Automated Text Messages: Eight Essential Strategies To Boost Online Sales

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The world of online business is escalating more rapidly than ever. In 2019, eCommerce stores generated a revenue of $3.5 trillion. In 2021, the revenue is expected to increase to $4.9 trillion.

With millions of online stores present on the internet and thousands of them emerging daily, it has become a challenging task for entrepreneurs to capture the prospective audience’s attention and convert them into customers.

Businesses spend ample time and resources to market their brand on every channel possible to effectively target their potential customers. Marketers are extensively using digital marketing to increase their brand awareness and boost conversions and revenue.

The majority of businesses have adopted the channel of social media sites to market their brands to a massive audience, which includes both current and potential customers.

Do you know two channels that can help you remind your existing customers about you and tempt them to shop from you?

They are email and SMS marketing.

Both channels effectively target the audience interested in your brand and have signed up to receive updates and offer from you.

If we compare the results generated by SMS and email marketing, SMS marketing is the winner.

Wondering why SMS marketing is the most effective channel for the rest of the media?

Well, have a look at the following reasons and statistics:

  • You don’t need an internet connection to send messages. Your customers will receive your text even if their Wi-Fi is disabled.
  • SMS marketing does not require graphic designers or illustrators to design the messages.
  • Approximately 82% of mobile users enable the notification for SMS.
  • People read 95% of the messages sent by companies within the 3 minutes of receiving them.
  • The response time of SMS is 60 times faster than an email.
  • The best part? SMS marketing’s conversion rate is 45%.

Running a successful SMS campaign doesn’t mean sending your customers meaningless texts that disturb them or offer no value.

Once you have succeeded in getting your customers’ contact numbers with their consent, you need to deliver value and keep them updated with the latest news, offers, and updates to get the best from your SMS marketing campaign.

In today’s article, we present you with eight essential automated text message strategies to increase sales.

Eight Essential Automated Text Messages Strategies To Boost Online Sales

1. Give Customer Exclusive SMS-Only Offers

Customers do not feel much happy when they see brands offering discounts and special deals to first-time buyers or new customers.

SMS marketing is the perfect channel to make your existing customers feel special and offer them a gift, discount code, or coupon to thank them for their loyalty.

Sending a text message that offers exclusive deals and discounts reminds the customers about your existence and makes them feel worthy and special. Customers do not forget the brands’ kind gestures and reward them by shopping from them.

The following are examples to use SMS marketing for sending exclusive offers to your current buyers:

  • Get 20% off on our new collection by showing this text at the counter.
  • Use the code “XYZ” for free delivery of your orders.
  • Save $25 when you shop today from this link ‘’.
  • Show this text and win a free ice cream!

Remember to make your offers unique. Do not offer the same discount, coupon, or gift on other channels, such as through emails or social media sites.

2. Run Competitions

Customers love to participate in contests and giveaways to win gifts or avail of exceptional discounts on their favorite goods.

If you think social media is the only way to host a giveaway or contest, think again!

SMS marketing can be the perfect channel to invite your current customers to participate in competition or lucky draws. Running competitions via text messages is much easier than on social networking sites.

Suppose a company hosts a giveaway or runs a competition on Facebook or Instagram. In that case, the audience is required to follow multiple steps such as liking and engaging with the posts, tagging their friends, reposting it on their feed, sharing it on the story, etc.

However, in SMS marketing, customers can participate in contests by replying to the text or visiting the link to enter themselves.

Companies can send the following types of messages to invite the customer to participate in the contests:

  • Reply ENTER to participate in the contest and get the chance to win exciting gifts.
  • Want to win a free hamburger? Text MEAL to 778-540-0583 to enter our lucky draw.

You can also run a competition by collaborating with another brand and sending out messages to their audience. For instance, a company selling gym wear can collaborate with a fitness trainer and run a contest by sending out one SMS that states:

  • Reply ENTER to get a chance to win the latest collection of gym wear and a personalized exercise plan for a month.

Such collaborated competitions are a win-win for both parties. The companies send out messages to the audience by combining their text messages subscribers list, improving their engagement rates, and introducing the brand to the new audience.

3. Notify Audiences About Upcoming Sales

Sale is the magic word that drives people to shop more just because, well, it’s on sale!

If you plan to hold a clearance or season-end sale, inform your audience via SMS
beforehand. Your audience will look forward to shopping for their favorite articles at reduced prices.

You can send the following types of SMS to update your customers about the upcoming sale:

  • Enjoy flat 50% off on new arrivals on Monday at 5 pm CST.
  • Season end sale starts today at 4 pm and will end at midnight PST. Hurry up and grab your favorite items before they run out of stock.

You can also attach the link to enable your subscribers to set a reminder for sale. The customers who click the link can be sent a reminder a few minutes before starting the sale.

4. Send Order Confirmations And Shipment Details

The majority of the brands send order confirmations via email. The emails sent by the businesses often land in the promotional tab or are marked as spam; hence the customer is unaware of the order confirmation and shipping information.

