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A2 Hosting Review 2019: Is It Really 20X Faster Hosting Provider?

A2 Hosting is not that famous as other hosting services. But, their services are astonishing. They are having data centers around US, Europe, and Singapore.

Read on to see what we have found on testing the services of A2 Hosting.

They are claiming to provide 99.9 % uptime and they are also providing services as they promised. If you are a developer and need a good web hosting services then A2 hosting gives you the best service. The A2 hosting company is providing hosting services like shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller.

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Pros of A2 Hosting

We have found the following Pros on using A2 hosting. Have a look to know them.

On Testing Found AS Fastest Speed & Performance

A2 Hosting is providing page load speed up to 20X faster. If you go with the hosting provider of lower page speeds then the traffic will be diverted to other websites. A2 Hosting is taking in the range 300 to 400ms to open the website.

The A2 is taking more precautions to give high performance and speed to the users. We have found that other web hosting services average speed is around 800ms. So, we have found that the A2 hosting providers are having the fastest speed and performance.

Efficient Customer Support

Next, we have checked for the A2 hosting customer support. You need customer support that is available whenever you face an issue with your website. If the customer support is not that quick and efficient to clear your doubts is all waste of time.

Taking all into consideration, we have thoroughly tested for the customer support services. They are very quick in taking the calls and clearing all the doubts with utmost friendly way.

The best factor of this A2 customer support is that they are available 24 X 7 through chat, phone, email, and through ticket submission (You can track the answer through unique ticket ID).

Better Security

The special feature of this A2 hosting is Hackscan that helps to keep your site away from hackers. The best to know is that this is a free service with dual firewall web hosting, 24 x 7 monitoring security, scanning virus, and defense brute force.

All these security options are making the website more secure. You need to worry only about the development & content of the website as you are in the safe hands.

Free Migrations Of Website

Some of the web hosting providers will charge you for migration of your site from another website hosting provider. But A2 does it for free. Migration of site yourself is also a big hassle and time taking. But, the A2 hosting does it for free which is a great service and happy news for all the website owners.

Compatible With CMS (Content Management Systems)

A2 Hosting is compatible with the most popular content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and OpenCart. You can set up any of this with a single click without any hassle.

The turbo package of A2 hosting has the pre-installed A2 hosting optimized plugin of WordPress.

Guaranteed Money Back

You can check the hosting for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, you can easily ask for a refund. No more questions will be asked.

The fee for SSL certificate, domain name, migration charges is not returnable. The other web hosting providers also do the same thing.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Content delivery network is a great future that will route most of the traffic through the least resistance path. This is nothing but your site speeds will increase, Cloudflare CDN block threats, 1-click setup, uptime, and many more. You will get all these features for free.

Green Hosting

A2 hosting supports environment, they are doing projects like restoring forests, power plants upgradation, energy efficiency increasing buildings, and many more.

If you care about the environment, using A2 hosting you can be a part of saving the planet.

A2 hosting providers always recycle servers that got old, on special promotions, they plant trees, uses only coffee mugs rather than disposable coffee cups.

Cons of A2 Hosting

In any service providers along with pros, there will be cons. In the same way, A2 hosting is also having some of the cons. Have a look to know in detail.


In some of the instances, the uptime is less than prescribed 99.9 %. When testing for 3 months we found that the uptime for the overall first month is decreased to 99.88, in the next month the uptime is 99.89, and for the 3rd month 99.91. This is better than other hosting providers as they are providing the uptime even not in this range.


Although, we know that all the essential features always costs more. So, A2 hosting some of the services are expensive but their services are reasonable for the cost. If you take the long-term hosting at a time, the price of the costs cut down otherwise the plans are a little bit expensive.

Cheapest Plan

The cheapest plan available on A2 hosting has many restrictions. For example, you will get only one website, restrictions on bandwidth, storage, and more. You have to face the restrictions for all these if you go with the basic plan.

A2 Hosting Discount

A2 Hosting provides 51% discount on their hosting plans. To get this discount, you can use our A2 Hosting Promo codes or you can use our following A2 Hosting link.

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Final Words

We hope A2 hosting review had helped you to take a decision. Our team has undergone testing for few months on A2 hosting and the results are given as review. If you have any more queries, connect through the comment section.

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  1. We are using A2Hosting for many of our small blogs, so no doubt this is one of the best and affordable hosting for the bloggers.

    FREE SSD and SSL are the two features I love the most. And that’s the biggest reason that I recommend this hosting to all my blog readers as well.

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