of the most straightforward call recorder apps you can download for your iPhone or iPad.

It can record both national & international incoming & outgoing. The app has no limit on the size and the number of recordings.

The recordings get saved as soon as you get off the call. You can listen to all your recordings saved in the same place.

Key Features:

  • Free but proposes some in-app purchase
  • Can record all national & international calls
  • No limit on the size & number of recordings
  • Autosave on device
  • Recordings can be saved on the cloud
  • Easy sharing

6. Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

If the number of features decides your installation for an application, then the Call Recorder Lite for iPhone trumps all.

This app is free but still offer some in-app purchase for premium features. You can record any outgoing & incoming calls and listen to them. However, you need to upgrade to premium to listen to the recording for over one minute.

The playback option is impressive. It gives you better handling of your recordings. You can download & share your recordings via email, Facebook, Dropbox, & other popular platforms.

Key Features:

  • Free but do offer some in-app purchase
  • Record both incoming & outgoing calls
  • You can adjust the playback speed
  • Have the option to skip forward & backward in the recording

Summing Up

Call recording is a handy feature, but in some scenarios can be a lifesaver. Opting for the right app can help you keep all your crucial talks in one place and revise them if required.

So, which out of the six mentioned apps did you find right for your iPhone & iPad?

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