Informing customers about the delivery and shipment of their orders via text message is a more practical option as an average person checks his mobile 58 times a day. There are increased chances that the message you send about the order confirmation or delivery won’t go unnoticed by the customer.

Customers look forward to receiving their parcels when they are sent the message about when to expect the delivery of their orders.

You can inform your customers about the shipment of their goods in the following ways:

  • Your order #1234 is dispatched. Track your order by clicking the link below.
  • Get Ready! Your product will be delivered to you between 5 pm and 7 pm.
  • We have delivered your order!

5. Remind Customers About Upcoming Appointments

No-shows are to a service company what cart abandonments are to an eCommerce store. If a person books an appointment and doesn’t show up on the pre-decided day and time, a company loses the chance to earn revenue.

Reduce the chances of a no-show by sending an SMS to your customers and reminding them about their appointments. Once the customers are reminded about their meeting with the dentist, hairdresser, doctor, etc., they will not miss their appointments on the pretext of forgetting about them.

Also, provide the facility of rescheduling the appointment to your customer through an SMS if they cannot visit you on the predefined date or time. Send them a message “We are looking forward to seeing you at 3 pm tomorrow. If you want to reschedule the appointment, reply with RESCHEDULE.”

Customers love it when companies help them. Automated text messages will make it easier for your customers to reschedule their appointments without physically going to the counter.

6. Greet Them On Holidays

Another practical SMS marketing idea to boost online sales is to wish your customers holidays and special events.

You can send out the message to your subscriber list and wish them Happy Easter, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine’s day, etc. It will earn you their respect and loyalty as you have remembered to wish them on special days.

People love brands that try to build long-term relationships with customers without constantly pushing them for shopping. Humanizing your brand is a small yet, effective way to create an everlasting relationship with your customer and earn their loyalty.

Now, sending messages on favorite holidays is what pretty much all the brands do. A customer’s inbox is flooded with endless offers and promotions. If you want to stand out and want the customer to shop from you, send them messages on less popular occasions, such as 9th February, National Pizza Day, or on 29th April, International Dance Day, etc.

Send out messages to your customer and curate your offers according to the occasion to drive more sales.

For example, 7th July is International Chocolate Day; you can ask the customer to show the message on the counter to get free chocolates. Similarly, pizza joints can offer discounts or buy one get one free offer on National Pizza Day.

7. Share Free Tips

You don’t always have to send a text message to your customers to remind them about a sale, the arrival of the new collection, or send discount codes.

You can ditch the sale promotional strategies and share a tip or advice that will help your customers and remind them about your business.

For instance, a company that sells insecticides can send messages like:

Keep the dustbins closed outside to prevent the contamination of houseflies and cockroaches.

Similarly, a skincare brand can send something like:

Exfoliate your face twice a week to remove the dead skin. Learn more about healthy skin care tips at “Your web address”.

If you plan to use this approach for your text messaging marketing, ensure that the tips and tricks you share are highly relevant to your business. For instance, cooking tips shared by a cosmetic company is irrelevant for its customer.

Do not send the apparent tips that people already know, such as, “wear a mask to protect yourself from COVID-19”. Instead, send them a message like, “sanitizers are inflammable, do not ignite the fire right after applying the sanitizer.”

The reason behind sharing the tips is to prove to your audience that you are a professional and competent brand in the market, and people can trust your products for solving their problems.

8. Promote Your Website Content

Content marketing is undisputedly the best way to improve your SEO and increase traffic to your online store.

Creating and posting content on the website alone will not increase the traffic to your store. The traffic will only increase when people visit your website. Once you have posted the content on your website, roll up your sleeves and tie your shoelaces to inform the audience on different channels to visit the website and read your blog post.

A marketer cannot sit patiently after posting the content. If he wants to increase traffic and boost sales, he must promote his content on different marketing channels, including SMS marketing.

All you have to do is send a message to your customers and attach the link to the latest article, infographic, or video you posted on your website.

For example, “We just published top 5 tips for acing your job interview: link”.

Do not stick to providing the address of your website only, when you can easily attach the link to your YouTube channel or your social media profiles. Provide the link to the guest posts that you have written for third-party websites to let your audience get an insight into your superior and expert knowledge of the business and the niche in which you are dealing.

Summing It Up

One of the biggest marketing challenges that entrepreneurs face is keeping their products or services in front of their prospective audience. Customers are engulfed with numerous promotional posts by various brands on their social media feeds. They have become so accustomed to it that they do not even notice such posts and scroll their screens.

The automated text messages come as a savior for the brands to target their customers by landing in their inboxes.

Bid farewells to scratching your head for looking for SMS marketing strategies to increase sales. With the above-listed effective strategies, you enable your customers to engage with your content, visit your website, and become your loyal customers.

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Ricky Hayes is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Debutify – a free Shopify theme, helping drop shippers build high-converting stores in minutes. He is a passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses, marketing agencies, and mentoring programs.

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