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5 Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps For iPhone And iPad in 2019

Even though iPhone is one of the very famous types of a smartphone it doesn’t provide a lot of facilities. It makes use of iOS which does not have a feature that is inbuilt which will allow you to record the calls.

In order to record the calls, you make using iPhone you need to download apps that support this. There are a lot of such apps. There are some apps that are Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps.

These will allow you to record incoming calls as well as outgoing. Depending on the app, it is possible to record the calls on the phone as well as the server.

How does it work?

  1. One way of recording the calls on your iPhone is by making calls through the app that you download for recording.
  2. Another way to record is by making a call from your iPhone to the recorder which is known as a 3-way call.

To help you decide which app will best suit your needs here are listed some of the Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps:

Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps For iPhone And iPad in 2019

1. TapeACall Pro

  • This is one of the best app offered which helps in recording incoming and outgoing calls.
  • You can make unlimited calls and record for an unlimited time as well.
  • If offer unlimited facility for a fee that you need pay only once.
  • There is a separate server known as TapeCall server where all the recordings are saved.
  • This app requires making a 3-way type of call to record.
  • Upon finishing the call the recording is present on the server and can be downloaded to other devices.


2. Call Recorder Pro

  • Offer both incoming and outgoing call recording.
  • In order to start using this app, you need to purchase credits.
  • Users can download the recordings as well as share it through social media, Email, and Dropbox.
  • A 3-way call should be done to record using this app.


3. Automatic Call Recorder Pro

  • Allows automatic recording of the calls of the numbers you select.
  • It is not necessary to press the record button every time you make a call.
  • There is even option to record selected conversations.
  • It is very convenient to record selected things since you can do so by just shaking your smartphone to begin recording.
  • It allows both saving the recording on the device as well as on the server.


4. Automatic Call Recorder™ for Calls Made with the app

  • Allows recording of outgoing calls.
  • This app offers unlimited recording time.
  • It also allows an unlimited number of recordings.
  • It offers to record even the international calls.
  • All the recordings are saved on the server and can be mailed, downloaded on other devices and share it through messaging and social media.
  • You can even access the laws of recording.
  • It costs very less to make calls that are international.
  • There is no need for merging to record using this app.


5. Call Recorder for iPhone

  • It has a very easy to use kind of UI.
  • One of the best thing about this app is that you can make calls without the SIM card.
  • To make calls the app makes use of a service that is online in order to make calls.
  • This app also allows making both international and national calls.
  • It offers recordings that are of very good quality.
  • You need to buy coins to make calls using this app.
  • The cost of the coins can vary from 99 cents to $99 which is for 99 coins and 10998 coins respectively.
  • It charges the users 6 coins for every minute of the call.


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